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A narrow alley.

The walls on both sides were mottled and pasted with half-torn advertisements. There were bursts of noise in the alley, accompanied by the sound of fighting, and from time to time there were several heavy insults.

When Wang Luan arrived, there happened to be a sad whimper from inside. With a tremor in his heart, he rushed into the alley with a baseball bat just stolen from home and shouted, “Fuck, you sneak-attack son of a bitch, you dare touch my brother! None of you are going to run today! Hold on, Ill do it– ”

Seeing clearly the scene in the alley, Wang Luan stopped abruptly and swallowed the unfinished words into his stomach.

He saw several people lying crooked on the ground, all gasping for breath over the pain, and the most embarrassed was a man with a flat head breathing faintly in his mouth.

There is a man standing next to the flat head man.

The boy was tall, with sleeves up to his elbows, revealing a white and thin arm.

Yu Fan wiped the corners of his mouth, patted off the dust from his body, squatted down slowly, and lowered his eyes to look at the people on the ground.

With a closed folding knife in his hand, he patted the face of flat head and asked in a low voice, “You will beat me up one by one?”

The flat-headed man who had just been arrogant was now with his eyes closed and lay docilely: “No, thats not what I said. ”

Yu Fan said, “bring more people next time.”


Twenty minutes ago, Wang Luan made a phone call to Yu Fan because he wanted to go online to play games, but something happened on the other end of the phone. Yu Fan was blocked, he listened to the news, and the other party brought several people.

Yu Fan hurriedly dropped the sentence “talk later” hung up the phone and Wang Luan was very. Fortunately, he asked Yu Fans location in advance and immediately called a taxi in a hurry.

Wang Luan awkwardly put down the baseball bat and counted it. Five of them lay down on the ground, all of them tall and bulky.

Yu Fan got up and threw the folding knife into his pocket at will. As he passed him, he dropped a sentence: “Lets go.”

It was not until Yu Fan walked away that Wang Luan regained his mind and caught up with him with a baseball bat.

A few hundred meters out of the alley is the familiar street, and a few steps to the right is the gate of their school.

Because the school hasnt started yet, the surrounding area of the school is deserted.

The two entered the usual milk tea shop.

After saying hello to the bosss wife, Wang Luan looked at the familiar shops and pedestrians coming and going, and was finally relieved: “shit, I was fucking scared to death! Why dont you wait for me to join you? ”

Yu Fan bought a bag of paper towels and casually picked a bench outside the shop to sit down:

“waiting for you? Youre only fast enough to cover me with a piece of white cloth. ”

“Bah, bah!” Wang Luan said, “I didnt tell you to stand there and wait. Cant you run? There are so many of them, what if you havent called? ”

“tired, dont want to run.”

Wang Luan nodded. It was a little more tiring to run from five men.

Yu Fan had two bruises on his face, a little blood on the corners of his mouth, and dirty clothes.

Occasionally passing by a few pedestrians, can not help but look sideways.

He took out a tissue and wiped it perfunctorily: “where did you say you were going to surf the Internet?”

“Are you still going when youre like this? Forget it. ” Wang Luan picked up his phone, pressed the voice button, and said, “Hey, you all dont come over. Yu Fan turned them over alone. Dont come.”

“You called someone?”

“of course, otherwise we will suffer more two against five! Hey, I also stole my dads baseball bat. ” Wang Luan suddenly thought of something and subconsciously looked at his pocket. “by the way, why do you still have a knife when you go out?”

“its not mine, its from them.”

“they stuck you alone and they even carried a knife?!” Wang Luan took a breath and immediately looked him up and down. “Ive heard that the people in the school next door dont have any bottom line, but I didnt expect such a dog!”

Yu Fan did not speak and took out his cell phone from his pocket.

Its okay, its not bad.

More than 20 Wechat messages were displayed on the mobile phone screen, which he guessed were from Wang Luans discussion group, and he didnt bother to read them.

Wang Luan, next to him, was chatting energetically, and he pressed the voice button and sneered, “Who else could it be? The people from the school next door. Didnt two people over there come to blackmail near our school last time? Blackmailing us, we got into a fight with them at that time. As a result, they were beaten along with the flat-headed boss next door. When they knew about this, they told them that they fight one at a time. Ah, you didnt see what he did just now, and he was so beaten that he dared not say a word. ”

Wang Luan put down his cell phone and turned to see Yu Fan holding a tissue against the wound in the corner of his mouth.

He frowned: “hiss-tsk.”

Yu Fan stopped and said, “did it hurt your face?”

“It hurts me.” Wang Luan thought for a moment and got up. “Why dont we go to the hospital?”

“OK, you call a cab quickly,” Yu Fan raised his chin. “it would heal two minutes later.”

“.” Wang Luan sat back again. “whats wrong with the injury? Its on your face. School starts tomorrow. When Mr. Qin sees your face, it will be strange if he doesnt scold you. ”

Mr. Qin is their head teacher, surnamed Zhuang. Everyone in the class likes to say his name in private.

Speaking of the beginning of the school year, Yu Fan glanced at the other side of the school.

“Why is the school gate open?” Yu fan raised his eyebrows.

