fated hearts

#chapter twelve#

Damiels POV

John called me to tell me about the increase in the demons attacks Im curious as to why they
e getting more rebellious but Ive to take care of it is it concerned with Lystria or is it something else.

End of POV

I immediately leave the room and continue walking around the palace then I saw a beautiful outdoor garden it was bigger than the one at my palace with roses , marigolds,sunflowers,Jasmine ,Daisy and tulip all arranged and they smelt divinely.

I can see you like the garden ”a deep voice from behind me says and I knew it was Damiels voice I know that voice anywhere.

Yeah had one at home,so are you ready to ride? ”

Ill take it easy on you queen since you
e not allowed to ride in the palace ”

Try me youll be surprised at what you find ”I smirk at him knowing that Im a very skilled Rider.

I love surprises ”

As we put on the appropriate clothing for the horse riding,and when I went to pick a horse I was Staring at Kakò before he encouraged me to pick her while he picked a white Colt .

When we started riding he was surprisingly fast and was way ahead of me but suddenly kakò moved really fast it was unusual but it felt good passing him and I gave him a mocking face as I passed where he was and suddenly she moved too fast as I lost my balance and fell.

Ouchhhh ”I say as I hold my head as I stand

Are you okay? ”he says in a caring tone as I stare at him .

I won ”I say as I hit his shoulder.

Lets move further theres a lake close by ”

Really ? ”I say as I move faster and the sight I saw amazed me.

Wow,you didn tell me theres a freaking waterfall ”I say as I starting removing my shoes

what are you doing ”he asks surprisingly

Im entering the water you know all these princess stuffs I never had fun but now Im gonna make use of my time ”

Can you even swim? ”

I thought you loved surprises ”I say as I jump into the water loving the feeling when my body come in contact with the cool water it was relaxing.

Aren you coming in you don want me to be here alone would you? ”I say as he removes his clothes showing his six packs which was so delicious then my eyes came in contact with a tattoo but my eyes don linger long enough before I was caught.

Done Staring?, don worry its all yours ”he says as he enters into the water .

After playing for a couple of hours I finally decided to come out so we sat on the rock.

So tell me why are you always feisty and daring ”

Is that a problem? ”

No thats not really princess like so Im curious ? ”

I know he was trying to figure me out but was it really worth it ,I rarely know him and now I want to trust him with my feelings ,after what I saw I don think telling him anything about myself is the best at least till I find out the truth .

If its uncomfortable….. ”

No but if you want to ask questions I feel you should answer mine first ”

Does she know who I am?or what I am?or is this just random question but one thing is for sure shes trying to avoid the question is it that she doesn trust me or she doesn want to tell me I just have to play along.

Ok go ahead ”

Why are you rumored as a beast ? ”

I knew the question was tied with my identity was it mere curiosity or she knew something.

Why the sudden question? ”

No reason just curious ”

Whatever they want to think they should think thats how it is whether false or not, its getting late lets go back to the castle ”

Ok ”I say as I stand and as we rode our horses we reached there in no time so the king excused himself that he had some issues to take care of while I went back to my Chambers .

I decided to take it in my room since there would be no one to accompany me so I tell the maids to bring in my food then Talia and Cassandra enters and I was more than happy to see them.

My Queen we
e very grateful for what you did for us ”Talia says with a bright smile on her face which ways something I rarely see

What did I do? ”I ask curiously

You organized a feast for us,in our years of serving in the palace no one has done this for us even the kings mistresses ”Cassandra says

Excuse me? ”I say as I feel a sharp pain in my heart why at the mention of the kings mistresses I feel hurt?I can fall in love with him,it is not possible right, its being only a day ,the worst pain is loving someone who doesn love you its worse than death.

Im sorry my Queen I deserve to die ”Cassandra says as she kneels on the ground and Im shocked, is this how it

has always been.

Stand you can both take your leave ”I say as they both leave.

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