The next day, the military training will begin.
Before the military training, the head teacher held a small meeting for everyone.
He said that there would be an examination immediately after the military training.
Students who did not play well in the high school entrance examination should take advantage of this opportunity.

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It went in one ear and out the other of Shi Luo’s ear.
She felt that she had performed very well in the high school entrance examination and should give this performance opportunity to others.
However, Tang Qishen seemed to disagree and still grabbed her to write the paper.

Wen Yu took the exam as an opportunity to avenge her shame.

During the military training period, the noon break was short.
Most of the students chose to stay in school for dinner and self-study, and few went home.

Shi Luo had been exposed to the sun all morning, and her whole body was wilting.

After school, she simply went to the hotel opened by Tang Qishen’s family near the school and entered the suite that was only open to him all year round to make up for sleep.

When she woke up, she felt much better.
When the elevator went down to the eleventh floor, it stopped.
In came a student sister in military training uniform like her.

Shi Luo lowered her head while playing with her mobile phone.
When she looked up, she felt that the girl’s back was a little familiar.

The moment the elevator door closed, it reflected their appearance.

It’s Wen Yu.

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Wen Yu is from Xicheng, which is a remote place.
But heavens rewarded her with food.
His father Wen was one of the first people in Xicheng who made a lot of money a few years ago.

The Wen family had a hard time in the past.
Her father had not read any books.
He could only be regarded as a real local tyrant.
Fortunately, he had a good business mind.
After having the first pot of gold, he invested in many new real estate projects at that time, and gradually gained a foothold after a few years.

Wen’s father suffered from lack of education.
Even if Xicheng was rich, its education in a short time could not be compared with that in first tier cities.
More than a year ago, for the sake of her daughter’s study and future, her family moved to Hengshi.

Wen’s father really did have the ability.
Even at the foot of the imperial city of Hengshi, which was full of land and money, he also quickly became famous in the new rich circle.

To the extent that even if Wen Yu is a newcomer, there is no lack of many chattering little sisters to cater around her. 

Most of these little sisters are the children of a group of figures in the upper class circle who have broken their heads and are unable to approach Shi Luo.

After a long time, they retreated to the second place.
They stubbornly ignored the fragrance of soil on Wen Yu’s body.
Instead of flattering Shi Luo in the past, they began to stick together and criticize her.

Several little girls gathered together.
Today, they laughed at the ugly chain on Shi Luo’s hands.
The next day, they all imitated her dress.

All of them were tacit, and their accusations were full of jealousy.

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Shi Luo has always been indifferent.
The clothes she wears are not terrible.
Whoever ridicules her is embarrassed.
However, Wen Yu can’t help quarreling with her deliberately.

As long as she is not against Tang Qishen, she has always been full of combat effectiveness.
She has been strong enough to crush Wen Yu. 

Every time they quarrel, she is refreshed.

At the moment, there were only two people in the elevator.
Shi Luo thought of how many games she had had with Wen Yu during the summer vacation.
She chuckled and said, “It’s quite a coincidence.”

“Who happened to be with you?” Naturally, the other party doesn’t think that the game of being blown into a box by her grenades is a kind of friendship.

Shi Luo looked lazily at the brim of her hat.
“Why are you sneaking around when you sleep in the room? Why do you need to borrow a pair of sunglasses?”

She took it for granted that she was like her and was here to take a nap.

It seemed that those words hurt Wen Yu’s feet.
She turned around and immediately told the truth: “Who opened a room to sleep? You think everyone is the same as you.
Li Xu said he would help me with pre exam counseling and let me come here at noon to open a room for review.”

When Shi Luo heard this, she felt that something was wrong: “Li Xu? That sophomore? He didn’t put a big effort for the high school examination himself, but he came to you to mess around?”

It’s no exaggeration to say that Ye Xunxun often recites Wen Yu’s amazing deeds in her ears, including many performances by Li Xu.

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This person’s own performance is really stable, either 10 or 8, with a full score of 150.
Helping people with pre exam counseling is either a mistake or a cover.

Seeing Shi Luo frown, Wen Yu seems to be a little proud: “Of course, you think everyone is as miserable as you.
After several days of military training, I haven’t seen your older brother come to see you? Let alone help you with your homework.
I heard that you asked someone in the class to borrow notes.
It’s really poor.
Li Xu is different.
He’s very fond of me.
He’s always on call.”

Shi Luo recalled with great interest the apartment that Tang Qishen owns where she had just taken a nap in the afternoon.
The child bride’s partner who stared at her writing papers every day.
Well, she was really pitiful.
Tang Qishen was truly so strict.

She couldn’t help laughing: “Oh, I’m so miserable.
What about your Li Xu? Don’t you come out together?”

Speaking of this, Wen Yu’s expression seems to have changed from high spirited to guilty.
However, the two have been fighting for a relatively long time, and neither of them has admitted defeat.
It’s just that they are obviously not confident enough: “He has something to do at noon, so he asked me to take a nap, refresh myself, and come to review for me at night.”

“At night?” Shi Luo raised her eyes and glanced at her.
The mood in her eyes made Wen Yu feel a little flustered.
A moment later, her mouth seemed to have an angry irony, “Wow, especially always on call.”

At this moment, when the elevator reached the first floor, Wen Yu turned back and stared at her.
Shi Luo was not willing to be outdone and gave her a bright smile.

The moment the elevator door opened, Shi Luo’s cell phone rang, and the caller ID happened to be the baby’s kiss object who “ignored her”.

She lifted her eyes to look at Wen Yu who obviously slowed down her steps, and then deliberately clicked speaker mode.

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Shi Luo’s voice was a little excited: “Qishen-gege…”

Wen Yu’s ears pricked up and she stopped.

The man on the other end of the phone was clear and cold, but somehow he heard something close: “Hmm, you didn’t go home at noon? The paper you left at my home yesterday was put in your study for you.”

Wen Yu: “……?!” How irritating!

The author has something to say: 

Now I declare that Shi Luo is in my hands.
One less comment, and she will be punished for writing a paper!!

Luo Luo: “Huhu, please help me! Comment quickly!! I don’t want to write papers!!!”

Summer Cherry Blossom:

I have decided to keep “-gege” (older brother) as it is when Shi Luo and others are saying it especially in a case like this when she is purposely saying it coquettishly.
I feel like translating it as Older Brother Qishen won’t have the same nuance.
The cases of it in the past chapters will be edited once I do a whole editing.
Additionally, starting from chapter 11 the chapters won’t have titles anymore because as the story progresses the chapter titles will become more and more spoiler-ish.

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