The next day I surprisingly woke up early. After spending

most my night with Tate I just laid in bed staring at the

ceiling with a huge goofy smile on my face. Every now

and then Ird squeal and make stupid movements when I

replayed the moment with him in my head.

It was early in the morning and the sun hadn came out

yet. Most people would be sleeping and I would have

been one of them if my body wasn wide awake and if my

wolf wouldn have been stirring.

Sighing, I sluggishly moved to my closet however my

body was wide awake so the rest of the way I skipped


Humming to myself I got dressed in my sweatpants and a

fitting tee on top. Putting on my runners I all but ran out

of the room. I headed outside and was greeted by snow

that coated the grounds.

Smiling, I walked out of the building and far into the

snow. Behind a stone I stripped and got ready to shift. I

hadn shifted in months and I was getting nervous.

Cmon let the beast out.

Shaking my shoulders I leaped forward and transformed

into my stale blue looking wolf and in seconds I landed

on the ground with paws.

A light pain lingered in my shoulders but I ignored it as I

ran through the snow.

There was snow everywhere. The land was huge and that

meant I could run up to such distances without being told


The wind hit me and my fur went wild in the breeze as I

closed my eyes in bliss enjoying it. My fur was grey, but

had a blueish tint to it not really giving it a labelled name.

After running for what felt like hours, but only minutes

I went back to the large stone were I left my clothes and

shifted back quickly getting dressed.

Walking back to the building, it was still pretty early and

no one was around. Before I stepped out into the opening

I watched from afar as a young woman appeared holding

a little boys wrist and dragged him behind her.

My curiosity got the best of me and I jogged over to them

while they were walking up the flight of stairs.

Excuse me, do you need help with anything? ” I asked

and the woman turned around a scowl on her face but

gave me a bright smile when she saw me.

”Oh hey! Im just here to drop of Eddie! Im his-well nanny

I guess. I take him to my place and personally teach

him, ” she said gazing down at him placing a hand on his


I looked down at the little boy and immediately

remembered Tate and Roger were talking about an Eddie

arriving. The little boy looked around six but his height

made him look eight, I wasn to sure. He had light hazel

eyes and dark hair. Just like Tate.

”I could take him to an alpha for you, ” I suggested in a

light tone as the boy suddenly snapped his at me and

nodded his head viciously.

I watched her expression darken but her smile never

faltered. I noticed her nails dig into Eddies skin as he

winced and slightly flinched away.

I frowned and looked at him in worry. It was very obvious

she was hurting him and I didn understand why.

”Theres no need! If you could just show me the way. ”

She trailed of looking at the building her tight grip on

Eddie never loosening.

”Tm sorry. But not just anyone could enter the building.

rl take Eddie here and you can leave, ” I said in a firm

voice. I don know what came over me. Power leaked

from my voice and it surprised me but I didn let that


I had the sense that this woman wasn a good woman.

Her eyes and posture gave her away. Eddie was suffering

under her grip and I wanted to get the poor boy away

from her even though I had no saying in this place.

But you are the alphas mate….

My wolf whispered in my mind making a shiver go down

my spine at the mention of my mate.

”Look here girl. I suggest you move or Il do it for you, ”

she suddenly growled. She was waiting for a reaction.

Thats what they all want.

And like always I don give it to them.

”Oh really? I wonder what the Alphas would think if

they found out that you were being disrespectful to their

guests, ” I said smirking as I crossed my arms around my


I don take orders from you girl, move before I hurt

you, ” she threatened and her nails dung into Eddies

shoulder tightly and he yelped in pain and tried to push

her away.

Seeing that sight made me mad. I felt my eyes shift and

anger consumed me. It was very rare of me to get angry

but I had no control of my body what so ever.

In a flashI shoved her away from Eddie and grabbed her

wrist snapping it and she cried in pain.

”You dare lay a hand on this child ever again, your hand

wont be attached to your wrist, ” I growled in a low tone.

The woman just hissed through her teeth and glared at

me as she tried to fight me off. She managed to lash out

her free hand a scratch my face. I growled in anger and

fury consumed me.

Suddenly the ground slightly began to shake ever so

slightly. It wasn that noticeable but the three of us

noticed and both the woman and poor shocked Eddie

stared at me while I looked at the ground confused.

