World of dreams VR

Boutta head out

Immediately the eyes of the boss light up and he starts walking toward the trio ”Scarlet start attacking already try to evade his attacks, carl shoulder and stick to it I will try to get its attention ”

Saying that he launches a [Mana bullet] into the face of the wolf dealing zero damage but getting its attention Ok I know im more of a support then dps mage but zero damage?! Running to the right just as Scarlet starts barraging the boss with fire arrows

”Master hes focused on me again ” dealing 1350 damage in 3 shots taking more then a fourth of the bosses hp Scarlet gets the full aggro of the boss

Now recognizing them as a threat the boss charges at her getting hit by Taidas [Minor slow debuff] still arriving by scarlet who just launched a [Flame spear] into the boss front leg making him stumble and claw at her while sliding past reducing her health to 195 getting reduced to 3080 hp in the process

”SHIT ” Taida exclaims casting 5 [Minor bound heal] emptying his mana almost entirely but bringing Scarlet back to 420 hp

Scarlet still casting [Fire arrow] every time its off cool down reducing the bosses health by 450 hp each time dealing 1800 damage while the boss is getting up

Being under one forth of his hp the boss goes into rage mode getting hit by a [Fire ball] in the snout and a [Fire arrow] in the same leg as the [Flame spear] he is stunned for a second wich is enought for scarlet to finish him off

[Silver stream killed 150 exp rewarded 5 gold coins got

First ever dungeon cleared in the entire server region distributing class fitting reward…

Reward found: The dungeon conquers cloak of summoning:

All spells affecting bond with beast type summons 100% more effective.

Gains sigil of each dungeon cleared and with it new effects.

(Sigils: Sigil of the grey wolfs den)

Title gained:

Dungeon explorer:

Exp granted for finding new dungeons

Level up

Commencing server wide announcement

Player Taida has cleared the first dungeon +1 Point of legend]

”God Im beat lets get back to town and rest for a few hours ” As Taida says that they
e teleported out of the dungeon back into the forest


An hour of walking with avoiding wolfes due to exhaustion later


After being led through the gate wich is barely used at this point due to almost everybody going out earlier and only the late joiners going out now they got through the gate in a minute they walked to the tailor to get the quest rewards

(The wolves/rabbits gave cash too but i forgot to remember adding it and scince I dont wanna go back imma just say sorry rn)

After talking to tailor ben and getting the 20 coppers they left for the vendors on the town square, buying a few meat skewers they sat down at the fountain eating and resting getting up after they
e done and strolling through the streets finally sitting down after they found a few trees on a hill still in the save zone

”I will leave now to eat and rest a bit. Scince we dont know what will happen to you, if you stay watch people and their behaviour to others for more knowledge, Ok? ” Taida says as he opens the menu ready to Log out

”Ok, Master. See you ” Scarlet answers with a downcast face

”See you I guess, and watch out for carl please ” Saying that he Logs out and wakes up in the tech room again setting down the helmet at the table he stands up, grabbing the packaging bringing it into the kitchen trowing it into the trash

Grabbing some eggs, cheese and a few vegetables from the fridge he makes a sandwich sitting down on his couch he turns on the tv watching a news while eating to know whats going on on the outside as he rarely left if not needed to

”…yes you heard right a few people leaving the World of dreams MMORPG have brought there equipment and strength with them! Even tho its just a few percent of the player base when you think how many people are currently playing or have bought a helmet and already played the numbers still range in the thousands ” The reporter, a white man in his early forties with a black suit said ”The official statement of the founder and lead programmer of World of dreams, Michal Clarkson has said the following ”

”A few months ago we picked up a weird signal from seemingly no where, not even the military could track it ” Clarkson started saying somthing somewhat confusing ”It had the plans for a helmet made to connect this world with something else, some parallel world you could say ”

”The alpha test of the programm was made in secret, finding out more about the realm, only high ranking military, officials and company related people knew of this at that point, we found an ancient text over there talking about how in the old times a calamity like none other occured and another world crashed into theirs. That was how the humans first arrived in that world, quickly dominating other species with their adaptability and building kingdoms and empires, and at the end was how it all started: The humans received a signal, seemingly out of nowhere with an explanation how to build a helmet. I dont think I need to explain further, at that point we decided that we should make it open for everybody and prepare all people for when the calamity strikes and the worlds fuse, a choice those before didnt take leading to a large number of casualties in the early months. ”

Taking a pause to think he countinues ”Those helmets open a controlled gate for persons sometimes bringing back their powers, gear or even summons back with them wich led to quite some problems in the test as a some summons need specific care. If thats the case for you some centers open tomorrow for helping people with that. I will leave the explaination at that for now because the state asked me to not tell you more for now. Good bye. ” The last thing you see is him heading into a building behind the stage before it switches back

”Shocking news we just receiv- ” Cutting the reporter off there as he pressed the remotes power button to turn off the TV Jack takes a deep breath before just exhaling loudly and saying

”What the actual ** ” Leaning his head back he countinues ”How am I supposed to lead chilled life if a hot as ** imp is tempting me from some point on? I will never be able to be calm at that point. Shit… Should probably tell her tho shouldn I? ” Deciding to do so he finishes eating, gets back into his tech room, sits on the chair and once again mutters with less excitement this time

Enter Dreamscape

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