fated hearts

~chapter two~

I was never the princess for dresses or any boring princess activities I always loved the adventures and having real fun like fighting not learning some ways in order to shape me into the perfect ” ideal princess ”.mom words not mine.

And today was not gonna be any different

, Im lystria or should I say princess lystria ,the princess of syre kingdom and Im twenty years old.

As I hide at the back of the few buildings close to the stable,my plan is to go and ride but as per the rules of syre kingdom,a princess can ride a horse by themselves so unfair right but I refuse to suck up to the rules this is my life after all.

As I think of ways to pass the guards without being suspicious ,I feel someone presence at my back and when I turned I saw Kaden my step-brother.

Lystria you never learn, when will you stop with this your childish behaviors ”

I have like five brothers and three sisters me excluded but kaden is the closest to my heart and he understands and protect me and always act as the protective responsible brother when the
e only two years difference.

Please just this one time Ive not ridden Penelope in weeks and I know she misses me ”I give him the cutest baby face ever and Penelope is my favourite horse that I picked when I was three,I fell in love with her when I first saw her and Ive been riding her secretly since then but only Kaden knows about it.

Ok but tell the guards that Father is calling them for official reasons and Ill take it from there ”

Thank you, thank you, you
e the best ”I say as I hug him and start walking towards the stables.

Be careful ”

when have I not been ”I say as I walk and I reach the guards with their eyes following my every move as they bow towards me as a sign of respect ,another thing which I hate , we
e both humans and as far as I know he might even be older but there some things you can change.

Good morning my princess ”they both say in unison

what brings you here ”a guard asks

The king sent for your presence immediately ”I say as one guard is about to leave. Both of you ”the guard stare at me in a disbelieving expression and I realised that they are on to me, Im quiet famous for causing mischief in the palace ,I mumble out some words.

I heard its quiet important ”I say as they both leave and I let out the air I didn know I was holding.

Finally ”.

As I enter the stables I look for Penelope and I quickly find her and she neighs indicating that shes happy as I hug her.

Are you ready for a run girl ”she neighs again as I claim on top of her as we leave the stables,as we walk out I hold the reins and give it the cue to lengthen its stride by applying pressure squeezing with my calves and heels as he increase the speed as the guards try to lock the gates we go faster as we finally leave through the narrow opening and I felt the cool breeze on my face,I missed this, freedom.

As I walk with Penelope I realised two guards on my trail and I decided its time to have some fun,as I tighten my hold the reins and put my hands above the horses withers , and I was giving them a great distance ,what can I say Im a great horse rider as I continue going faster ,I collided with a tree and I fell down from the horse with a very aching body due to the fall

As Im about to stand I see the guards in front of me,I knew Im gonna be in a lot of trouble ,its time to meet father and hes not going to be happy.

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