YEAR 18!


It is now 2weeks after the incident at the cafeteria and Maddie had fully settled in. She was hard to read. The mysterious kind that made you think, but she was also really nice, well to the people she wanted to be nice to. Maddie had a reasons why she was the way she was. Her parents having gone through a nasty divorce and a battle for custody when she was 8, unintentionally neglected her feelings or thoughts while she grew up. They were rich, both her parents, but she knew money couldn fill the hole in her heart. She longed for attention, and when she couldn have that she started to transition into her phase of life where she only wanted to be alone, in her own space.

She moved around a lot mainly because of her moms job. Once in a while she would spend weekends with her dad, and on some special occasions at least a week. She loved the times she spent with her Dad. He moved on and settled down with a new woman who was really nice. ”She always has the scent of baby powder ” Maddie wondered sometimes which made her chuckle. But when it came to her mom it was a whole different story. Her mom was different, if you could use that word, every new job location meant a new man was coming into her moms life and it made Maddie sick. Not that she didn want her mom to find love, but she felt her mom was looking in all the wrong places.

It was a nice morning. Maddie felt happier than usual, she Didn honestly know why. She had a skip in her step and her mom noticed it. ”What has got you so Happy this morning? ” Her mom asked as she watched her come down the stairs for breakfast humming to ”hakuna matata ”. She liked talking with her mom in the morning, that was when she knew she could speak with her peacefully be for she pours all her attention into work. ”Idk mom, I just feel good this morning, whats for breakfast? ” She sat down and stared at her dog for a while, he looked uninterested as always.

”Hows Cass? ” Her mom asked. Maddie nearly choked on the pretzel. She couldn tell why the thought of Cassie made her so excited. Over the past weeks they had spent lots of time together, they even went bowling once, although she was terrible at bowling. ”Shes cool mom, I really like her. She is one of the people I can actually talk to in that wormhole of a school ” Maddie said smiling. ”I have to go now ”

Brian Jacobs, Everyones favourite hottie, but someone had a sore eye for him and she was Katherine McKay. Kate was not always a bad person, infact she wasn a bad person, just that she was hurt and she didn like losing. What did she loose you might ask? Well, Kate started attending Crimson High at a very young age, and so did Brian so basically she had been with him for years on end. By 6th grade they had started dating. He didn love her, but he didn hate her either. Their relationship was purely based on availability.

He eventually ended things her, and after that he couldn even muster the courage to talk to her. He had lost his long time friend. It wasn until later he took note of Cass during biology class when they were paired for a project. He loved the vibe Cassie gave off, she was smart and knew how to act in public. She was reserved in her own way and that made him curious. They became friends ever since and he hasn regretted a single moment of it. He caught himself staring at and thinking of her recently and it made him sad in some way.

He felt like she was the one for him. He had never felt the way he did when she was around with anyone else. His friends often teased him about not asking her out, but deep down he knew the reason why he hadn done that yet. He didn want the same thing that happened with Kate to reoccur. So he kept stalling, he could savour the moments they had, those were enough for him at that time, but he definitely longed for more.

Kate on the other hand didn take the break up lightly. She cried for days and even stopped eating. She felt like her world had crumbled, and a few months later she saw Brian spending time with Cass. She felt her stomach churn Everytime she saw them together. She hated Cass for it but deep down she knew Cass wasn the reason, it just felt better knowing she had someone to blame. Cass on the other hand was oblivious to all this until Natalia brought her attention to it all. She was stunned, but she found it funny, ”how can someone I know nothing about hate me for something I didn do? ” She asked Nattie and she shrugged.

About a year later Cass found her self falling for Brian, she couldn help it. He was different from all other friends she had in the past, except Natalia of course, he was kind and all she wanted in a man, plus he had the looks. Brian was an amazing student, he was definitely smarter than Cass, but he didn make her feel bad about it. He often tutored her when time for exams were close and she always found it helpful. It was difficult for them to concentrate as they often slipped off track while studying and started talking about other things, but they always found their way back and worked it out in the end. Its was their thing and it was beautiful. They were always there for each other, hence the situationship problem. They weren a thing but they felt every bit of affection towards each other and they both found themselves jealous on some occasions.

The biology teacher walked in whistling as usual and gave the class a warm smile. He told them to break up into pairs of two and prepare for a presentation. ”De ja vu ” Brian thought while he looked over at Cass who smiled back at him. She was truly beautiful, her long blonde hair, wonderful blue siren eyes that reminded him of the sea. She usually put on little or no make up but she looked amazing to him every single time of the day.

”What do you think we should pick as a topic? ” Cass asked. She was nervous because she knew this was biology, she didn want to end up taking about something like reproduction, that would make her really uncomfortable. Brian sensed this and picked something on flowers and plants. This is why Cass loved him he always put her needs first and it made her happy every single time he did. He often reassured her when he noticed she was getting anxious because if her insecurities. Cassie had acne and she hated it everyday, there were the good days when her skin actually looked good but the other days it was just annoying to see the spots. She would look around at all the people calling her beautiful and wonder if they really meant it, but when she when she talked about it with Brian and he told her that she was beautiful, that the spots weren flaws and that they didn make her any less of a person, she felt a different kind of warmth and acceptance in her heart. She laughed hard at herself for being so silly about a boy sometimes.

During the presentation Brian made sure that Cass was comfortable and confident. After class she gave him a big hug and thanked him for everything, If anything they got a good grade, and that was great. He was happy that she was happy. ”This can go on for much longer, I have to ask her ” Brian thought while he held her tighter in his embrace. Brian had resolved to get over his reservation and just ask Cass out ”its better late than never ”, meanwhile someone else had made up her mind about something else.

Kate had been watching Cass and Brian,with blazing red eyes and a death stare, since the presentation, and she felt her heart sink as she saw the way he hugged Cass. She felt like she could pull her hair out and just scream, but she kept it cool. Her heart started to race as she had flashbacks of all the lovely moments they spent together, she couldn bear the sight of Brian and Cass together, it just didn sit right with her. ”Thats it, I can take this anymore ” she mumbled under her breath. She was going to make Cass pay, Even if it was the last thing she did before graduating and she was sure of that.

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