Chapter 39 – 14.
It Was Good (1)

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Author: alyalia

I wiped away the fake tears that had been shed and looked at Ronwe’s tombstone with a mocking gaze.


‘This world is hideous.’


Just as he ignored my pain, Ronwe was left alone at the end of his life, shunned even by his family.
I considered it karma.


After Ronwe was buried under the ground, the level of refreshment that filled my heart was different.
I no longer felt sad when I remembered the former butler who looked at me like a bug.


“Don’t be so sad, Lady Vanora.
I felt hurt every time Lady cried.
I’m sure he’s gone to a comfortable place.”


‘Is this his wife who left him when he was dying? Well, she did a good job.
Who wants to listen to a man like Ronwe…’


Shortly after that, I, who was touching the tombstone, came to the Ronwe’s wife and offered the consolation.
Just before Rowe’s death, she seemed to have lost all affection for him, and when he, who had lived his life as a married couple, died, she also seemed to be feeling guilty.


“Yes, I’m sure he went to a good place…”


I spoke with his wife without any guilt, even though I was contributing to his death.


“Sir Ronwe was a very nice person while he was alive…”


“Oh my God…!”




It was then.


Ronwe’s wife, who was facing me, noticed someone coming from behind me and suddenly bowed her head.




As the person in front of me greeted the person behind me, my gaze naturally turned to the back.
Then came the voice of an old woman I had never heard before.


“Is your name… Vanora Celcius?”


White hair tied high, wrinkles filled over time, and a voluminous body shape.
The Madam, who has a unique gaze and noble posture of looking down at others like the characteristic of high ranking position, appeared in black clothes from head to toe.


‘Black dress.’


I was unconsciously enchanted by the black dress she was wearing.
Still, in my eyes, the black clothes used for mourning looked very beautiful.


“Is that right?”


“Th-That’s right.”


I belatedly answered after blinking my eyes when she asked again.
The Madam who appeared looked at me with her eyes.
Then Ronwe’s wife, who was by my side, introduced her to me who this person was.


“Lady Vanora, this is… Countess Maquil.”



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Countess Maquil.


I was surprised and greeted her politely.


“I greet you for the first time, Countess Iva Maquil.”


The foolish me, who had only been crying until now, corrected my posture and greeted her.
The Countess looked down at me and said,


“Ronwe eventually returned to the arms of God.
If I had known he would die so soon, I would have come to the capital a day earlier.”




“I have received several letters from Ronwe.
The first letter I received this year said he was ill and in critical condition.”




“However, Ronwe didn’t ask for my help to cure his illness, nor did he ask me to visit him when he was sick.
And from the next letter, he talked about one lady.”


In her youth, Countess Maquil, who was so dignified and sophisticated and said to have taken over the social world, continued to speak with an unwavering appearance, proving that her reputation wasn’t a myth.


“Your name is the name written on his letters.
Ronwe begged me before he died.
Please take care of this lady.”


“Sir Ronwe… you mean?”


“He said Vanora Celicus didn’t receive a single education until today and will soon be thrown into the social world.”


As our conversation continued in a serious direction, Ronwe’s wife, who was next to me, slipped away to look around.
Then, only two people stood next to Ronwe’s tombstone.


“At first, I tried to refuse.
Because I’ve never had a goddaughter.”




“…but after reading all the letters from Ronwe, I couldn’t.”


I thought at this moment.


What was the content of the letter? It was not difficult to hear from the person concerned.


“You’ve been taking good care of Ronwe, who was sick all this time.”


“Ah, well, this is because Sir Ronwe has contributed to the Celcius family for the rest of his life…”


Countess Maquil’s expression slowly began to change when she heard my answer.
Until now, her facial muscles were sternly stiff, but she lit up the corners of her mouth with a sad expression on her face.


“I was tired of the social world.
To the point that I decided to spend the rest of my life in a quiet place.”




“But I guess it’s not time for me to retire yet.”


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The Countess looked into my eyes and said politely,


“Vanora Celcius.
If you allow me, I will help you make your debutante.”


A once-in-a-lifetime debutante.
Getting help from a big figure in the social world at that event wasn’t easy.  


I figured out what was going on for a few seconds.
Fortunately, it didn’t take long for an answer to come.


“I’m so happy.
It’s an honor, Madam…!”


Thus, in my second life, I finally formed a relationship with Madam Maquil.  After the funeral, we promised to meet at Celcius’s mansion a day later.


* * *


‘He really sent the message to Madam Mquil, not anyone else?!’


Step, step, step.


The evening after the funeral, I returned to the mansion and moved back and forth in my room to the point of disbelief.


‘It was unbelievable, so I forgot that Sir Ronwe had said that.
What should I do? I already made an appointment right away.
Should I report this to the Count or Countess?’


No matter how much I was at a loss compared to my heyday, Madam Maquil was still an influential figure in the social world.
Her younger brother is a high priest.
Her son graduated from the academy with the highest grade and has a seat in the parliament.
Even rumors said his son was close with the second princess…


‘…I don’t have to report it right away.
But I can’t avoid this news getting into their ears.’


I was worried that my family might try to stop me from making connections with the Maquil family.
In particular, I was wary the most about Hanar Celcius.


‘If she had known this kind of luck would come to me, Hanar would have tried to kill me.’


