In kitchen room their was 2 people was sitting on chair waiting for breakfast on table . One is Bob who is milf husband , and other is Timmy who is the best friend of boy , who just entered. There is also one person who now serving breakfast on table , she is Yuu . Yuu is beautiful daughter of milf and she is 19y . There is 2 more family members is ,one is 3y and another is 1y children and both are sleeping right now .

Sensing last 2 remaining people entered in room, Bob who was reading newspaper finally see his wife and noticed that there was something white on her face , he started to suspect something and thinking dirty but then he saw boy and his suspicion disappear instantly, he then asked his wife :

” Hana, their is something on your face, did something happen? ”.

” Ahh,yes, you know me and Ren did cleaning room and was in bathroom and he started to play with me, maybe some soap or my milk got on my face, and i was hurry so didn notice, let me clean ” . she replied and started to clean then smell and put one finger in her mouth and sucking, making sexy face she said :

”Ohhh, its milk and its so tasty mmm ”.

Seeing her lustful face Bob started to checking his wife and he note that her lingerie is so hot and her nipple is poking and it is kinda visible , then he see that her dress is too short that it barely reach her thigh, he also noticed that she is not wearing any bra and panties like everyday.

He smile and got satisfied with his wife dress code. Then he heard boy saying:

”Uncle, Good Morning, You looking energetic, how are you ”.

” Haha, Good Morning, I am fine,You also looking same and your smiling face suit you, ”. then he thinks-

Ren is best friend of Timmy and almost they have been friend from 3y . Ren have family consists 6 members. His innocent mother who is too hot and sexy, she is too innocent and airhead like her son, hig big sister who is 3y older than him is also beautiful clever girl , he also have younger sister with 1y . Ren family is full of beautiful, and i want them to stay here -Bob thinks and finally said –

”Ren why not you also invite you family here to stay , your going to stay here for some day it will become lively here – ” but he stopped when he see his wife and children glaring him . He thought, obviously they will think like that. Ren is too innocent that sometimes I thought he is acting like that and is doing something naughty behind back ,but then he remember one day Ren happily invite him and his wife to bath, he see Ren dick is too small and think that its impossible to do cheating or naughty with this tiny thing, so his suspicious never occur to him . Ren also behave like child and do something which make him happy, thats why he also treat Ren better than his son who is ogling his wife sneakily.

Hana seeing her husband is in thought ask while sitting on chair :

”What are you thinking, Bob ”.

” Nothing, just remember when we were bathing with Ren ”.

Hearing this her face become hot and lusty remember that day –

Some Time ago

Like sometimes Bob, Hana and Ren bath, Today they were going to bath together and entered bathroom.

Hana started to undress while both men watching her.

The dress was too tight to dress so ask Ren to undress her top , when he undress her top her boobs sprung out and sprinkle some milk on Ren and her face. Seeing this Bob dick become erect but he notice that like usually Ren wasn erect he sigh. Then Bob wife started to undress Ren and when Ren become nude, his clean average body and tiny dick was in view. Bob finally feel proud and said inwardly, he is too small like pinky fingure ,did you see that my wife, you can never be satisfied with that thing. Then he jokingly said to wife:

” Why don you also undress me ”.

She glare him after seeing his small bulge.

After all three joining in bathroom nude. Hana started to wash Ren because she and her think he is still child, then she lay down on bathtub, then she see Ren is playing and pranking Bob with water, soap and sampoo and this makes Bob irritated. So she said Ren come here and play with me . Ren happily join her on lay on top of her and started to play with her body and making her laugh. Then she noticed that Ren dick which was tiny become gigantic reaching her belly button on her nude body.

Eventually, she became horny and put one hand on his dick and guide to pussy entrance. Ren who is still playing suddenly thrust hard and his dick got inside her, touched her womb entrance and making bulge. Suddenly thrust make Hana surprise and moan loud making her husband worried and asked her :

” Did you get some hit again, didn I told you not play on bathtub ”.

” Ahhhn, no problem, I will recover soon and will distract Ren so that wash yourself 4-5 time clean, you smell too bad ” . she said so that she can get some extra time and cover her mouth with Rem mouth so that she can moan loud.

