massaging her boobs while drinking milk and put another on her ass and start caressing .

After quenching thirst he remove his mouth from her boobs and lift one of her leg and put on shoulder and ** her hard making big bulge on her stomach. Yuu put her head on his and bite on shoulder and neck, seeing this he also bite on her neck and her boobs, she moan and cum hard .Ren change her to dog position and she put on kitchen sink while moaning, he then put his both hand on her boobs and grab and grope while **ing her, he also move hand to her ass and play stretching and groping. Sometimes he grope both her ass and boobs and kiss her.

While both were busy in **ing they hear mobile rings and it was Yuu phone which is near dinner table, first they ignore then after 2 times, Yuu decided to accept call and told him to give her phone. Ren just carry her and walk while **ing and pick her phone who is still moaning hard, she took phone and she saw it was her boyfriend call and was about to receive, she note that Ren stopped, she told Ren just ** me and don stopped and she received saying breathing hard ” Hello darling, How are you? , What happened? ” . Their **ing was loud but her boyfriend can because her phone is noise cancelling and she tap mute after saying then start to moan hard.

” What are you doing, and why didn you receive my call earlier and why is your breath hard, hey what are you doing right now ” her boyfriend asked her.

She unmute and said still in hard breath –

”I am in kitchen room, it just Rem come and started to play with me making me kinda hard to talk with you, what did you think I am doing something bad behind your back, you are naughty darling, Ahhn Ahnn you wanted Ahhn this sounds Ahhn isn it? ” she said with moaning.

”Ah, I am so sorry, forgive me, I thought something bad again but if you are with Ren then its relief, I call so that we can meet because my sister have return home ” then he heard her voice suddenly raised so he asked what happened.

”Nothing, its just Ren become excited to hear your sister is home and wanna meet her, so Tomorrow, me and Ren will come at your house, ok Ahhhhhhnnnnnnnnnn Fucccckkk ”.she quirted and cum hard when Ren dick grow more hearing her boyfriend sister name, and he start **ing her then he release cum like jet inside her belly while bitting her neck. Soon after 2-3min of cum flow inside her stomach, her stomach grow big and it look like 3month pregnant, and he still cumming.

” Huh, what happened, why are you moaning ” her boyfriend asked.

”Ahhhhnnnn, Fucccckkk, he bite me, ahhhn, see you later I need to hang, okk bye ” she hang up and loudly moan and kiss Ren mouth madly. After sometimes Ren fully release his cum inside her, her stomach now looked like 9 month pregnant, then Ren remove his dick and it shrink to his belly button. Yuu suddenly put container near her pussy because right now she don have any butt plug to stop cum from falling, so it took 3 container to collect his cum and she also lick and drink some erotically. As for Ren he already left after doing his work and when he entered Timmy room, Timmy was still engrossed in game even after 4 hours have passed. Ren also join playing game with him excitingly.

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