(just after joys was reborn as a child).

Joys prospective:

Where am I, am I dead, probability I mean I had holes in my chest for heavens sake But wait that can be right I can still feel my body, If I am dead that shouldn be possible, isn it. I can hear anything and my body feels very heavy for some reason, and no matter how hard I try, I can open my eyes.

After trying for so long I was able to open my eyes for a few moments, but I couldn see anything clearly, all I can see was a blurry imager of something moving in front of me. I was trying my best to keep looking at the blurry image but before I know I knew it, I fell asleep. I did this for every few hours, but every time I saw the same thing, a completely blurry image. So I gave up on trying it again, then I heard something in a long time, it almost felt like I am able to hear for the first time.

I heard a song, by the sound of it, it must be a girl, I didn understand what she was singing about because the language appears to be foreign Even though I couldn understand the song, for some reason I sensed sadness from her voice and the song, it felt like she was crying in her song. I wanted to see her, so I tried opening my eyes ones again, but this time it didn felt that difficult compared with last time, so I gently opened my eyes, For my surprise I was able to see everything clearly, I gently turned towards my right side from ware I was hearing the song from.

After turning around my eyes spotted a woman in a long weird red dress i have never seen before, with black hair, angelic yet calm gloomy face. She was singing the song looking towards the moon through the window behind me, when I looked at her eyes I saw fear and worry in her eyes, I wanted to call out for her and for some reason I couldn bear the thought of she being sad. I tried calling out, but the words didn cross my mouth as it suppose, to, all I could say was ”mhaaaaaaaaa ”

Just upon hearing my voice she froze for few moments, she didn move a mussel, only her eyes moved slowly towards me, The moment her eyes met me tears started flowing through her eyes. The worry I sensed in her eyes earlier has completely vanished, and instead of worry now she looks relieved, She rushed towards me and took me into her arms. I couldn understand what was happening, like why she looks gigantic, or how is she able to lift me so effortlessly, that is until I saw my reflection in the mirror in front of me.

The moment I saw my reflection in the mirror, I realised that, I have reborn as this child, I couldn understand why the woman holding me is crying for, nor could I understand her words But out of all I understood one term, mamaia, which means mother, That means the women holding me is my mother.

I was beyond happy, beyond surprised, beyond amazed. Out of all that has happened, I was mostly happy for having a mother again. When I was left alone in the room after the commotion has settled, I couldn hold myself from thanking those who have given me this chance, this second chance. It could have been a devil for all I care, I wanted to thank whoever it was, for giving me a mother.




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