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Greenland was big but sparsely populated.
Sometimes, people would choose a scenic spot on the outskirts of Greenland to build a house and use it as a vacation spot.
As long as these things weren’t too outrageous, the government wouldn’t interfere. 

The same was true for the cabin that Odis was interested in.
It was a temporary holiday residence for the locals.
It was usually empty, but when the owners wanted to come over, they would bring a lot of food.
Most of the time, the food couldn’t be finished. 

As the temperature rose, the food left behind by the humans emitted a strong smell, which was detected by Odis. 

As a polar bear that had been attacked by poachers before, Odis was very wary of humans.
But he was sure that there were no traces of humans in this house, and that was why he dared to bring Qiao Qixi to look for food. 

The big polar bear was walking in front of Qiao Qixi and turned around to call out to the little polar bear.
To Qiao Qixi, the polar bear’s voice sounded like: ‘Come on, lil’ bro.
Why aren’t you interested in eating? Was there something wrong with your brain?’

Damn! There was no problem!

“…” But… 

Qiao Qixi swallowed his saliva and hesitated.
Did he really need to break in and… steal fish from the humans?

But it seemed that Odis had already found his way to the door?

Ah… Then, he had no choice but to commit a crime!

The little polar bear, who wore a small yellow bucket on his head, stood up and looked around for a moment.
He seemed to have let down his guard against the surrounding environment, and finally, he sneakily followed suit. 

Qiao Qixi had to run to the furthermost part of the house because the shameless Odis had already opened the door and entered the house. 

Luckily, Odis didn’t forget about his good brother and waited for him at the door.
Qiao Qixi was touched. 

Qiao Qixi’s four paws carefully stepped on the wooden floor.
Hearing the creaking sound of the wooden planks, he couldn’t help but look at Odis’ feet.
Wow, the wooden planks used by Greenlanders were really sturdy.
They didn’t skimp on building materials at all. 

The wooden house was about 50 square meters.
After the bears entered the cabin, there was a strong stench of spoiled food, which seemed to be the smell of meat.
With the recent high temperatures, this was a smell that polar bears could easily detect. 

This might be the first time Odis raided a human’s house.
He didn’t have any experience, but he walked towards a pile of dried fish on the table.
It seemed that the fish had been frozen before, but now it had thawed for a while, giving off a strong fishy smell…  

The tall Odis lowered his head to pick up a dried fish on the table and tasted it.
Finding that it could still be eaten, he picked up a new one and went to Qiao Qixi. 

When he turned around, he realized that the little bear was no longer waiting at the same spot.
Odis immediately looked around and finally the little bear’s chubby back in front of a pile of cardboard boxes. 

Odis called out in a low voice and walked over to feed Qiao Qixi. 

When the little polar bear heard the call of his guardian bear, he immediately looked back at Odis with a mouth full of bright red tomato sauce.
Compared to Odis, who was interested in the thawed dried fish, Qiao Qixi was more interested in the tomato sauce, canned fruit, sandwich biscuits, and other interesting sweets here. 

“Ao ao…” Qiao Qixi felt a sense of familiarity and became excited for a while when he saw these foods that he hadn’t seen in a long time. 

Alexander liked it here, so Alexander made happy sounds. 

The sweet and sour smell of the tomato sauce made Odis wrinkle his nose, but this didn’t mean he didn’t like it.
He moved his nose to get more information about the smell in the air. 

Polar bears living in the wild would judge carefully about what could or couldn’t be eaten.

Odis put down the thawed dried fish in his mouth and tasted the tomato sauce on the tip of Qiao Qixi’s nose.
It was sweet and sour, like summer berries. 

These foods were all edible, and Odis had probably never tasted them before. 

Qiao Qixi, a fake bear that used to be human, couldn’t wait to share with his companion.
He neatly opened a can of canned fruit. 

Here, it must be explained in detail how he opened it.
First, he hugged the can with his two paws, then he tilted his head and pulled the tab with his canine teeth.
Even humans could easily pull the tab of the can. 

The little polar bear, who was smart enough to not be spied on by humans, eagerly brought the can of fruit to Odis, hoping that the other party would have a taste. 

The big guy who liked to eat honey was born with a sweet-tooth.
When the can was opened, Odis smelled the rich scent of sugar, and his attention was attracted by the small can. 

But how to eat it more conveniently was the problem. 

