Chapter 10 Part 1 – Brotherly Affection

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Yearning of you for a long time Chapter 10 – Brotherly Affection 

By the time the opening ceremony was over, it was past school hours.
After the students applauded they were free to leave without queuing up or going back to class.

Tang Qishen could have left directly from the backstage staff channel, but considering that Shi Luo was not familiar with the surrounding environment when she just came to No.
3 senior high school, with her heartless and highly dependent personality, 80% sure she could not even find the way from the auditorium to the teaching building.
So he simply walked directly from the backstage to the seat area of the first year of senior high school and planned to take her out for lunch.

But he underestimated the little chicks who were reincarnated by starving ghosts.
When they heard that they could dissolve freely, several passages were immediately blocked.

By the time he walked from the stage to the exit, Shi Luo had completely disappeared from under his nose.

However, according to Shi Luo’s princess temperament, who would rather be starved to death than be squeezed into deformation and ugliness by the crowd, Tang Qishen estimated that she was probably still stuck not far from her seat, so he simply stood in the dark at the exit and waited silently for her to come out.

It is reasonable to say that it is normal for students to wear school uniforms in the school, but the freshmen in the first year of senior high school have no time to receive the new high school uniform before they participated in the opening ceremony.
Shi Luo’s black dress and white school uniform coat is mixed in the colorful uniforms, which makes her feel a little out of place.

What’s more, what she wore was a light dress.
Tang Qishen’s coat was wide and long, and the length of the hem almost dropped to her knees. 

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Shi Luo, even if she was 163cm, was wrapped in it like a little girl.
This outfit also seems inexplicable and abrupt among the students in senior two and senior three wearing school uniforms.

The students in the audience withdrew one by one, and several streams of people converged.
Each student passing by her couldn’t help glancing at her.

Several senior two boys happened to meet her head-on.
First, they habitually looked at the beautiful and straight long legs, then their eyes moved up, and finally fixed on Shi Luo’s small, delicate and proud face.

One of them could not help smacking his lips and whispered in a low voice: “See, I just walked over there.
Her appearance is so good.
She has more temperament than the next class’ school flower and has a good figure.
She looks like a fairy.
The quality of little sisters in senior one is too high this year.”

“Which one? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? If there is a  beautiful girl, say it in advance.
Do you understand…”

“We rushed so fast that we left people behind.”

“For real?? let’s walk around brothers.
Let’s pretend to go back and look for something again!”

Several boys in small groups pretended to go back against the crowd.
Tang Qishen happened to be nearby when they spoke.
It was difficult to hear them, but he never had much curiosity.
Especially for such topics, it was his habitual principle not to participate, not to discuss and not to cooperate.

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The boys walked quickly and strolled behind them.
When they came back, they passed by Tang Qishen again.
But this time the interest is obviously not as high as it was just now.

“It’s good-looking but you didn’t look at what she wore.
There are two bars on the arms.
The collar is also black.
That’s the school uniform of senior two boys that is exactly the same as ours.”

“She already has a boyfriend.”

Tang Qishen finally raised his head for the first time.
When he heard the sentence “senior two boys’ school uniform”, he subconsciously walked through the vast crowd and saw the object of several boys’ discussion just now.

At the end of the stream of people, Shi Luo was lowering her head and concentrating on rolling up his overly long sleeves.
After waiting for a long time the impatience between his eyebrows softened.

The boys were still stuck at the door and couldn’t get out.
They kept talking.

“It’s a quick start.
It’s only the first day of school.”

“I don’t know who is cheaper.”

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“What’s wrong with having a boyfriend? Let’s put brother Xu’s face out.
Is there less prying in the corner?” One of the boys, whose face was covered with pimples, smiled triumphantly, and then patted the thin boy that looks like a little ruffian beside him, “Hey, brother Xu, do you want to talk about it?”

The little flat head who just said it was a pity at the top of the side was the most observant.
He turned his head and looked at the man called “brother Xu”.
Seeing that the smile on his face seemed to be a bit powerful, he quickly agreed: “Yes, the little girl in year one of senior high school was fooled because she hadn’t seen anything in the world yet.
Some boy estimated that she was also a crooked melon.
How could he compare with the appearance of brother Xu? Edison Chen of No.
3 high school is not bragging!”

“Besides, it must not be a boyfriend.
Maybe it’s a brother.
There’s nothing wrong with borrowing a school uniform between brother and sister.
Maybe her brother wants to borrow this beautiful sister to get closer to brother Xu and ask brother Xu to cover him in No.
3 senior high school.”

Hearing this, Tang Qishen’s eyes darkened, especially when the sentence “brother and sister” came out, he clenched his palms for a few minutes, pressed his face, and his expression was not very good-looking.

A few moments later, several boys swarmed out.
Tang Qishen gathered his expression and was about to come forward to bring the people out.
A girl with ponytails sprang out of nowhere and grabbed Shi Luo’s shoulder.

When he took a closer look, he had met this girl several times.
She was the deskmate and best friend of Shi Luo in junior high school for three years.
She is also the unlucky person she often talks about as an escape goat.

Seeing that the two were having a good talk, Tang Qishen was not interested in interrupting.
He slightly pursed his lips and put one hand in his trouser pocket to go out directly from the exit.
Apart from emitting a faint chill, one could not see much emotion.

Outside the auditorium, Du Ang and Lu Chengxiao happened to be bored to death waiting at the exit.

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There was a bad smile on both faces.
When the latter saw him coming out, he couldn’t help but smile: “What? Didn’t get the person?”

Tang Qishen casually said nothing more, but he acquiesced this statement.

Lu Chengxiao’s peach blossom eyes soared, and his temperament seemed a little lazy: “Okay, there are people that even our Qi Shen older brother can’t get.”

Lu Chengxiao learned from Shi Luo’s usual tone of calling Tang Qishen.

Tang Qishen deflected his head, put the tip of his tongue on the inside of his cheek, and said, “Go away.”

Du Ang is more noisy.
He is not as calm as Tang Qishen and Lu Chengxiao.
The three grew up together.
What he said is hundreds of times more than the other two: “Seeing that his child bride doesn’t want to eat with him.
Let’s do it instead.
Chengxiao, he is clearly wronged.
Do you think it’s a good idea to be charitable and have a noisy lunch with brother Shen?”

The three men walked slowly towards the school gate.

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