My alarm clock beeped, I rubbed my eyes so iris set the alarm for me, I tried standing up but it wasn possible, so I stretched a little before standing up iris already sent my class schedule to me, I quickly coped to my phone, I had my bath, I looked for the wardrobe for clothes they are all cute I taught, today am going in all pink and white, I picked a pink pleated mini skirt and white button up long sleeve with frills a pink baseball cap and white sneakers with white socks underneath, I spread them on the bed, then I put I books and notepad, charger, earned and phone into my pink pli butterfly bag. I went to iris room to check on her, I knocked and she let me in she was having problems with fixing her hair

”Can I help ” I asked ”sure you can ” iris hair is full and long like mine, > picked the hair twister and straightener, I started brushing her hair I added hair cream to make it softer her hair is really oily now the way I like it to be, I started stretching her hair it stopped in her lower back, I added little fell to the front corling it to the front its like waves then I added some sprinkles I could find to it then I used the hair dryer to dry it so it could stick, I picked the hair corner to corl like three strands of hair to the front I spared it, I wrapped like two doughnuts on her side then I added pins and spared again, I was done after wards. I turned her chair to face the mirror, her mouth dropped wide open ”wow thanks ” she said admiring her hair

”I have one more problem, I don know what to wear ” she said looking at me ”emm so what are you wearing ”she asked

” am going in all pink and white ”I said lowering my voice

” then I totally want them too ”she said smiling, I opened her wardrobe, iris had same things I had ”iris yours are same with mine ”I told her

” you think ”she replied smiling ” I just wished you were my sister, I just totally liked you the first day I met you, you look a lot like mom but she left me when I was nine, I told her not to leave me behind but dad took me away from her thats how I started staying with dad, I totally lost contact with MOM, then one day I was told mom had another baby I taught I could see them course I was very happy, I always wished for a baby sister but dad didn let me I cried every day praying and wishing I could see her again then you came, hope you understand why am doing all this ”she said tears dripping from her eyes, I walked up to her and cleaned her eyes

” yeah I understand please don cry your beautiful face would be sore and mom wouldn like it ”I said and she smiled

I picked same type of clothes I picked for myself but iris was all red and white, I left her afterwards as I taught of what to do to my hair.

I brushed my hair I took a pink head tye, I folded it and used it to tye the tip of my hair then I pulled it upwards making it looks like I wore an head band then I tye it as a bow in front I stood up after one last satisfied look I picked my clothes and wore them and the sneakers I went to the full length mirror ” wow I look pretty after one satisfied look but I was too shy to step out but I had to because I needed to go to school I opened the door slowly pipeingif there was anybody there but I was out of luck kaira was standing there staring at me the whole time, she took a snap of me

”Am going to send this to everyone ” she said ”kaira please don ” I begged ”but am not deleting it, were leaving iris said she would drop you off lets go ” she said taking my hands while the others were already in there cars I entered iris

”You look pretty ” she said when I was fully sitted ”you don look bad yourself ” I replied

”Jollie hope you would be okay were having seperate classes for today ” she said ”yes sure I would like to explore the school on my own today ” I said smiling

”Fine suit yourself ” she held my han8 and drew me closer she took a snap of us ”am sending this to westly ”she said smiling

” em iris I would love to come home by myself today ”I said ” okay but don come late, be good okay ”she said as the car parked ” see you around ”she waved as the car went out of sight.

I walked towards the water fall were I first meet iris, I guess my luck is tye around here, I said to myself I was still s when the school beca9 really crowded there were much screaming whats happening, I asked no one on particular, more than ten cars drove in the first one came out with so many guards, hes tall fair he had a bucket hat and mask, I really couldn see him cause he was crowded and guards were all over him.

The other one stepped out of his car he 2as wearing mask too, then the third one stepped out he was tall he had a straight face he walked toward the last car, it was like the world stopped when his car opened on a slow motion, he stepped out in all styles, he was totally covered the third guy whispered something to him he looked towards my direction, then like the spell broke everything became moving again, girls were screaming like crazy.

” oh my god Preston is here, I didn know he was coming today I could have worn something cuter ”I heard lots of crazy things from a lot of people, the whole entrance were more crowded in a twinkle of an eye, like I don understand why they are screaming, ”whos Preston ” before I could digest it the screaming became more aggressive I was almost getting deaf, they walked towards the door with security drooling over them, the pushing got more aggressive I was almost shocking out, i really don know why I came here, it took like forever before they finally walked past, then the screaming died down a little. ”FINALLY ”I breathed out, now I need to get to class, every body was busy talking about the four boys that walked in now, who am I really gonna ask for directions, I taught as I walked down, I have maths first now my only problem is finding the maths class, I walked a bit further to a quiet place ” its really quite here ”I taught maybe have lost my way, turning to my left I tripped, it was kinda like my thing already so I was used to it I was waiting to like hit my head or something, I closed my eyes but I wasn falling, I was kinda suspended in the air.

I opened my eyes flapping them, I looked up only to meet a pair of green eyes, his lashes were long and sticking out, his hair fell on his face because of the posture he was holding me, he had pricing on his eyelid, his chain fell out and sparked gold he loft me up and I stood straight ” am really sorry ”I mutted as I tried Putin my dress on order

” be careful next time ”he said thanks sure ” he nodded and was about leaving when I stopped him ”emm please just one more thing ” I said ”yes ” he replied

”Am new here so am kinda lost and I need to get to the maths class, but I don know my whereabouts can you help me out ” I asked he looked at me ”yeah sure ”he lead the way and we walked in silence till we got to the class.

” am having this class too ”he said breaking the long silence ”am sitting there ” he pointed to a particular place O followed his hands and saw his seat

”I don know where to seat ” I said to my self I didn know I said that out loud

”You can sit with me if you want ” he said

”I don think am supposed to what about the person sitting there ” I asked

”Don worry I would handle it ” he said with a smile, he picked his phone out and said some things into it before ending the call

”Don worry its fine have handled everything ” he said gesturing me to follow him, it was like my legs were in charge of my body, I followed him.

”Em I would like to sit at the end ” I said pointing at the window side ”sure its fine ” he said allowing me to move in first.

Just as I sat down millie and kaira came in, am very sure they didn see me but they came right to where were I was sitting ”hey babe ”kaira waved

” we have been looking for you everywhere ”millie said looking over to the guy sitting next to me

” I actually lost my way so he brought me here ”i said referring to him

” oh ”kaira exclaimed ”iris isn coming, she has seperate class but if shes coming here it would be at the middle of the class maybe to see you ” kaira said

”You want to sit with us? ” millie asked

”No am fine here and I also have the perfect view ” ”okay bye ” they said and went to where they were supposed to sit

”You know them ” he asked as soon as they left ”yeah ” I nodded ”I taught you said you were new here how come you know them or are you a celebrity ” he asked surprised

”No am not and its a long story how I know them ” I replied and kept quiet afterwards, I guess he kinda noticed I really don want to talk he kept quiet after examining my face, my phone beeped it was iris

”WHERE are you, I told you to be careful ” she sent….

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