Viskar AcademyReturn Of The Seer

Chapter 8:Shocking Arrivals 2

earns me a face palm from Justin who sighs in defeat

”Urgh, you are unbelievable ”

Justin said looking horrified

”I am just kidding, I understand ”

I said

”Phew ”

”Good now that he understands can you start the spell? ”

Dean J asked

”Geez no, have I taught you nothing or you have forgotten all I have taught you over the years? Patience, patience, I will do the spell but not now. I am going to need something or someone ”

”What or who do you need, name it ”

Dean J asked

”Really? ”

”Yes, anything ”

Dean J say

”Well, this school does not have who and possibly what I need ”

”Well what and who is it you need? ”

Professor Kristean asked

”My ex-wife ”

”What!!! ”

We all shouted in shock, I mean I do not know why the Dean and Professor shouted but who would want to divorce a handsome looking immortal witch? That is just crazy

”You never said you were married ”

Dean say looking at Justin who was still floating, it was like he did not like his feet touching the ground cause he was always floating a few inches over

”Well he was not technically around to say ”

Professor Kristean replied

”What exactly do you need her for? ”

I ask

”Well her dad is a witch and he might know a spell that can work for this situation ”

”I thought you are an all powerful witch that knows all the spells in this world ”

”All powerful- yes, know all spells- yes, but do you really expect me to practice all of them, do you know how stressful that is? ”

He asks looking at me

”Ok, not bad ”

Professor Kristean said

”Not bad ? how is that not bad? He does not know the bloody spell it is his ex father in-law that knows it and by the looks of it he would not be willing to help ”

Dean say grabbing fists full of his hair

”Yeah that is bad ”

Professor Kristean agrees

”Well I do not see anything bad there all we need to do is call her and tell her to come right away with her dad and that is all, right? ”

I ask and everyone of them turn to me

”Well, if it were that easy you think I would not have brought her along? ”

Justin say

”Okay, why is it going to be hard to call her? ”

”Well, we did not part on good terms ”

”Okay that is it, I am calling her right now ”

Dean J concluded picking up the phone as Justin calls a string of numbers

”Ok fine, do not just tell her I am here ”

Justin say

”Seeing as the spell can not be casted now I suggest you get back to class or whatever Kevin ”

Professor Kristean say turning to me

”Yeah, I am going ”

******Few hours later******

What is it now, I thought they had to call her before they needed me again. I am already at the students quarters, almost in my room before I got a call from Professor Kristean that I am needed at the deans office.

”What is it again? ”

I ask a bit irritated

”Well we called you because she will be here in a couple of seconds ”

Professor Kristean explains

”Oh, I never knew she was in New Orleans ”

I say in shock

”Well she was not, she was in Australia ”

”How is she almost here then? ”

I ask confused, was she not supposed to be in Australia or somewhere?

”Well our dear brother here decided it was fun to get married to a were-feline ”

Professor Kristean say taunting Justin

”What is that? ”

I ask

”You know how shifters can turn to anything they wish ? Well not all of them can some are based solely on different species or choice, feline weres can only shift to any feline creature of their choosing ”

The Dean explained

”That does not explain how she got here that fast ”

I say

”Oh that. Well seeing as matters can not be delayed I may have exaggerated the urgency ”

Professor Kristean says righteously like he did not just tell a lie to someones wife

”Ohkay, that explains it ”

I said

”Hello boys, I am here ”

A lady sang

”Jackie ? ”

Professor Kristean and the dean say at the same time shock written on their face. I can not blame them, she is really pretty and has a heavy British accent


Ref:- Parabatai from the American series Shadowhunters.

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