“Seir? What are you doing in a place like this? You don’t have any reason to use this passage in the morning.”

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“Ah, head of the maid! My shoelaces suddenly fell off, and I had to change into a new one…”


“What’s that next to you?”


“This is Lady Vanora’s breakfast.”


Was he really suspicious of his wife’s affair and lost his mind?


Or was he already committing an affair like the words from servants?


For whatever reason, it didn’t change the fact that the Count had brought his greedy lover into the mansion while his first wife was pregnant.
With tears in her eyes, Vanora’s mother said that she couldn’t live under the same roof as his lover.
She asked him to send his lover to a villa, but even that was completely ignored.
At this, she trembled and became angry.


“Lady Vanora’s breakfast? It’s quite late.
All the food will get cold.”


“Yes, yes.
I’ll hurry up.”


“Wait, make sure to tie the shoelaces tightly.
If you fall while walking, it will cause a lot of trouble.”


However, it would have been better to release the anger to the person who made it.
But Bael Celcius had higher power than her family.
If she messes with her husband’s new lover, she might be kicked out.
No one knows how the former Countess felt, but unfortunately, the arrow of her anger went to her daughter, Vanora.


“Lady still eats in her own room, not with other family members?”


Thanks to that, I have to cross the wide main hall and climb the stairs…”


How can a servant bring a grudge against their master?”


“Yes? That… I was lucky to say it to the head of the maid…”


“I said that because I was worried about the Lady.”


Seir, who became a maid at a young age, watched Vanora carefully, who is younger than her.
She witnessed how the Madam, in anger, treated her child in a place where no one saw them.
If only Vanora was born without black hair and black eyes, she wouldn’t be this way.
She grabbed the young Vanora like a mouse, saying that it was all her fault that the Count turned away from her, that she had a miscarriage, and that the lover came in.  


“Be careful in the future.”


“Yes, Ma’am…”


“It looks like all the shoelaces are tied, so let’s go.”


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Seir is sometimes curious about it.
At that time, the Madam maintained her elegant appearance at the dinner table with her husband and his husband’s lover.
However, when no one saw her, her personality immediately changed, like flipping your palm.
Why did she pretend to be so noble in front of others and vent her anger on her daughter out of anyone’s sight?


“Ah, that foxy bitch.
Even though she’s only the head of the maid, she’s always picking up faults.”


Was it the last pride of her as a noble? It seemed to be like that.
The Count thought that Vanora was another man’s child and left her unattended.
Vanora’s real mother treated her like a dog.
What did Seir, who had been watching it next to her, think?


‘This problem is because Vanora is being neglected.
I don’t have a chance to go up higher! It’s really annoying.
I would feel better if I threw this tray to that woman.’


Ah, it’s okay for me to handle her however I want!


No one will be angry even if I do whatever I want.


And one day, Seir began to abuse Vanora, who had messed up her toys like any other child.


‘If I think about it, it’s too much hassle to carry her meals.
That woman doesn’t have anything better than me other than her bloodline, but I carry her meal to the second floor…’


Seir has been dissatisfied with her status since before.
She judged herself to be more intelligent and beautiful than a noble lady.
And now that she accidentally found a prey that could turn her inferiority into a sense of superiority, how would she stop doing this fun thing?


‘Finally, I arrived at the entrance of the hall.’


Seir stood in the large hall of the mansion with a silver tray.
Her arms already became hurt because of her wasted movement to get new shoes.
As she caught her breath for a while before stepping up the stairs, she thought something.


‘I’m going to educate Vanora well today.
I’m sure Madam also entrusted that kind of role to me.’




Soon, Seir walked across the open main hall.
She always have the same routine.
If you step on the carpet and go straight, you will find a large main staircase leading to the second floor.


“Are we expecting another guest for today? It’s quiet.”


Seir muttered to herself as she walked about a third of the hall.
Normally, she would have seen one or two servants carrying luggage around the main hall at this time of day.
But there was only silence.
Seir continued to walk, looking around the artwork hanging on the wall.
It seemed that the artworks she saw every day were more important than her master meal that had already turned cold.


‘I wanted to be painted with such a wonderful portrait someday.’


And around the center of the hall.
Seir was drawn to the beautiful paintings of Sepia light among the artworks decorating the wall.
She probably wouldn’t have raised her head if she hadn’t heard this sound from above.




Suddenly there was a loud sound.
There was also a rattling noise following it.
The sound was clearly ringing from above her.
Seir raised her eyes half a beat late.

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What soon filled Seir’s vision was a group of dazzling crystal lights.
It was the chandelier.




A hundred kilograms of objects hanging from the high ceiling fell upon her.


* * *


1:12 PM


“The chandelier is falling! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”


“Fortunately, there was no fire…”


“Call Sir Ronwe! Hurry!”


The mansion was engulfed in unfortunate events.
One of the servants of the mansion died in the accident.


