everything here is children harmless,there is alway baby proof applied on anything.

After leaving playroom and entering milf room back, he look at her noticing that her lingerie is now moved up showing her naked ass and pussy ,and it was wet , he remove all pillow and climb on bed and hug her who is still sleeping on one leg up position, he start shaking her and while he was shaking her he pant loose down and his dick start to rub her pussy lips, sensing this irritation, she hugged him and put one leg on his back and guide his dick to pussy, she also put nipples to his mouth to shut him and then she grab his ass and push so that his dick entered her inside kissing her womb. Ren started to drink milk and thrust hard making dick entered inside womb, then dick grow big and now **ing her and making her woke up, after **ing her for two minutes he stopped and said ”Aunty we are going to Timmys girlfriend house you need to close door ”. Hana who was moaning in half sleep state stooped doing anything and walked out together in still half sleep state, her hair was in mess and her dress was still in bad state showing her half pussy line ,and there was wet mark on her nipples side showing her erect nipples clearly, she is in erotic state.

Timmy who was about to call Ren, see both of them is coming, and his mother was in mess state, he thinks she was sleeping and feeding children and Ren have disturb her, he glimpse mother and peek her nipples and pussy line he got erect, but he hurriedly stooped because he know his mother is angry and doesn want to face anything, he hear saying her angrily-

”Timmy leave, I need to talk with Ren he will come after 5minutes ”.Timmy left instantly close door and run some distance so that his mother don call him back.

Hana who was in angry because of not enough sleep and not getting cum from morning instantly pin Ren to door and remove his pant, she rub his dick with both hand making to reach peak state and kiss him wildly, when she saw it reach her to boobs, she guide dick and it entered directly to her stomach,she arc back her eyes widen and tongue stick out making sexy erotic face , she then told Ren - ”Baby please cum fast okay please i need just now cum please Ahhhn Ahnnn ” because she know that they don have time. Hearing this Ren instantly cum like jet and filling her pussy, Hana also cum hard moaning louder, soon her stomach grow large and after 4 minutes her belly look like 8month pregnant. Ren shrink and put pant and was about to leave, Hana grabbed his head and kiss him with tongue hard said come back early okk, then she put him outside and close door , she was still in half sleep state so she just put one hand on pussy to stopped dripping but it still was dripping while she was walking and making road mark to her room, then she sleep on bed putting hand which was in cum to mouth sucking it, some cum was on bedsheets but there was still lots in her belly and she already blocked it using an special item like butt plug, she then sleep while dreaming about upcoming event.

Ren who was outside house thought he forgot to tell her they will be late but then he ignore it thinking she need some sleep and disturbing hear is not good idea. After walking some distance he spot Timmy and then both started to travel their destination while talking some small stuff.

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