what happend after death

can you believe on life after death?

He left home an hour ago to go to Riyadh. But due to the rush and checking on the way, I reached the airport late. I quickly parked the car in the parking lot, and ran to the counter. I said to the employee at the counter. I have to go to Riyadh, he said the flight to Riyadh has been closed, I said please I have to reach Riyadh this evening. He said there is no need to talk much. No one will let you go at that time. I said, Allah will judge you. He said, ”What is my fault in this? ”

Anyway, I got out of the airport. I was wondering what to do. Should I cancel the program to go to Riyadh? Or start my car and leave. Or take a taxi. Anyway, I agreed to take a taxi. There was a private car parked outside the airport. I asked how much for Riyadh. He said 500 Riyals, but I agreed to 450 Riyals with great difficulty. And sat with him and left for Riyadh. As soon as I sat down, I told him to drive the car fast, he said don worry. Really. He started driving dangerously. On the way, he had some conversations. He asked some questions about my job and family. And I also asked some questions.

Suddenly I thought of my mother. To talk to them. I took out the mobile. And called mother. they asked. where are you son I told about leaving the plane and traveling in a taxi. Mother prayed. Son, may Allah protect you from all kinds of harm. I said. God willing, when I reach Riyadh. So I will let you know.

Naturally, a worry came over my heart. And I felt like trouble was waiting for me. After that I called my wife. I also told her all about it, and instructed her to take care of the children, especially the little girl, who she said had been asking about you since you were gone. I said let me talk.

The girl said, Dad, when will you come? I said. I will come in a little while. Need something? She said yes, bring chocolate for me. I laughed. And said ok.

After that I was lost in my thoughts. That sudden question from the driver startled me. He asked if I could have a cigarette.

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