After thinking about it for a long time, Qiao Qixi looked up and immediately raised his paw to touch his head… 

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Was this called raising Little Yellow for a thousand days, and using it for only a moment? Wasn’t it coming in handy now!?

Qiao Qixi placed Little Yellow on the ground and poured all the canned fruit into it.
For a while, the small cabin was filled with the sound of Qiao Qixi opening cans and the sound of empty cans being thrown away. 

Odis also witnessed the little polar bear opening the can to get the fruit pulp.
It didn’t seem difficult to open cans so perhaps Odis could also have this skill.

He was very interested in the fruit pulp, so he sat down on the spot and picked up a can neatly.
After pulling off the tab and lid with his mouth, he held the can in his mouth and licked the pulp inside. 

When his tongue licked the pulp, the sweetness bloomed in his taste buds, and the taste was very good. 

This can of fruit, which may or may not have expired, brought Odis joy, and he seemed to like it very much. 

After three days of walking on the road, the two polar bears were very hungry.
Sweet food and sweet juice were undoubtedly delicious food. 

Qiao Qixi stopped opening cans.
He had already poured half a bucket.
He almost forgot that Odis thought that any food in the bucket was the little bear’s food, and so the big bear wouldn’t touch it. 

The rest was left for Odis to taste. 

For the remaining time, they tasted the humans’ canned food with satisfaction.
It was a sweet taste that the polar bears couldn’t resist.

Qiao Qixi, who had not eaten human food for a long time, enjoyed the fruit pulp in the bucket by himself.
The fat and sweet yellow peach pulp didn’t even need to be chewed when eaten. 

He swallowed it directly. 

As for the stinky dried fish, it was lying pitifully on the floor.
Perhaps, the sweet-toothed polar bears would only remember it when the canned fruit was finished. 

The polar bears ate without restraint.
A box of 6×6 canned fruit was quickly eaten up by Qiao Qixi and Odis. 

The two big guys with bottomless appetites felt that they had only eaten an appetizer, and their hunger had not subsided. 

Odis’ gaze finally swept past the stinky dried fish on the ground, but at this time, the little polar bear made a new move. 

After a bit of rummaging.

A box of sandwich biscuits was poured on the ground. 

Ah ha! Was it surprising? 

After the canned food was finished, there were still sandwich biscuits with an orange flavor and a thick layer of sugar in the middle. 

Qiao Qixi saw the stinky dried fish, but to be honest, there was more food in this small cabin than expected.
No matter what, it wouldn’t be the stinky dried fish’s turn to be eaten, so it was better to leave it for last. 

Odis could also accept the taste of sandwich biscuits. 

In fact, polar bears weren’t picky eaters.
In the worst case scenario where there was no food, let alone sweet sandwich biscuits, hungry polar bears would even rummage through human trash cans to find something to eat. 

As long as it was food, it would be fine. 

This was indeed the case. 

Not to mention, the faintly stinky dried fish.
In fact, most polar bears with poor hunting skills often ate rotten meat, even if the rotten meat was unbearably smelly. 

Relatively speaking, Odis was never so embarrassed that he could only eat rotten meat to survive.
He was tall, strong, and a good hunter in the arctic.
He was a little arrogant and liked to be clean.
He was a delicate polar bear that disdained eating rotten meat. 

The stinky dried fish was not that smelly, but the weather was getting hot so it was starting to get cooked.

For the time being, the two polar bears could still find other food in the house, so they put the stinky dried fish in the back of their minds and continued to search for other food. 

Qiao Qixi found a large sausage in the kitchen cabinet which was still packaged and didn’t seem to have expired. 

He happily took one and held the food with his two bear paws.
Then he tilted his head and tore open the wrapping paper with his teeth before taking the first bite. 

It was very good.
There was a lot of meat, much like the big sausages made by the Russians.
There was nothing wrong with it except that it was a little salty, still very delicious. 

Odis also ate the sausages.
His attitude towards food was much more positive than the little bear’s because eating was the first priority. 

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Only a strong body filled with energy could feed the little bear. 

The little bear ate two large sausages as thick as an arm and was satisfied.
However, his throat was a little uncomfortable, so he began to rummage through the house to find a drink to quench his thirst. 

Fortunately, Qiao Qixi found a glass bottle of soda in the cabinet.
He groped around and opened the bottle.
His teeth were natural bottle openers, so it was easy to get the sweet soda in the bottle. 

It seemed to be prepared for children to drink as there was also wine placed together.
It wasn’t surprising that people in cold regions couldn’t be without alcohol. 

