fated hearts

chapter eleven

I still couldn believe what happened,the man I called my father was about to get me married to a man I never really knew or loved a rumoured beast who didn he care for me at all,I was Still surprised that he hadn sent anyone to call me back to the dining probably to force me to apologise which I wasn going to.

I heard a knock on the door and when it opened I thought it was a guard but I was surprised to see Kaden.

What are u doing here ”I Ask as I ushured him to sit down.

Im sorry that I was to afraid to say anything I failed in being a brother to you and I hope you can forgive me ”he says and I could really feel his sincerity in his words but I don really blame him I was once like that

Don worry about it ”

So whatever you
e planning to do just know you can count me in ”

okay Im going to leave the kingdom ”I say as I could see his facial expression change and he didn look surprised like I expected .

Well you have to do it on the night of your wedding thats the best time so we would have enough time to plan everything ”

Thank you so much I don know what Ill do without you ”I say as I hug him and he leaves my room while I go to shower then I go to my bed to sleep.

I was running as fast as I can through the forest not knowing how I got there or what I was running from but I just knew I needed to run as fast as possible then i missed my steps and fell down and my dress was stuck to a branch and as I forcefully removed the dress it ripped and I realized my ankle was sprained and as I look up I saw a beast and I screamed .

when I woke up beads of sweat formed on my fore head and my breathing was very rapid,I calmed my self down knowing this was just a dream , nothing but a harmless dream ,this was a sign that I couldn marry that man ,as I try to stand up and go to the window ,my ankle was hurting so much like in the dream and it dawned on me what if I wasn dreaming and it was all real ,no I couldn accept that fact the sooner I leave the kingdom the better for me.

The next morning after attending to my ankle I decided to have breakfast at the garden so that I would avoid everyone gazes and gossips at the dinning ,so as I sit down I inhale the beautiful scent of my flowers and it helped me to relax,I grew some myself when I was little .

As I was enjoying the relaxation ,I saw two figures approaching me and I realized it was two of my stepsisters and am probably sure they came to make me feel more worse than I already am, thats what they were good at since we were kids and it increased after mom died.

Im sure you
e so full of yourself after talking back at father ”princess Camille says she giggles.

Don worry after she marries the beast she will know her place ”princess Sophie says with hatred in her eyes.

I stand up at stare at them before I speak ” I thought you have to go to your tea parties and princess classes I don want to be the reason why youll be late,now would I? ”I ask in a mocking tone hoping to get on their nerves and it seemed to work because I could see the change in their facial expression

How dare you ”princess Camille says as shes about to slap slap and I hold her hand firmly in mid air not with care but with anger before releasing her hand.

Now thats not how a princess is meant to behave, right? ”I ask as they look at me with furious eyes mostly Camille.

You will regret laying your filthy hands on me,watch your back ”Camille says as she leaves with Sophie.

Do your worst Ill be expecting you ”I say as I sip my tea ,if they still think that Im the lystria from when we were kids then they have something coming

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