”Let go of me you freak! ” The woman now screamed. I

threw her away from me and the snow from beneath her

suddenly sunk deep in making her land roughly in and

she screamed loudly as numerous bones cracked from the


I stared shock and looked at Eddie whos mouth was wide


”What is going on! ” a voice boomed and everyone of us


Tate appeared looking as fine as ever, making his way

towards us his eyes cold as he approached us, Roger,

Duncan and Tom trailing behind him.

I turned around to explain the impossible however

the woman just laid on the normal flat surface of snow


”Dad! ” Eddie yelled speaking for the first time as he ran

into the arms of Roger who caught him and lifted him up.

”What happened here? ” Tate whispered his breath

suddenly next to my ear and I shuddered.

”I.. ”I trailed still shocked as I looked around confused.

The snow..the ground..did I do that?

I looked up to see Tate already looking at me worried as

he held my arm to hold me upright as I swayed slightly.

Tate examined my face and a thunderous growl erupted

from his throat making me jump back.

”Who did this, ” he said in a low dangerous voice and I

stared at him wide eyed.

Sniffing the air his head snapped to his brothers-Eddies

and another growl escaped him.

”Your shoulder, ” he growled looking at the nail marks

carved into his skin as little droplets of bloods occurred.

”Tate, it was so cool! ” Eddie suddenly said a huge smile

lighting his face.

He ran to Tate who picked him up and rested Eddie on his


”Rachel was hurting me and made me bleed, ” he said

excitedly, then pointed at me, ”and then she got really

mad! She grabbed Rachels here, ” he said grabbing his

own wrist to show us all.

”-and then she snapped it! It went crack! Rachel scratched

her face and then she, ” he stated glancing at me, ”-saved

me! She made Rachel look so weak! It was so cool! ”

He said out of breath and tooka huge gulp of air.

”It was crazy! She made the ground- ” he suddenly paused

and his eyebrows scrunched in confusion as he looked

at me for awhile, before giving me a small smile while I

stared back with pleading eyes not to tell the crazy things

we witnessed.

It was so cool. ” He stated instead and I sent a mental

thanks buddy!

Tate, Roger, Duncan and Tom all listened and looked at

each other silently as if they were talking.

Mind link. My wolf kindly reminded me and I did a

mental, oh.

”Are you alright? ” Tate asked softly placing Eddie down

who bounced in his spot.

”Im great! But you had to be there! It was so cool, ” Eddie

said smiling softy as he repeated cool for the hundredth

time. It was adorable.

”Everyone go inside. We will talk about this later. Duncan,

Thomas-could you take Rachel to the cells. She will be

held there for violating the Alphas brother and the Luna, ”

he said expressionless.

Everyone gasped at his words and I stared at him with

wide eyes.

”What? Shes your mate? ” Duncan asked and a look of

guilt flashed past his eyes as he bowed his head and

looked away.

Tom looked at me with a smirk and approving nod and I

gave him a small smile.

”Elina Weitzel. My sons saviour and my other sons mate.

I think that can work, ” he said grinning while I let out a

laugh at that.

Tate dismissed them and once everyone left, it was the

two of us standing there together as silence took over.

”Thank you, ” he suddenly said, ”-we all suspected

something was off about Rachel. But physically hurting

others? Thats not acceptable. ”

I looked away ashamed.

”Im sorry. I didn want to cause destruction but when

she was hurting Eddie and when she scratched me- I lost

it! ” I said throwing my hands in the air to prove my point.

He appeared in front of me. So close our noses were

almost touching.

”Does it hurt? ” He said worry in his voice as concern

overtook his features.

I shook my head no and shyly smiled at him.

”I will kill her for this, ” he suddenly grumbled and my

head snapped to him.

”Kill? ” I squeaked. I didn want to be responsible for

someones death.

Tate placed his hands on both sides of my face and made

me look at him. I felt tingles and his hazel eyes stared into

my green ones making me forget our surroundings.

”You did nothing wrong. ” He stated firmly.

”Tm proud to call you my mate, ”

And with that his lips smashed onto mine. My arms

automatically wrapped around his neck and I tugged him

closer making him growl. Tingles shot through my body

and I closed my eyes in bliss as his arms wrapped around

my body.

..and that with out a doubt, was the best kiss of my life.

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