YEAR 18!


classes. Cassie always wondered why she had to learn about old dudes all the time. She usually passed time making sketches in her books during the class. She got caught one day and the whole class laughed at her for it. But today was going to be different. She sat down and looked around at the familiar yet unfamiliar faces in her class. ”Wow! Ive had history with all these people yet I don really know any of them ” That wasn nice she thought, but she didn feel up to it anyways.

The door suddenly flung open and an unfamiliar sight met her gaze. Her curious eyes scanned the girl from head to toe. She was pretty. Really pretty, like effortlessly pretty. And she had good taste in clothes. The newbie walked in after taking a good look at everyone in the class and took the empty seat beside Cass. Mr. Fredrick walked in a few moments later, before he started the class he called out ”everyone pay attention, we have someone new with us here today ” he looks over at the new girl and says with his weird smile ” would you like to come up here and say hi to the class ”

She seemed genuinely uninterested, but she got up regardless and walked to the front of the class looked around and said ”Hi, Im Maddie ”, some douchebag named Nate whistled at the back of the class and everyone chucked, well except Cass and Maddie took note of that. She glared at Nate and that shut him up for the rest of the class. Nate was one of those guys…. The ones who thought they were cool but they were definitely try too hard with no results.

Maddie walked back and took her seat, then she turned around and said to Cass ”you seem like a nice person, whats your name? ”. Cass was stunned for a minute, she snapped out of it and finally said ”Uhmm Im Cassie ”. ”Ouuu sassy Cassie ” Maddie said with a smile and turned to face the projector at the front of the class. Cassie couldn place a finger on it but something felt different in her. She was curious, intrigued even. What was it about Maddie that made her feel this way.

Soon it was time for lunch and they all left to the cafeteria, Cass had met up with Natalia after history. But she didn tell her about Maddie and what happened in class, and she definitely felt guilty about it. They went to get their food and moved to their favourite spot in the cafeteria. All of a sudden Kate came up to her and said with a sly smile ”thats a pretty top you have on Cass ” and then gave her a soft hug. Cass was confused, she had never known Kate to be nice to her, so what changed.

She decided to ignore it, but she could hear people snickering behind her as they passed by. Cass and Nattie looked around confused, what was so funny, they both thought. Maddie walked in and Cassies eyes lit up, she brought up her hands and waved shyly to her. Maddie responded with a soft smile, and Cass could feel her stomach flutter in excitement. But something changed after Maddie got her food from the line the smile faded. She looked around and found Kate with a sly smile. She walked up to her and poured her portion of soda over her which left light red marks on her white shirt.

”What the hell!!! ” Kate screamed, fuming, she looked like she was about to explode. ”That would teach you not to play silly pranks on people ” Maddie said and casually walked over to Cass and pulled of the note stuck to her back and crumpled it up. Cass took the note and opened it up, it read ” No.1 LOSER ”. Cass could feel tears well up in her eyes But it was at least comforting to know that Maddie stood up for her. Maddie turned to Nattie, smiled stretching forth her hand ”Hey, Im Maddie, Cassies friend ”

Uh Oh! Cass knew Natalia didn like surprises. They hadn kept anything from each other since 6th Grade. She looked over at her. Trying to read the look on her face all to no avail. But Nattie had always been a nice person, she faked a smile to cover up and said ”Im Natalia, nice to meet you. Are you new here? ” Luckily everything else was cool after that. But Cass knew this year was going to be more eventful than she thought.

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