She blushed, no I had to concentrate on what I came here for, miss puff came in ”oh my god biology, I shouldn have really waited ” whats wrong with me am definitely going to sleep, how much I hated biology and the worst part shes strict, shes definitely gonna tell mom if I leave the class then mom gonna tell dad whos going to kill me, why didn westly tell me about this. Oh I almost forgot we ain in same class but we found share general classes, I dropped my head on my table frustrated, GOD I really wanna die now, wait I ain at home I stood up and picked my notepad, I was gonna take down notes no matter what I taught, I picked up my phone I saw westly text

”Yo, Preston no phones during classes ” she said ”man this woman is really biting more than she can chew ”

There were grumblings in the class finally the girl looked at my face as if finding some expression, I said it she only knows when am in trouble, then she looked back at her book, I sighed and dropped my phone on the table, I picked my pen ready to jut down.


Like seriously he didn even say thank you for the ring ”am leaving ” iris texted and waved me, I taught he was leaving too but he stayed back instead, the lecturer came in I looked at kai as he blinked at me and I waved, then he blinked again making me to blush, I saw Prestons countenance changed when he saw the lecturer, he looked really frustrated, he put his head on the table I was thinking maybe he had a bad headache or something, but he raised them back he picked up his pen and notepad when his phone beeped I think it was a message he picked it up

”Yo Preston no phones during classes ” the lecturer said, the class kinda grumbled, wait they are actually backing up Preston, I looked at his face to find any expression, but he was angry and frustrated he caught me looking at him, I quickly faced my note then he dropped his phone and picked up his pen.

” She was teaching about micro organism around us ” I swear it was a long class, I tried to jut down as fast as I could, I looked around most people weren taking anything down including kai could tell he was really lost while Preston was busy jutting something, i looked over to his book ”wow his hand writing are so pretty ” he raised his head and his eyes met mine, I looked down and faced my book and faced my work, then we got to ”carriers of micro organism ” I tried to keep up Preston hit his hands on the deck pooh his lost, I finished and the lecturer left the class thats the end of classes today, I was about packing when suddenly I heard

”Hey lend me your book ” he said taking it, he copied then he gave me back even without saying thank you, then he left the class, like seriously he left without saying ”thank you ” hes rude well not like I needed it anyway…..

What a day I sighed and packed my bag the class was empty already, I need to find iris, just when I was about leaving the class at the corridor a pair of hands pulled me into a class my heart skipped a bit but felt when it turned out to be kai, oh I didn even noticed when he left the class

”Hi ” he said ”why did you do that ” I asked instead ”Im sorry ” he said ”just wanted to get your contact ” he said ” you really know how to ask nicely ”I said with a small smile ” really jokes apart, I really want your contact thats all ”he said looking really serious ” okay ***** ”thanks I really appreciate ” he said like a kid with a candy ” em kai, you promised to introduced yourself ”I reminded him

” fine am an idol like celebrity thats why girls fan over me ”he said oh my god, so have been talking to a celebrity all this while ” I taught wow I said ”so would go out with me to get a drink ” he asked ”no am sorry, I want to meet my friend ” she says I must meet her ”I said trying to look for the best excuse ”then I could totally follow you there ” he said persuasively ”no its a girls stuff and you
e a guy ” ”fine you got me ” he said backing off ”I would take my leave first ” I said walking out.

Iris texted me ”I sent guards to bring you, stay at the door ” she said, I looked up and found guards already there, as they took me away, a guard opened the door surprisingly there was no driver in there, just as I was stepping in, my eyes totally went blank

Iris and a guy were kissing at the back it was really wild that I had to close my eyes, they finally broke up when I felt someone touching me, I raised my head up.

”Am Really sorry I didn mean to do that ” she said with pleading eyes, while the guy was just smiling like nothing happened

”Jolie meet westly you remembered I introduced him to you the last time, hes my boyfriend ” she said trying to remove his hands from hers

”You must be Jolie right my wife has been talking about you shes really fond of you, nice meeting you, oh and the correct thing is that an her husband not her boyfriend, shes shy to say it sometimes ” he said with a cute voice cupping her face as he kissed her

”Look miss am really sorry about this its just that I can control myself when am with her isn she adorable ” he asked, iris was blushing like mad ”yes she is ” I was forced to smile too

”Wow you
e really pretty you were the girl sitting next to Preston right ” I just nodded ”iris already told me everything so am taking you as my little princess, right hon ” he said looking at iris, whats going on

”Em sir I don understand what what you
e talking about, do you mean you
e taking me as your daughter ” asked really confused

”Baby why don you tell her ” he said intwining their hands

”Em Jolie he ment he wants to be your friend and wants to be your dad in school, he wants to be responsible for you ”she said

” babe you got the other wrong shes like my little angel and you
e my queen ”he said God this guy is really romantic I blushed, iris face was already red due to her blushing

” Iris westly… ”I tried saying ” stop you got the order all wrong ”you
e supposed to call me dad I wa8 to be called dad ” he said with a baby voice

”Okay right iris, dad I want to take a stroll around, I might not come home early, so don worry about me I won be late I promise ” I said picking on my fingers

”Awwn, baby make sure you come early so your mom won be worried, he said patting my head.

I came down first and walked towards the gate the first thing first his to get to work…..


”Babe what did you just do ” I asked looking at those green eyes

”Well I told her the truth you
e my wife, whats wrong ” he said without remorse

”You shouldn have kissed me in front of her ” shhhh, he put his finger across my lips, there are more coming do you want to know ”he said

” no ”I shaked my head ”but I wanna show you ” he said he cupped my face and kissed me, I don think I can get enough of him, hes just too sweet. I wrapped my hands around his neck as a sudden overwhelming took over me, I couldn just stop even when I wanted to, he smiled into the kiss, I guess hes obviously enjoying it, he trail the kiss down my neck, god I need to stop this but I can because its actually enjoyable.

His phone started ringing but he didn take it out instead he told me to take it out, I reached out and picked the phone westly wasn ready to stop

”Babe its Preston ” I said ”you can just answer it ” he replied giving me sweet love bites, I answered the call when he wasn going to stop I put it on loud speaker

”Westly were are you I need to get somewhere, why ain you answering ” he spoke from the other end

”Oh hey Prest am with iris meet you in five ” westly said into the phone ”take it easy with her okay ” he said ”yeah sure ” he replied and ended the call

”Babe am sorry I have to go Preston and I are really busy lately I just wish you can come with us cause u can just stop kissing these lips ” he said as he kissed me one last time before stepping out, fans are really something they already crowded him, my driver came in and drove off to the shopping mall need to shop for me and Jolie.


I walked into the hotel I greeted the receptionist she gave me like a pass card I took it and my uniforms then Daniel came out of nowhere

”Hey Jolie you are here already, have been waiting for you for a long time ”…..

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