Today, they were waiting for the repairman to replace the chandelier with a new one, so they asked the repairman, who arrived shortly afterward about the cause of the accident.


Look here, the joint that connects the pulley is broken.”


“Why did it suddenly break?”


“The fact that iron has been shattered to this extent means that it has been rusted before, or a crack…”


“It’s absurd that it’s rusted! It is a chandelier that has been dearly maintained since my grandfather’s generation.
Besides, it is made from gold.
I light the chandelier every day and never see anything like that!”


“Ah, no, that… There’s always a possibility, and I’m not quite sure.
It’s not something that falls off easily.”


And after a long war of words, the conclusion at the mansion was like this.


Something that has never happened before is causing trouble…”


This is simply the fall of an old chandelier.
Everyone quickly became convinced that it was an unfortunate accident that the maid passing under it was crushed.
If a high-position person had lost their life from that accident, the chaos might have lasted longer.
However, Seir is only a lower class who has no relatives.
There was a lot of manpower to replace her.


“The maid is dead?”

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The Count didn’t care much about that, only preparing her funeral with a few pennies.
Eventually, Seir was buried in the small cemetery on the outskirts of the village.
Now she will take a long journey with the tears of several of her friends who worked with her in the mansion.




Vanora learned the news very late through the head of the maid who brought her dinner.
She stayed in her room all day and didn’t light even a single candle.
To others, this could only be seen as the behavior of a child who was heartbroken at the loss of her exclusive maid.


* * *


A day has passed since Seir’s death.
Without going back to the past or the world collapsed, the morning sun came up safely.




I woke up like that and thought while lying on the bed.


‘It’s frustrating because there are a lot of ears around me.’


I was now engulfed in the aftereffect of the revenge I had brought with my own hands.


Who said that revenge is only a meaningless act?


I decided not to believe those words anymore.
Because I became happy thanks to this revenge.
In addition, I also realized the power of the holy relic, Io, which made my revenge possible from this opportunity.


‘I want to get up right away and clap my hands to say that she died well!’


I recalled the sight I had seen yesterday from the mansion’s second floor.
Anyway, reflecting on the scene of the crime in my head, I didn’t leave any evidence to them.


First of all, it was true that the chandelier was quite old.
It was also true that there was no passerby at that time because all the servants in the main hall gathered at the dining room to greet the nobles who were scheduled to come for lunch.


I, who had been contemplating how to deal with Seir since I had Io, didn’t miss this opportunity.
I came up with the idea of avoiding the crime by dropping the chandelier with the power of the holy relic.
Seir’s work route was the same every day.
So I waited that day for Seir to pass under the chandelier and then threw a piece of iron in my hand to break the pulley.
The piece of metal iron that I had saved was the result of taking one of the candlesticks from the mansion and crumpling it.
The iron in the candlestick was similar in appearance to the iron that made up the chandelier, so it naturally melted between the shattered chandelier fragments.


When I succeeded in dropping the chandelier, the sound of Seir, crushed by it was so small.
Compared to the daily work of her treating me like a bug, she was like an ant.




I recalled my favorite scene from my second revenge.




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I struggled to hold back my laughter at that time.
Fortunately, I ran straight to my room without making a sound.
No one witnessed this.


‘It’s been a few years since I slept so sweetly without dreams.’


As expected, no one suspected me.  Besides, if there were any witnesses, how could a 30-kilogram girl drop a chandelier that was in good condition? Everyone would deny that suspicion if they saw my bony forearms.




But the next day.


I also paid for that cost.
It was the side effect of using holy relics.
Thanks to that, I became a patient again.
It was already the third time since I returned that I experienced incomparable pain.
I have to endure this pain because it let me carry out the destruction of the pulley, which would have been impossible.
Soon after, I felt pain as if my muscles were being torn apart.




I groaned and struggled on my own.
In particular, since I threw the piece of iron yesterday, there was no strength left in my left arm, so I couldn’t even hold my fist.


“Uuggh… Uuurrrghh…”


Once again, I could understand why the King didn’t use this powerful relic by himself.
I only used it for a few seconds, but at this point, I was already afraid of what the cost would be if I used it in minutes.


“Lady Vanora, it’s me.
Can I come in now?”




But a few seconds later.
At the sound of voices from outside my room, I stopped groaning and grinding my teeth.
Taking a deep breath and hiding the corners of my eyes that were trembling by the pain, I let out a calm voice.



“Come in.”


At my words, the doorknob turned.


“I brought a new child to serve Lady Vanora from today on.
Now, let’s say hello.”


“Hello Lady, My name is Cecil.”


“In the future, Cecil will help Lady Vanora’s grooming, meal preparation, and outing instead of Seir.”


Two maids entered my room.
One is a middle-aged woman with a stern look.
The other one is my new exclusive servant. 


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