mysterious lover

my mind was blown

The college organised a historical trip.

I think we should know which type of program, this program is so boring, why do people go on this tour, because no one can disturb the people with whom they want to go on this trip, the people enjoy the trip their friends and boyfriend most people spend time together, my senior can also go on this trip with her friend, I hear someone that girl name is Sami, she is beauty with brain, she is also my senior, they are friends, someone also says they are also engaged hearing this word, my heart was sad, I also don want to go to this trip but my mentors told me this was a good opportunity for me then I decided to go in this trip. but I am not sure.

I want to ask myself why Im doing this and why I have to go on this trip. my friend told me this good opportunity for us, maybe your mind became lighter. my dear friends are always with me all the time. they are very sweet and they are helpful, I thought sometimes they are not with me, what can I do, this time I was so sad, my mind disturbing me, they encourage me. they are supporting me all the time. all the problems get lost they are with me. my friend also said sometimes trips give us new opportunities to meet ourselves. I think this trip changed so many things, I suppose to go with them.

tomorrow we are going on the trip, I believe something is happening,

my heart was very excited about tomorrow

I think the trip will change my life. this trip with my friends might be amazing, I imagine I drop all my tension in the garbage, and I feel all the movements, I lighten my mind, but, my attention goes to can also sitting on the bus, but I am ignoring him, am I reacting like he does not exist in this world, I think this is the right thing I am doing right now.

the teacher said about the trip that tomorrow we are going museum and also to a village for some activity, the day after tomorrow we are going to ruins, shambles places and to know which century they are supposed to describe and discuss them, this trip for knowledge how to you improve yourself about history.

we are at the museum but most probably students say what a boring place, we are here, I don think this boring place is proficient for reducing knowledge I believe something interesting to see in there

Im happy about what is in there.

we see so many things wars-related, jewellery-related, clothes-related and so many photos related to history, they are supposed to along with the many stories we are related to ourselves, in this museum was amazing but I like one painting, Its supposed to be a woman see the light in the room. I think in my mind, I also there see the wonderful light and thought something in their light…

A few minutes later see this portrait, and time stopped…

I think all the people around you all stopped.

but in the portrait may light up…

which is pulling me.

after a while, Im inside the portrait. ..

I don understand where am I and what happened to me,

I was confused I don understand.

how to describe this,

but I see a new world In the portrait,

I saw the people,

they use magic ✨ fly in the sky and the animal also fly. I see in Harry Potter movies on the t.v. all overall use Magic, I think am I a hallucination. which I am unable to understand. but how can come to this portrait?

but its different, I think I see.

they use the spare book,

i want to ask someone why I am here in the portrait.

I want to speak but no one listens to me, I don understand what type of world it is and how to speak in this place, my mind was blank, I think I do something rubbish, I do something strange that people see me, I started dancing and exercise.

someone responded I said to me do you need help and I said yes …

can you help me?

I said something about this world,

whats your name,

he said that I am den, I also a citizen of this world.


its is the world, how the world is this world.

…..I ask him

how to say the name in this world,

den said its named Astropia,

its a magical universe all people have their magic notebook, they are born universe light give us a Magic notebook about their destiny aina says wow amazing place. den ask me you are new here, I never see you in this place.

I am thinking can I say about my truth I think he was a nice guy its helped me know about my situation.

maybe about to say something to him but what can I see in the skylight coming out of the sky I ask den what is this, then den say this light means someone has going to meet own magical book, but what

I can see a book coming out of the sky but this book coming to me but why do I see, den also surprised what is the meaning of this book…

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