Yearning of you for a long time Chapter 12 Part 2

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“It was definitely still here in the morning…” her delicate eyebrows twisted and lifted her eyes to pull up Fan Yuzhe, who was dozing off.
“Someone came to my place to take something at noon?”

“?” Fan Yuzhe was so sleepy that he looked like the stupid dog of Shi Luo’s family.
“I don’t know.
What did you do this noon, I was at the internet cafe? Have you lost something? If you can’t find it, just buy it again.
Father Fan will reimburse you!”

Shi Luo grabbed his school uniform and wrapped it around his head.
Completely disdaining : “You’d better go back to sleep.”

Things could not be found.
She was somewhat upset.
Seeing that the teacher was not there, she simply slipped out the back door to the bathroom.

Few people came to the bathroom at this point.
Only the last door of the empty compartment was closed.
When Shi Luo washed her hands and was about to leave, she saw Wen Yu coming out from behind.

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“Why are you always lingering…” Wen Yu muttered.

Shi Luo was in no hurry to go back to class now.
After staring at her for a long time, she suddenly remembered where the mistake on the way back came from.

When she saw Wen Yu turning to go out, she grabbed with her damp hands and raised her eyebrows.
Her expression looked more serious than usual: “Don’t go to the hotel to find Li Xu at night.”

She seems to have stayed with Tang Qishen for a long time, and her tone of speaking also carries his inherent strength.

Wen Yu’s eyes turned round and she was startled.
She looked back quickly to make sure that no one was around, lowered her voice and said, “Who asked you to mention it? You just deliberately want others to hear and misunderstand me!”

“Who wants to misunderstood you.
Do you have a brain, Wen Yu? Are you going to the hotel to make up lessons in the evening? Are you in a hurry to give away your head.
He even let you pay for the room.
It’s very kind of Li Xu…”

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Wen Yu obviously lacks of confidence, and she stammered: “What are you thinking? We are just going to review our lessons seriously!”

“When I say no, I mean no!” She tightened Wen Yu’s wrist and drew people closer to her.
“If you dare to go, I’ll shout now, and I’ll go to the school radio station to get a loudspeaker to make sure everyone knows that you two go to the hotel to make up lessons.”

Wen Yu was almost scared to death by her.
She knew that Shi Luo, who is a good-natured young lady, had nothing to do.
In fact, she also suspected that she had been nervous.
However, the other party was Li Xu.
She fell in love with the senior student just after she transferred to school.
She didn’t want to speculate with this idea anyway.

At the moment, Shi Luo said it.
She was also worried and afraid.
For a moment, her cheeks were red.
Little round eye was still unwilling to be outdone and stared at her: “You can’t say it!”

“Then don’t go?”

Wen Yu couldn’t think of her at all.
She was crying with a sad face: “I won’t go… You can’t say it! If you say it you’ll gain 80 pounds! Your wechat will be blacklisted by Tang Qishen for a hundred times!”

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Shi Luo almost laughed angrily: “Wen Yu, you are too ferocious!”


The textbooks and notes she borrowed from Zhu Wan are still missing.

Shi Luo is inevitably a little worried.

This little ancestor is not lawless and unprincipled.
If that something came from Fan Yuzhe or Xiao Huiliang, if it’s missing just let it be.
They don’t even dare to argue.

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However, Zhu Wan’s foundation is weak.
In the next few days, she has to read the textbook notes and review them carefully.
The little girl is devoted to her studies.
It is said that she is the hope of the whole village.
Now she has lost the lifeline of others’ hope.
Shi Luo feels that she is a sinner and is too anxious.

As soon as she got home in the evening, she jumped up and down and searched the house.
She also asked the servants of the whole Shi family villa to help find it.
Surprisingly, she didn’t even see the shadow of her notebook.

Now she was a little flustered.
As soon as she sat down at her desk, her mind was full of the guilt of “the whole village hopes to blame her if she fails in the test”.

Her hands scratched aimlessly in the drawer.
Her eyes were red with anxiety.
Finally, she pouted and took out her mobile phone.

She found Tang Qishen’s wechat and started typing as her last hope.

“Qishen Gege!! Save me!! Huhuhu!!!”

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