I briefly recalled her.


‘Anyway, Hanar… that woman… What kind of wretched feelings does she have for me? What does she think she has got to do with such a little girl for the rest of my life?’


I felt that revenge on my family should be the last thing to do.
Did I think like that because hurting your family is high treason that even God won’t forgive?


There was no such moral reason.
The reason was that I’m still young now.
If a member of the Celcius family suddenly gets injured, I, who had been abused by them, will be suspected.
Of course, the mansion will become noisy about it.


‘It will be difficult to take root in the social world once your family is destroyed.
There are other targets left to kill, so I shouldn’t touch Hanar for smooth operation.’


How did I get this opportunity…?




I stopped moving back and forth.


“Let’s bow my head to the Countess to keep my relationship with Madam Maquil.”


I eventually decided to plead to her if she tried to interfere with the sudden come of godmother for me.
That’s all I could think of right now.


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“Cecil, where are you?”


“Did you call for me? Lady?”


“I’m going to bed early today, so please help me change my clothes.”


A few minutes later.


My body was in pain from the exhaustion of the long journeys and the shock of what had happened at the funeral home.
So I lay down on the bed early.


However, suddenly, the thought of Ronwe crossed my mind.
It felt strange that he helped me only after he’s dead.
He and I could have had a rather good ending if the order had changed slightly.
However, I had no regrets about the process of revising the contents of my life that had already been written.


That’s right, I had no regrets.


* * *


It Was Good.


The next day at 3 PM.


The Celcius family has a guest come.
A middle-aged woman who got out of a carriage opened a parasol to escape the sunny summer sun.
She took one or two steps closer to the mansion door, grabbed the doorknob, and knocked politely.


“Who are you?”


Soon the Butler of Celcius opened the door and asked about the purpose of her visit.
Then the guest, who had a benevolent smile on her face, answered.


“I’ve come to see the first child of the house, so please tell your Master that ‘Iva Maquil’ has come.”


Of course, the first child of this family was a term referring to Vanora Celcius.
Suddenly a celebrity like Countess Maquil is looking for the quiet Lady of the house.
The butler reported it at a bewildered and quick pace.


“Madam, we have a guest outside now.”


“Guest? No one made an appointment for today, so who is coming?”


“T-That, Countess Iva Maquil came to see Lady Vanora…”


The person in charge of overseeing what was happening in the mansion flinched her brows when she heard his report.


“Countess Maquil to that child?”


Hanar Celcius threw away the personnel documents she reviewed and rose from her seat.


“First, let her relax in the parlor on the first floor, and when I’m ready to greet her, take her to the second floor.”


“Yes, Madam.”


Countess Maquil didn’t wait long.
Hanar had been welcoming her guests from 3 PM onwards, so she was already wearing formal attire.


15 minutes later.


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After finishing all the preparations, Hanar and Iva were seated next to each other in the parlor room on the second floor.


“Thank you for welcoming me even though it was a sudden visit.”


“What does Madam mean by sudden visits? I’m concerned about Madam Maquil, who has a reputation for courtesy and solemnity.
By any chance, has our first daughter made a mistake?”


Hanar said with a concerned look.


Then Madam Maquil gently led the conversation.


“No, I came here without an appointment, so I will briefly explain my purpose.
I want to be the godmother of your daughter, Lady Vanora.”




“It’s about your daughter, so shouldn’t I tell you about it? And when the time comes, I want to refine that child’s manners by myself before the debutante.”


“Now… the godmother, did you say godmother?”


Who in the world would refuse the education from Countess Maquil?


Right now, even Hanar Celcius asked Countess Maquil several times to educate her son on etiquette.
However, it had always been rejected, and she gave up on it a few years ago.
But now she’s going to support that brat?


‘Not even my son, but that Vanora?’


When Vanora received Aloken’s proposal, she was better off.


Panora was better off when she received Aloken’s proposal.
Anyway, Vanora needed to be taken over by another family.
Hanar was able to get over it.
But this time is a different story.
Hanar felt as if Vanora was taking what his son should have.


“If it’s my daughter, she’s very shy.
I’m sorry, but I think it will be difficult for her to contact Madam…”


“Don’t worry.
I already got permission from her.”


“But that child isn’t a bit lacking in manners.
She couldn’t keep up with her studies from a young age, no matter how good a teacher I put on her.
She will definitely make you suffer.”


“I think it is in the hands of the teacher what the learner will accomplish.
Rather, if she’s not good enough, she will have to start making up for it.”


Hanar persuaded her not to be Vanora’s godmother, but she was repeatedly rejected.
She was speechless for a moment, picking a story to tell, and then pulled out the following words with difficulty.


“Vanora is going to be sent to debutante next year.
As time runs out, I have already tried to solve her shortcomings with several teachers.”




“So, how about our son, who has more spare time than her? He’s a very smart child and has a good heart.
Of course, he will take good care of his godmother.”


This story, of course, did not interest Countess Maquil at all.


“The only person I want to hold my hand in the debutante is Vanora Celcius.”


Iva Maquil said it straightforward.
In response, Hanar took a sip of the tea on the table for a moment and finally said,


“Then I can’t help it.
Since we both want different things, I will decline about Madam wanting to be the godmother of my daughter… thank you, but I refuse it.”

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