Ren thrusting and playing happily become excited and started playing battle with her tongue suddenly thrust so hard that his dick entered her womb and touch her boobs. Hana eyes open wide ,her legs shaking and she cumming hard. Rem didn cared about anything and just **ing hard he also change position to dog-style still kissing her, after that he stand up and ** her while she wrapped her legs arms around him still kissing . when he was going to cum ,Hana remove herself from dick and lay down, then suddenly jet of cum hit her face, hair, belly, pussy she flip and cum get on her back and ass. She become fully cum bath girl. After cleaning herself, she was weak so she asked to help her, Rem put her on front like stand position and get near her husband and said we are leaving. Bob seeing this sexy position thought something bad but the he see his wife change position like her back was touch Rem and her front was in his view. Rem have to adjust her and he end up like making M position. Bob mind become too messy, but then he spot that Rem dick was too tiny, his mind become too clear and smile happily.

When Rem and Hana leave bathroom, Hana see his dick become big and it reaching her boobs, she suddenly hug dick with her boy as she was in M position, and started to kiss because dick was going to release precum and she know it released lot, so to clean this she started kissing hard tip and slide up down her tongue on dick hole. After playing sometimes she stopped because she know its not right time

Flashback End

Hana remembered that even after that , she got lots of **ing and make that day some of special day for her.

Timmy who was ogling sneakily on his own mom , peeking at her visible erect nipples, lustful face, and pussy shape which become slightly visible due to her sexy lingerie when she was close , his dick become erect but then he lower his head when his father notice and his mother glared at him. Finally he said:

”Hello buddy, how are you? ”

”Awesome I am feeling excited, what we are going to do today? ”. Ren said with smile.

” We are going to my girlfriend house and playing there ” replied while think because of Ren I am able to go to her place, hehehe, I hope today I got do something excited.

” Wow awesome, I am going to play with her, hihi ” Rem said.

Rem suddenly stood up reach near Yuu who is now done with placing all food , hug her and kiss saying:

”Good Morning, Big sister Yuu, Today you are looking cool and beautiful, hihi ”.

Yuu also hug back, then she feel his dick suddenly became big and hit her pussy , she have only big T-shirt which reach her thigh, she also doesn wear panties but she always wear bra if their is any men presence except Rem. Feeling it only grow to touch her bare pussy her face become slightly red, but then it reduce it size, sensing this she said :

”Get you hand off me, don you know I have already boyfriend, its not good to touch someone else girl ”.

” Hihi Hihi, you are my sister and always be my sister and in future I am going to marry you and Aunty Hana ”. He replied excited hugging hard, his dick grow big that it come out of his pant and when he hug her his dick head entered her pussy, then after small thrust his dick shrink back in pants, then he get back to his seat.

Hearing his childish word all started to laughing thinking he is still child.

Yuu , after coming to sense sit down on chair also start to eat as all was eating noisily, as for who was making noises while eating everyone know, but some use this advantage to masturbate . Yuu is also masturbating using one hand on her pussy and eating with another hand and making slow moan so that no one notice

Another one masturbating is Timmy because he got glimpse of Yuu pussy when Rem stopped hug and leave he saw her shirt slightly got upward then he got his reward, he also peek Hana nipples, and also imagine upcoming visiting girlfriend house and doing fantasy.

All was almost done eating one who finished was Hana because she need milf, so she forcibly make Rem dick big enough to hide below table and started jerking off, soon it was on verge, then she put her mouth and cum flow inside her mouth, she started drinking satisfied, removing mouth dick shrink back and got inside pants automatically. Timmy who was first notice that their was cum on near her lower lips and it was was slowly dripping down got in fantasy thinking this is his cum. He know this is not cum and this he his in delusion. Timmy come inside his pants. Bob was second to notice and he said their is some food on your face then he ignore it. Hana hearing Bob said this food is too tasty and yummy, slurping remaining cum.

Finally last person Yuu also cum below table with making weird leg posture . She know she will clean after this, thats why she didn care and cum hard eating food like eating cum .

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