Today has really been a rough one for me I taught what else could happen today before it finally goes away, I walked towards the direction of home. I have always been alone in this world mum and dad were the closest to me until I met iris but I guess she has more important things to do, shes always busy, shes rich, popular her friends too they all came from wealthy families I don just fit in the picture they are being so nice to me I don want it to be because I came from a poor background, I don want to depend on them for anything or everything I want to stand ony own, but I haven figured out how to do that, I walked to the entrance to the reserved area I sat down close to the gate, I hope mum is fine wherever she is now I promised to make her proud ”God help me ” I stood up walking inside that particular house had more guards than the last time, I pressed the door bell but the door was still locked, I had a spare key so I opened and went in, I dropped my bag and started cleaning the house then O went to take my bath, I don think they are coming back today I sa6 as I checked my time it was already 6:pm I took my books and started reading I read for about 2 hours yet they were not still coming back I was thinking of going to bed when my phone started ringing, I taught it was mom but it turned out to be iris I answered ”you left ” she said over the phone

”I tried reaching you but it wasn going through ” I replied

e home right ” she asked

”Yes I was about going to bed when you called ” I replied

”Okey but don go to bed yet you have to wait up got me okey, I took your details for the bank account I told you of and have opened it already, dad sent you money don worry I will send you everything before I get home, love you ” she said and ended the call bank details it rang in my head.


Wheres she I tried searching for her with my eyes I scanned the whole room but she wasn there I hope she didn walk too far, westly guards finally came in and tried making way for us to pass, I entered the private parking lot

I entered into westly car I met his face I missed him already, I was trying hard to stop myself from jumping on him, he looked so dreamily I smiled at him, he wasn even smiling, I sat down close to him clutching my bag I had to win this, I just want to touch his hair but I had to stop I need to know how much he missed me

”Iris whats wrong ” he asked wow now am even more angry he called me by my name I tried to fake a smile

”Nothing ” I answered he put his hands on top mine, I miss when he holds me I tired to stay calm

”Am really sorry I couldn call you but I promise to make it up to you, you were avoiding me throughout the class, you know I came because of you ” he said as he turned me to face him ”you
e more pretty, your hair looks great I miss you ” he said as he pulled me closer to hug him but I pushed him away

”Babe whats wrong ” he asked again

”I just said nothing ” I replied

”Babe please don do this you
e hurting me, I haven seen you for over two weeks now you didn even know how I was faring you
e pushing me away ” he said in a sad voice

”I called you so many times, I texted you, you didn reply to any I was **ing worried about you I taught you left me for good ” I said tears walking down my cheeks

He used his hand to wipe my tears ”I would never do that, you know you are my life Nervigator, I told you I never wanna see you cry, an really sorry I promise to do anything ” he said as he claimed my lips, I couldn resist any longer, I missed the way he tastes, he kept giving me little love bit.

We pulled away after a while he pulled me closer and kissed my hair then I his my face in his chest

”Youll come to my place right ” I asked and he nodded ”my treat ” I said as he Intwined our hands ”I can wait to get married ” he said and I smiled

”I want you to meet someone she looks like my mom shes really close I like her, shes kinda like a sister ” I said and smiled

”Anything for you hon ” he replied as I looked at him, I raised my hand and touched his hair ”they are more softer than the last time ” I said as I dipped my hand into his hair ”you think ” he asked as he held my waist, westl6 is really possessive over me. I put my hands dipper into his hair making a moan to escape his lips I laughed I was actually enjoying everything

”Babe you
e playing dirty ” he said pulling me up and making me sit on his laps, I sat facing him with my breasts pressing on his chest, this time I used my two hands on his hair, I love the feeling of it I removed my hands and triple down his neck I checked for something

”DONT worry no other girl can have me except you ” he said like he knew what I was doing I blushed a little

”Nobody is allowed to touch your hair the way I touch them ”i said and he smiled ” yeah sure ”

I hands trail down and I used my index finger to trail his red lips, I placed a kiss on it ”I miss you ” I said as I crushed my lips against his it was slow and sweet he wasn rushing, his hands roomed the side of my waist, he Nublied on my lower lips sucking them, his hands pinched the side of my waist I moaned into the kiss as I opened my mouth, his tongue searched for mine as he sucked on mine, he tastes like grapes I tried to break up but he wasn ready to give up we kissed for a while longer before breaking up.

”I promise I would be there ” he said as he looked into my eyes ”an bringing someone, you promised your treat so make sure you buy a separate package ” he said touching my face ”so what should I expect ” he asked

”Westly you
e dirty ” I said as I tried to stand up but he held me back

”Am your dirty boyfriend who can do anything because of you ” he sad drawing my checks ”do you know what your dirty boyfriend can do ” he asked ”I don want to ” I said trying to avoid his stares

”How about I kiss you again ” he said searching for my lips

”Babe stop I need to go, you
e just so dirty ” I said closing in mouth with my palm, he removed my hand

”Thats why you fell in love with me right ” he asked

”LOOK I didn fall in love with you ” I said with a serious face

”Fine you win ” he said because he knows hes not gonna win anyways

”Babe what did you buy for me ” I asked

”I brought myself isn that enough ” he asked and kissed my lips

”Look Ive got to go ” I said as I stood up ”wait ” he said and cupped my face and kissed me one last time before opening the door for me.

I entered mine and drove off, I called millie skyler and kaira to meet me at a particular mall ”God fans are everywhere, I said as I stood straight adjusting my hair and stuff, skyler loves lot of attention so it wasn odd that she was still standing there when we were already inside, I had to walk back to her to get her in, skyler just sat down pressing phone, millie went to the shoe section, I always like joining kaira when we go shopping, I picked a few things into the trolley, we left the mall after picking a few things, then we entered into a jewelry store I was thinking of buying matching Jeweries for us kaira was with me the whole time, I was totally confused there were too many choices, I looked from one to another ” kaira which one should I take ”I said totally lost ” millie skyler get you ass in here ”kaira screamed ” we need the whole crew for this ”she said in a serious face, I just laughed ” our dear love bird here is confused on what to buy for her darling boyfriend ”she said, I was just blushing the whole time ” here millie picked a really beautiful matching necklace and charm bracelet ”wow its really pretty ” I commented millie is really good at Jeweries collection thanks dear ”I said as I paid for them, then finally I stopped at a restaurant and ordered for everyone, we entered our cars and left for him.


God wheres she? I called her for the fifth time she still wasn picking up, did something bad happened to her, I was really really worried, I turned back to look at my bestie he was really stressed but I couldn do anything to help, I know hes piced of already I tried calling her again, he came down from his car after awhile

”Westly am dammn hungry, I want to go home at least to eat something or get some sleep ” he spoke in a sweet calm voice

”DONT worry she would be here soon, I promise she ordered for you so don worry its on me. . . . .

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