Of course, Qiao Qixi wasn’t interested in these alcoholic drinks.
He sat on the floor panting slightly.
His chubby body leaned against the cabinet as he obediently drank the orange-flavored soda. 

The sweep from earlier had tired him out quite a bit. 

Odis ate the rest of the sausages, so Qiao Qixi guessed that he might also be thirsty.
At this time, his eyes swept around and stared at the bottles of soda that Qiao Qixi was holding between his legs. 

Ah, this…

Did Odis want a soda too?

The sausages were indeed salty. 

Qiao Qixi was about to reluctantly give up two bottles of his favorite soda for Odis to taste, but Odis quickly stared at other targets. 

It was also a glass bottle, but it wasn’t soda.
It was Greenland wine. 

Qiao Qixi’s eyes twitched.
Was Odis going to drink it?

Ah, he wanted to stop him.
What if Odis got drunk?

As burglars, Qiao Qixi felt that they should leave quickly, and drinking would only delay things. 

However, he had no effective way to stop Odis.
The other party seemed a little interested in the smell of wine.
After cautiously exploring, he actually drank some. 

Odis actually liked to drink. 

The little polar bear burped as it was holding the orange soda, and then prayed in his heart that the other party wasn’t drunk because they still had to leave later. 

However, he himself was sleepy after eating and drinking, and his eyelids slowly became heavy. 

Oh no, looks like I’ll have to sleep here.

The sleepy little polar bear smacked his lips and used his stubborn willpower to drink the remaining soda in the bottle.
Then he curled up on the floor and fell asleep. 

He didn’t know when Odis returned to his side.
He only vaguely smelled the scent of alcohol, and then a wet tongue licked his mouth, nose, and face.
‘It was like a human who started to act like a hooligan after drinking’, he thought. 

Odis, who was a little hazy, hugged the sleeping little bear and licked the other party’s face lovingly. 

This behemoth who only drank a bottle of wine wasn’t drunk.
He was just a little tipsy and seemed to be in a good mood. 

It seemed that this feeling of drunkenness was not only liked by humans, but even animals couldn’t resist it. 

Qiao Qixi, who was sleepy after drinking soda, had a very comfortable sleep and felt a sense of security. 

Perhaps it was because he hadn’t slept indoors in a long time.
He was shielded from the wind on all sides and wasn’t exposed to the scorching sun. 

There was also a natural pillow beside him that gave him gentle caresses in his sleep.
This was the greatest sense of security. 

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After the dream when he first came ashore more than two months ago, Qiao Qixi, who was sleeping in a house today, had a dream about humans again. 

It was a very ordinary dream.
Qiao Qixi dreamed of his previous school life.
There were familiar faces surrounding him, and the names of his classmates and teachers were still so clear. 

There were also scenes after work.
The boss was very nice and liked to take them to eat delicious food after work. 

It was a warm dream, without the reluctance of parting or regret of no longer keeping in touch.
He felt that his current life wasn’t bad. 

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The open-minded Qiao Qixi remembered a sentence: When things go contrary to one’s wishes, it must be God’s other arrangement. 

So, was Odis the ‘other arrangement’ that God gave him?

Odis had a good night’s sleep.
The effects of the alcohol had allowed him to fall into a deep slumber which would allow his body and spirit to recover well. 

The cabin was very quiet.
As a building far away in the suburbs, there was no electricity here. 

The only thing that could reveal the crimes of the two polar bears was the drone that followed them, but the drone could only capture the scene of them breaking in. 

As for what the two bears did in the house, probably only they themselves knew. 

Maybe 8 hours passed, or maybe 10 hours passed.
Qiao Qixi woke up leisurely in Odis’ arms.
He curled his paws and yawned. 

Looking around, it was a mess. 

It was a bit like the scene after a gathering party that hadn’t had time to clean up.
Aha, that’s right, it was a party of two polar bears. 

Not only was there soda and delicious food, but there was also alcohol. 

Qiao Qixi looked up at the drunk Odis.
The handsome big guy was sleeping soundly, his head leaning against the wall, and the place where they slept looked a bit hidden. 

Even if someone came in, they wouldn’t be seen at first glance. 

It seemed that no matter where he slept, Odis would be cautious and instinctively hide himself. 

The sleep was so good.
Qiao Qixi smacked his lips, raised his paws, and stretched.
Then, he laid in Odis’ arms and continued to laze in bed. 

