“Okay, it’s near here.”

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Thus, we successfully escaped the mansion and soon reached the outskirts of the town.
In the meantime, the sun was shining brightly, but the stone road under the bridge was still dark because of the sparse sunlight from the shade of a tree on a nearby cliff.


“I will search for this place.
Can you please search over there?”


“Lady said the lost item was a ring with a red ruby on it, right?”


I looked straight ahead.
To be precise, I pretended to be looking for things and stood up meaninglessly for a while.


‘The weather is nice.’


About half an hour later, when the apprentice knight named Shuteri began to look bored with his work, I took the next step.


“I don’t think it’s near here.
Let’s go a little further over there.”


“Ah, yes…”


“But since it’s my item, it may not look familiar to the knight’s eyes.
I’m thankful that you brought me here… Can you just rest on that rock and see if there are any strange people?”


“I don’t think there will be people like that.
I will escort Lady so that not even a strand of your hair gets hurt.”


I pretended to be considerate to him and excluded him from finding it.
By the time he sits on a rock, he pulls out a cigarette and idles around.
Finally, I carefully found the place of ‘Io’ that I remembered.


‘In order to betray the Kingdom, the last owner, the slave, entrusted the holy relic to his friend, the bard, who while carrying Io across the border, he was in danger of being trampled in the Celcius territory…’


Io’s approximate movement was already in my memory.
This was because the person who discovered it in the past boasted about it dozens of times.  I can’t believe that the location of the holy relic that various Kingdoms wanted to win by fighting in the war was none other than this territory.
Count Celcius, who realized this too late, shed tears of blood and regretted it.


In the past, my father insisted that they searched his territory at their will and demanded a share because the holy relic was in his territory, but it was not accepted.
Because it was the King who made the search team for the holy relic.


‘I can’t trust everything the knight said, but let’s try anyway.’


Of course, I didn’t have any greed for holy relics at that time, so even if I heard that someone else had taken the holy relic that was in front of me,


‘According to his words, it must be between these cliffs…’


After a while, I stopped at a point.




In the corner of the cliff, there was a sharp and thick gap.
It was simply a stone-cut pattern for ordinary people, but it was easy for me to notice the whereabouts of Io.


‘He said he found the holy relic under a pile of stones near here.’


As soon as I found this gap, I frantically searched around.
Unlike pretending to be looking for a ring, I touched all kinds of stones with my toes, being careful not to be caught by the knight I brought.




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And in a little bit.
Unlike the light surrounding pebbles, I found a large stone beak that didn’t even move when I kicked it.




This is probably what it feels like to steal.
Turning behind, I see Shuteri gathering pebbles around him and stacking them like a tower.
Seeing that, I quietly leaned down and began to scrape around the stone beak that was not moving.




Small and large grains of dirt dug between the fingernails of my left hand, and my hands gradually became dirty, but I continued to dig nearby.


“Haa, I’m bored to death.
I think it’s taking too long…”


And a few minutes later, Shuteri knocked down the small stone tower he had been building.
Eventually, the sleepy-faced knights looked back toward me.


“Hmm? What are you doing, Lady?”


“Ah, that’s…”


I turned my head back to his call.
Fortunately, it was quicker to fill the soil I had dug up than to turn around.


“…I’ve been searching for too long, and my legs hurt, so I rested for a while.”


“Don’t push yourself too hard.
It’s not like Madam will kill Lady just because of one ring.”




I pretended to look around further, hiding my still beating heartbeat.
The reason why my heart is jumping right now is not that I’m afraid I will be caught doing something suspicious.


“I-I found the ring! That’s really a relief.
I won’t be scolded by my mother anymore!”


I took the dirty red ring I had prepared in advance out of my arms and glistened my eyes to him.


‘I found it…’


It was because of the ‘blue’ thing that I had just found.


* * *


The next day.


Yesterday, I went to bed early, perhaps because I was tired from being outside.
The white words on the first day I had seen had some kind of condition to appear, and when the morning came, no magic was seen, so I started my day smoothly.


‘It was more beautiful than I thought.’


I got up from my bed and checked the first treasure I had acquired.
Io’s appearance was a thin right with jewels resembling the tail feathers of a peacock.
Containing the God fragments, I could sense that it was a holy relic as soon as I saw the ring.
In particular, it was strange that I couldn’t feel any weight when I held it in my hand.



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It was confirmed that owning it would really increase strength, and since I returned to the mansion safely, my plan was a success.


‘With this, Seir…’


Then I can start the second revenge that I’ve been looking forward to.
Even if I acquired the holy relic, there was still a problem left.


‘I’ll turn the body of that filthy thing upside down!’


It was the matter of storing the holy relic.
However, now that time has passed since I got the holy relic, this part has already been resolved.
But I’m now lying in bed like a sick person.


“Lady Vanora, this is your meal.”




I don’t have a severe illness.
Unlike my ambition to peel off my servant and kill her, it was me who got bled first. 


“By the way, Lady Vanora, how are you going to get through the social world with a clumsy attitude? You shouldn’t spill your tea on the clothes of precious young ladies from other houses.”


