mysterious lover

what\'s about me say myself ?

my name is aina, my story is like the rest of the girls, but as time went on, more than accidents went on.

there was nothing special in this story from the start, but I meet a person who started my life by accident, and it will begin to change the course of my life…

if I go to the beginning of this story, it will start after I go to college and meet that person…

me aina, today I turned twenty, I am going to college as all the girls want and many new thoughts have started coming to my mind, I am so happy and here I have made new friends and maybe even a boyfriend for myself, what is the feeling there is fun thinking…

.. I remember I was late.

College is very big, I am very excited the first time out of home, where all the boys and girls are roaming together in some groups, some couples and some single like me, who has neither friends nor a boyfriend.

I remember again my class starts at 9 a.m., I was running away that my head collided with someone and I fall.

when I raised my head And saw a good-looking handsome, man standing in front of me, I thought he would pick me up but he hurried away.

then another boy and his friends picked me up and said you saved, the one you are upset with, he could have harmed you for spoiling his clothes, he was the meanest and rudest person, I never saw that type of person.

lets leave this point, my name is Mari and my friends name is sam and your name…

aina still thinking about him, why is he like everyone said is really like that and Mari speaks again, what is your name and after hearing it, she says that my name is aina, thank you for saving me today is my first day in college, I was looking for my class can you tell me, he said we too sam says which is your class, said history, both say that is also students of the same class, well lets go together class will have started.

after class is over, everyone goes to the canteen to eat, then I ask sam and Mari again, Mari and sam think about whom I speak to again, the same morning guy.

thats his name is can, hes our senior, but he doesn talk to anyone but all the girls die on him.

but many girls tried the approach him, so he did very bad to them, insulting them in front of everyone.

from what happened in the morning, we thought it was going to happen to you too.

after hearing this aina became more curious to know about him.

aina thinks if he had turned, what would he have done to me at that time, would he have insulted me like those girls?

aina still doesn think the can is like that, aina spend 1 year getting to know him, and she knows about his daily schedule when he comes when he went and when does studies, aina knows everything about him.

after my class is over, Im always quietly dictating to him in the library, but he would never notices me.

he had become a part of my daily life, but suddenly a new thing happened, can was studying in the library, but after a while, a girl came and sat with can, can smile seeing her.

he is smiling looking after her, the smile that should be with me, I had never imagined this for anyone else, my heart will be sad to see this I will be late in the process of falling in love, is there someone in his life?

my old friends, phone calls come asking me where I am, and how am I, I start crying as soon as, everyone starts staring at me.

the second time can look at me, my heart was as still as before stopped, I couldn think of anything.

my friend called again aina, aina.

after hearing this I picked up my belongings and went out of the library…..

maybe he doesn want to see me, seeing me crying like this and I probably look beyond him.

another accident happened in my life..

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