“There are classes in the third year of high school. They start school half a month early.” Wang Luan took a sip of milk tea. “there are also students in our grade who start school ahead of time. It seems that dozens of top students selected by the school have organized a winter vacation class.”

“Its bad luck to be a top student. ”

Yu Fan withdrew his eyes and spoke faintly.

Near the end of school time, the street barbecue stall opened, and the smell of burnt meat wrapped in cumin floated across the road.

Wang Luan went out in such a hurry that he didnt have time to have dinner. he moved his nose and couldnt sit still: “you must be tired after fighting for a long time. Lets go and eat something to make up.”

“I wont eat, go by yourself.” Yu Fan waved his hand to him.

“OK, you wait for me, and Ill pack it back.”

The cell phone in his pocket is ringing. He is tired of listening. Yu Fan opened the discussion group and glanced at it. Wang Luan could brag and send 99 + messages in the discussion group even if he is just buying a barbecue.

He opened the message without interrupting, and when he stuffed his phone back into his pocket, he touched the metal objects inside.

Yu Fan took out the black folding military knife again for two seconds.

When school is over, students in school uniforms leave the school gate one after another.

The two girls came out arm in arm, talking and laughing.

“How did you do on this quiz?”

“Dont mention it, its so difficult. I was confused about the last big question. What about you? ”

“Me? Probably at the bottom again. Alas, how on earth did I get into the winter vacation intensive class? you geniuses and I are not in the same world at all! ”

After that, the girl stretched herself and said, “forget it. Anyway, when school officially starts tomorrow, I will go back to the ordinary class and continue to be a salted fish. I want to buy a cup of hot milk tea. Would you like to join me? ”

The other girl nodded and just took two steps towards the milk tea shop when the person beside her suddenly grabbed her hem and pulled her back.

“whats the matter?” The girl was stunned.

“forget it, lets not go.” The companion couldnt take her eyes off the direction of the milk tea shop and lowered his voice. “look whos sitting there!”

She looked at the milk tea shop as her companion motioned.

This milk tea shop has been open next to the school for many years, it is delicious and cheap, and the desks and chairs in the shop are basically full of people at school time.

At this moment, although there are still customers in the milk tea shop, but there is only one person sitting outside the shop.

The man sat sloppily, his long legs stretched out at will, his broken hair on his forehead almost glued to his eyelashes, and the bruises on his face were particularly dazzling because his skin was too white, and the corners of his mouth were bloodshot.

All the people around him were dressed in decent winter uniforms, but he was the only one in a dirty white sweater.

He bowed his head and was playing with a folding military knife. The blade was pulled out by him and stroked carelessly on the back of his other hand as if to confirm how sharp the knife was.

Although the girl did not know him, she subconsciously took a step back: “he is …”… ”

“Yu Fan!” The companion said, “the one in Class seven!”

“Why does he seem to have a wound on his face?”

“its normal. He must have just had a fight with someone.” Her companion couldnt believe it.

“havent you ever heard of Yu Fan?”

“No,” the girl shook her head and thought, “but I seem to have heard many criticisms from him at the flag-raising ceremony.”

The companion pretended to be picking out the goods from the shop, but was still peeking over there: “I have a friend in his class. I heard that he … When he first entered school in his first year, he had a fight with a third-year senior and he made the third-year senior cry. He usually either sleeps or skips class directly, and his temper is still very bad! Someone just took one more look at him in the canteen, and he threw the whole plate of food at the man. Oh, he seemed to have hit the teacher. In a word, he is a jerk! ”

Is he so scary?

The girl listened blankly and was just about to say that we had better not drink milk tea when the boy in the distance suddenly made a move.

Maybe the strength was out of control, the blade sank into the back of his hand, and there was a thin, dense wound oozing blood on the back of his hand.

The girl took a breath! Before she could make any reaction, she saw Yu Fan throw the knife aside, press the wound with tissue, and then raise his eyes– to their side.

Looking up, the girl finally saw Yu Fans face. In fact, she had seen it at the flag-raising ceremony, but it was not as clear as it is now.

Yu Fans eyes are long and narrow, there is a small mole at the end of the right eye, and there is another one on the lower cheek. His eyelids were very narrow and there was a wound on his face. At a glance, the girl only felt a chill in her heart.

Its over.

Hes going to spill milk tea on me.

But soon, she realized that something was wrong.

It seems that he is not looking at them?

The girl was stupefied for two seconds, then looked back and found that there was a boy standing behind them.

The boy is very tall and stands like a straight pine in the crowd. He carried a bag on one shoulder and his school uniform was neat and clean, with few wrinkles.

Hhe also smelled a faint fragrance of Gleditsia.

At that moment, his eyes, just like them, fell to the other side of the milk tea shop.

The girls eyes widened slightly-she didnt know her, but she was impressed.

After all, every time in the big exam according to the results, this one always sits first in the first row of Class one.

Yu Fan found someone staring at him a long time ago.

He did not expect that when he looked up, the other party was still magnanimous, expressionless looking at him, a few seconds later, perhaps seeing the wound on his face, the boy also twists his eyebrow in disgust.

This made Yu Fan angry for no reason.

For a moment, he made sure that the man is really blatantly looking at himself. Yu Fan put the knife away, pulled the seat next to him, and said to the man, “If you like watching so much. Why dont you sit closer and have a look?”

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