I pondered how to store the holy relic and eventually found a place to hide it.


In my room? It’s dangerous because it can be borrowed at any time.


Garden soil? That’s too absurd.


The space in this mansion was like hell for me.
So I buried the holy relic in a safer location.


“If your wound is itchy, never scratch it.
You will feel sorry for me having to change the bloody sheet!”


It’s in my own body.




I stabbed my body to create a suitable gap and now buried Io, the holy relic deep in my wound.
In this mansion, I was nothing more than a ghost.
Whether I stole medicine and tools from the doctor’s room or sewed up my wound by myself, no one cared.


Anyway, only the amount of laundry will increase.”


Even when Seir, her exclusive maid, who helped her to change her clothes, found out about her wound, it was enough for me to say, “I fell while chasing a butterfly.”


Therefore, I only had to wait for the wound to heal.


‘Just because Io is in the form of a ring, it didn’t mean that I had to wear it on my finger to use its power.
Even if something goes wrong with my body, it can’t be helped.’


For me, it was the best cover-up.
At the same time, it was not crazy to bury a ring inside one’s body to hide its whereabouts.


“What? Why are you laughing? There’s nothing funny.”


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As such, the driving strength behind the current me was an endless sense of revenge and a little bit of frustration.
I laughed at the foreign body I felt in the affected area as the pain subsided by the medicine.


“Because the weather is nice today.”


As I soon stopped my laughter and calmed down, Seir shook her head several times.
But the time for the last meal for today was over.
It’s time to go to sleep, so Seir came to me with a comb because she was going to do my evening grooming.


“Look at this and this.
Why is Lady hair really getting tangled without combing it only for a day? I’m afraid that you won’t be able to get married if you don’t dress up even a little bit.”


Soon the servant made me sit on the chair and began to comb.
On the surface, it was very calm, and nothing was strange about my exclusive maid.




However, I felt the pain of my scalp being ripped apart every time she combed my long hair with a strong comb.
It was because Seir was giving strength as if pulling out my hair on purpose rather than untangled it softly.


“It would have been nice if Lady was born blonde~ If Lady had blonde hair, you would have lived like a real Lady! Your eyes and hair are all black, right?”




“Who do you look like?”




An eerie sound rang out as my hair was tangled and combed with force.




It’s worth frowning because it hurts.
But I was silent with a face contemplating something.


* * *


It was a week after returning to the body of a 15-year-old.


「Chapter 2


1# Ballroom Terrace (Night)


Eyal declared Vasago officially became the successor of the Guelder family.
The King held a ball to celebrate the fact, but Vasago, who received the invitation, looked skeptical.
After finishing the first dance at the ball, Vasago moves to the terrace.


Vasago: (Sad) ‘My brother can’t move at the words of the King, and I have to play the role of a puppet in the ball, where I don’t even like a single letter from the King.
Until when I have to live these humiliating days?’


Vasago: I will make a different choice from my predecessor.



Maid: (V.O) Princess, are you here?


Vasago: It seems like my father is calling for me.
I’m going out now.


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#2 Ballroom (Night)


Vasago and Eyal are talking near the window.


Nobleman 1: Look.
Isn’t that woman the daughter of Duke Guelder?


Nobleman 2: That’s right.
As the rumors say, her green hair is really beautiful.


Nobleman 1: How could a dress made of blue fabric look so attractive? When I return to my estate, I will have to buy a dress like that for my wife.
All the women in this Kingdom made a fuss that they would wear the same thing as Vasago wore.


The nobles praised her with their mouths wide open.」


When the midnight bell rang in the hallway, the script-type text came in front of my eyes again.




It was the second time I had experienced this after returning to this period.


‘It appears again at 12 o’clock at night.’


I realized two conditions when I saw the magic that only appeared today after skipping a few days.


‘It only appeared at midnight.’


‘And only on the first day of the week?’


This is because it has appeared two times at 12 o’clock on the first day of the week.
In addition, I noticed that the contents of chapter 1 of ‘Dangerous Love’ last time and the text that appeared this time continued.


‘The last thing I saw was the story of Vasago when she heard the news that his cousin couldn’t come for her birthday.
This time, the emotional line continues, expressing her antipathy towards the King.’


However, there was nothing much after this.
The dress worn by Vasago, who participated in the ball, was so beautiful that the nobles highly praised it.




In the past, reading was my hobby.
I read theology, science, and astronomy, as well as novels scribbled by commoners about fairy tales.
So, looking at the writing, I was able to distinguish genres.


“This is not a script.
A play with the background that changes so often cannot be made into a stage.”


It takes the form of a script on the outside, but it is not a script.
As I knew, there was only one type of writing.


“Then, this is a ‘fictional novel’ made to read for fun.”


What I saw in front of me at 12 o’clock was none other than a novel in which a person named Vasago is the main character.


‘Isn’t the title Dangerous Love? It’s not even a title for a classic romance novel.’


The glowing letters that appeared suddenly are a novel that borrowed Vasago’s name.
In addition, the contents of the book were never sloppy. 

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