fated hearts

chapter three

I bow down my head as I face Father awaiting the punishment that would come to me i was never afraid of anything not even pain.

what do you have to say?!!he shouts authoratively , something he does when hes angry.

Father Ive done something wrong and went against the rules of the kingdom and Im awaiting my punishment ”

e not even remorseful of what you did ” he shouts angrily

I wouldn want to be lying ,so its better I speak the truth, its a crime to lie against the king ”

Of all the children I have why are you the most rebellious, is it because your mother died ?, even though it may be the case that doesn mean you will disturb others ”

I hate when anyone brings up my mothers death, it always put me to the edge,my mother was one of many wives and I knew he never loved or respect her but he shouldn tarnish her image my accusing her of my actions , its so not unfair,but its best if I ignore hes statement.

Whats my punishment? ”I ask as l want to leave the presence of this man I call a father as soon as possible.

If you had begged I would have reduced or neglected it,but since its not your first time and you need to learn your lessons and you show no remorse because of your prideful nature , during dinner I will decide,you may leave ”

As I stand ,I quickly go to my room with a smirk on my face,he always think he has a leach on my neck.

After taking my bath,I go to my bed to read a book,as an ideal princess does then I heard a knock on the door.

come in ”I say not looking up to the person.

Dinner is ready ”the maid says as she leaves while I brace myself for the punishment , Ill be ready for anything.

As I go to the dinner table,which is a long marble table with chairs placed facing each other I see everyone already sitted except from the king so I go to sit in my normal space and stare at my food as everyone else,we can eat without the king ,so as he arrives and sit and gives us the signal to eat.

As I begin to eat I could fill the king stare at me then I heard my name and I immediately stop eating my food.

Lystria ”

Yes my king ”

In three days time you
e going to be married to the king of Deira kingdom , don take this as a punishment but a privilege ”

I couldn believe what I just heard , everyone knew that the king of Deira kingdom was mysterious and was a beast and I was going to marry him, I never wanted to marry anyone but to travel around the world to look at historical designs and artefacts,I was a lover of art and nature,but I knew that it was only a hopeless dream that can never come true but to marry someone beyond my Will was like the worst punishment you could ever give me.

As a princess my life was never mind and I can speak for myself but I left the caution to the wind and let my instincts take control.

Father please I can marry him ” I say with all the anger in my heart but I don say it in a disrespectful way.

My mind is made up already ”he says still eating his food not looking at my direction and that was when I lost my last strand of patience ,who was he to dictate my life, absolutely no one.

I stand up with a loud bang on the table ”Im not going to marry him and there nothing you can do about it,you never cared for me anyways ”

I say angrily as I leave the table and I could hear father telling me to come back but I ignore what worse could he do that he has not already done I have to find a way to escape I just wish mother was with me then this would have never happened.

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