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Over the past few weeks, Nattie had watched Maddie and Cass get closer and closer. Not that she was against Cass making new friends, but she felt neglected, she missed her friend but she couldn say anything. Nattie had always been one to keep things to herself, she felt she didn have to be that way with Cass since they were best friends, but with Cassies recent behavior she started to withdraw once again.

Last night shehe waited over an hour for Cass, and when she didn show, Natalia started to think that she had ditched her to be with Maddie. After sending multiple texts and leaving about a dozen missed calls she gave up. She would admit she had a great time with David and got to know him more, but that changed nothing, she was still hurt. David was sweet, he walked her home when they were done with a warm smile on his face, it was windy when they left so he offered her his hoodie, which she took with some hesitation. She felt it was too cliche. Which made her laugh.

David was on cloud 9, he had never felt as happy as he felt when he got home. This was he first time he was actually glad that Dante left, he would remember that night forever. He got to know so much about Nattie, she got excited and talked enthusiastically when he mentioned dogs and the breeds he liked, Nattie loved dogs. When he got home he found Dante passed out on the bed with his shoes and hat still on, he stared at him for a while and then looked over to the top of the wooden shelf by the side that was about half his height. He noticed some white residue on it and figured Dante was doing cocaine again, he wondered what was causing Dantes downward spiral this time.

Dante wasn an addict yet, he could stop whenever he wanted and he would survive, but something had been making him turn back to drugs. Of recent Dante had started to have doubts about his sexuality, yes he was the big bad man but then he discovered he had a soft spot for the male gender and in turn felt nothing really for the opposite sex. This had come to his attention more seriously a few months earlier, he was in a relationship with a girl he met at school, Ruby, she was just like him, a wild card. Ruby was hot!!! And she definitely looked way older than she was, with fully formed boobs and hips that could swing for hours. She was at the top of every dudes list for all the wrong reasons.

When Dante discovered this he sought to get and have Ruby for himself, and with time he achieved his goal. After some persuasions Ruby agreed to be his girlfriend, they would meet up and have make out session. They kissed a lot, and I mean a whole lot!!! They rarely talked like two people in love would, the relationship wasn great but it worked. With time Dante started to notice that he didn derive pleasure form making out with her anymore, he started to feel like it was a task he had to no daily with no emotions attached.

He and Ruby met up to go bowling one Friday night, and it rained on thier way back. It was raining cats and dogs that evening so they decided to wait for the rain to stop so Ruby wouldn catch a cold. They booked a room at a close by motel and went in, they had ran through the rain so they were a tad bit damp. Ruby proceeded to take of her top in an effort to dry it off. In the heat of the moment she went over to Dante and thought she should thank him, properly, in her own crazy way. He was on his phone, ”You need to get off you phone for a while babe ” She said ever so seductively. Dante was confused but curious, he wanted to know just how crazy she could get. She walked over to where he sat on the bed and mounted him, resting her butt on his crotch. She put her hands around his shoulder and looked deep into his eyes, then softly took his lips into hers. He seemed uninterested at first but later started to kiss her back, violently, she didn object, she had been with much rougher guys in the past.

Dante started to caress her back as the kiss got even more heated, there was no need for words, their bodies did the taking. He slowly unhooked her bra and took her boobs in his hands fondling the tips. This went on for a few minutes but Ruby wanted more, the rain seem to make the mood much more cozy, it made a perfect contrast. The cold wind coming from outside against the heat their bodies had started to produce. She started to undo his belt buckle and he took the hint, she got up, taking a break from the heated kiss as they both got fully undressed and slipped under the covers. She was beneath him and she felt him tense up while she caressed his shoulder, he picked up a condom from the stand beside the bed and put it on quickly. She stifled a moan as she felt him go inside her.

Their bodies moved in unison as though their bodies and minds were in sync, but something seemed off for Dante. He wasn happy, he wanted to stop, which he did after a while. He was stunned, he was in shock, ”what the ** is wrong with me! ” He cursed while in the shower. He couldn wrap his head around the fact that he was with the hottest girl in school and was uninterested. This was starting to bother him more and more. A few days after that he noticed he started to distance himself from Ruby, and he eventually ended up breaking up with her, on the grounds that the relationship was going where he imagined. ”What the hell does that even mean ” Ruby asked, confused as hell. She knew that wasn the reason and she was ready to start digging. Thinking he broke up with her because of someone else.

Nattie was buried nose deep in books when she heard a light knock on her door. ”Im not hungry mom, leave me alone ” she called out, thinking it was her mom trying to get her to eat again. After last night, she hadn really had anything to eat, and if she was being honest, she really didn feel like it. She felt a lump in her throat and she felt like she was going to cry because all she thought about was Cass, thats why she distracted herself from it all with books.

”I was pretty sure you would be down for some pepperoni pizza and some drinks ” Cassie said as she walked in. She felt really bad about last night and came over to apologise, ”you
e trying to bribe me, because you know thats my favorite ” Nattie said trying to keep calm. Cass walked over and sat on the bean bag by the side, setting the stuff she had on the ground. ”Nattie Im really sorry about last night, I messed up big time, but I didn mean to. ” Nattie closed the book in her hand and looked up ready to listen to the apology, ” if Im being honest, I had a date with Brian yesterday, he asked me after I had already made plans with you guys, and out of excitement I blurted out a yes before I knew what was happening. ” Cass felt comfortable telling Natalia things because she had never been judged by Nattie and she loved her for it.

”You had a date with Brian and you thought it was cool for you not to tell me, Im your best friend Cass, if you don talk to me about stuff like this who you gonna tell? ” Nattie said with a worried look on her face. She was relieved at least that she wasn with Maddie all night, all hope wasn lost. ”I know, and Im not gonna make any excuses, you are my best friend and I was wrong to keep you in the dark. I promise never to do that again ” Cass put her right hand in the air like she was being sworn in. Natalia gave Cass a long hard look that made Cassie feel like she was being out on trial, but eventually she smiled and said ”I can stay mad at you, I love you too much to do that. ” Cass was relieved, she couldn bear to loose her best friend, not now not ever. ”So tell me how did it go, did you watch your back in case Kate was coming at you with a gun? ” Nattie laughed picking up a slice of pizza. This was one of those times Cass actually loved her life, this was her safe place.

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