He didn’t need to go to school, and he didn’t need to go to work.
Why did he wake himself up?

It was a polar bear’s sleeping time and also a human’s shift to work. 

The drone owner sorted out today’s data and suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at what he saw. 

At the same time, there were also some concerns. 

How could Odis and Alexander go inland and break into a human’s cabin?!

Although, he knew that polar bears were very smart, and there must be no one in the cabin, so they went in. 

But it had been so long, and the two big guys still hadn’t come out.
How could he not be worried?

#Today, Odis and Alexander Broke Into A Human Cabin#

As for today’s pictures, the owner didn’t post them.
He was afraid of revealing the whereabouts of the two big guys and causing trouble for them. 

: They have been in there for more than 10 hours and haven’t come out yet.
I’m very worried about them. 

: Broke into a cabin? Oh my god, praying that there is no one inside. 

: Praying that there is no one inside.
This is good for both people and bears. 

: They didn’t come out.
It seems that there is a lot of food in the cabin. 

: Polar bears don’t wake up early without benefits.
They must’ve gone in because there was food in the cabin.
I don’t think we need to be too worried. 

: They must’ve found something good to eat.
After eating until full, they must’ve slept inside, hahahaha. 

: In recent years, more and more polar bears have been discovered entering the range of human territory in search of food.
Sigh, these big guys make people worried. 

: Odis and Alexander shouldn’t be hungry this summer.
Soon, polar night will come, and the weather will cool down. 

: Polar night, come quickly.
Although I don’t like the feeling of waking up in the dark, but for their sake, please come quickly. 

Yes, polar night was coming soon. 

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In another month or so. 

This summer, Odis and Alexander indeed did not go hungry, and they had a smoother life than most polar bears. 

After waking up in the cabin, Odis’ previous tipsiness had vanished, but a lazy atmosphere lingered around him.
His half-closed eyes were full of satisfaction. 

He moved his body, slid to the ground, and changed to a flat position.
Odis held the sleeping little bear while licking his paws. 

The weather had been hot recently, so in the wild, the temperature didn’t drop.
However, at this time, the roof blocked the direct sunlight so it was relatively cool. 

This made Odis’ mood a lot better. 

After a full meal, he ignored the rest of the food in the room, except for the wine in the cabinet that the little polar bear didn’t like to drink. 

After Qiao Qixi woke up, he was still like a little squirrel, stuffing biscuits and snacks into his mouth. 

After all, his idea was to quickly eat the food and leave the crime scene. 

Oh, as long as they weren’t caught, he would pretend that this hadn’t happened. 

In ancient times, there were black and white thieves who flew and walked over walls to rob the rich and give to the poor.
Today, there were white and fat bears who break in to feed themselves.

‘Although the pattern was different, the spirit was the same,’ Qiao Qixi thought shamelessly. 

On the other hand, Odis didn’t seem to want to leave the cabin as soon as possible because the cabin was cool.
It was too hot outside, and he didn’t know where to go next. 


Qiao Qixi took a bite of the biscuit and felt that the road ahead was bleak and there was no future.

Biscuit crumbs fell on his fluffy and chubby belly.
Good heavens, it wouldn’t be easy for him to clean up in this position.

There were also sugar crystals condensed on his fur, which was quite messy. 

Qiao Qixi was thinking about how to clean up when Odis’ head poked over.
The other party’s flexible tongue swept away the biscuit crumbs on his stomach and the sugar on his fur. 

What else could the spoiled little bear say?

He could only lie down and continue to eat. 

It was true that Odis wasn’t coveting the little bear’s food, but he was obviously just a sentimental bear.
After cleaning the little bear’s stomach, he suddenly raised his head and put his mouth next to the little bear’s mouth. 

‘Huh?’ Qiao Qixi thought that Odis wanted to eat the biscuit in his mouth, so he generously gave it to the other party. 

Take it, you’re welcome.

However, Odis was obviously just teasing the little polar bear.
He gently held the biscuit in his mouth and returned it to Qiao Qixi. 

Qiao Qixi: “…” 

Fuck, can you not be like this?

His face would turn red at this rate. 

Sometimes, Qiao Qixi would deliberately ignore the meanings expressed by Odis, such as his current actions that were full of ambiguity.

Ah, I must have misunderstood.

Polar bears didn’t have such improper thoughts.


When I read about the soda and the wine in a bottle drinking, I immediately thought about the coco-cola ad with the polar bears lol! It’s so cute~

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