In a small apartment at the shadiest part of town laid a eighteen year old boy, he had brown eyes, white hair and milky white skin, he looked like a celestial being.

Suddenly someone knocked at the door waking up Riko,a half woken Riko went to open the door, as soon he does so Kenneth his bestie drags him out and starts running while still holding onto Riko. They ran for eight minutes straight trying to hide from some goons.

Riko POV – After having a stressful day at work some idiot thought it was funny to disturb my sleep. I got up up and dragged my feet towards the door, I cursed the person at the door hoping the person would get insomnia.

I opened the door just to find my childhood bestie at the door, he had a panicked look on his face, he was sweating profusely, I was about to ask him about what caused his distress before he yanked me out of the house running like the house is on fire to only God knows where,he didn turn back to explain to me nor check on how I was holding up.

After what seemed like we ran a marathon, we entered an abandoned alley to hide , I gave him a quizzical look and he said James, he didn need explaining further for me to understand that we were been hunted, well mostly I am being hunted.

From the corner of my eye I saw one of James goons, Boris yelling at the others ”where the ** is he? ” he asked. How can just one person be this hard to find, everyone separate if you see him signify,if we don get him we will all be in trouble with the boss, he yelled.

The others shuddered listening to him, they immediately dispatched and continued their search for me. I and Ken used this opportunity to run to Rebeccas place two streets away from here, we luckily made it there without anyone spotting us. You always find new ways of getting in trouble Ken said to me. As I was taking a sigh of relief one of the goons was suddenly present but he couldn see us since his back was facing us, ken swiftly ran to him and knocked him out and hid his body .

We spent the night at Rebeccas because of the still looming danger.

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