Viskar AcademyReturn Of The Seer

Chapter 8:Shocking Arrivals 2

*********Next morning*********

”Good morning students, time to wake up from your slumber, get ready in the next 30 minutes. And when you are done I need you to check the back of your maps you would find your class schedule. Have a great day ”

Great, just 30 minutes. And yes before I forget, I have to deliver a message to the dean

”I need you to tell my brothers ……. to prepare for my coming, I would not want to meet them unprepared ”

********25 minutes later********

Now I have to get to the deans office before I get late

”Good morning Dean J and Professor Kristean, I have a message to deliver from Justin ”

”Okay come in ”

”What did he say ? ”

Professor Kristean asks anxiously

”He said he got your message and that he is coming back, I believe his words were Tell my brothers to prepare for my coming, I would not want to meet them unprepared ”

”Okay, that is great, did he say when he was coming ? ”

”No, he only said he was coming and for you guys to prepare for it ”

”Ok, that is great you can head on to class, I suppose you are with your map ”

Now that he mentioned it, I realize I do not have it

”Uhm yeah, I do ”

”Take, its going to take a long time to navigate your way to your class without a map ”

Professor Kristean says handing me another map as he shakes his head

”Thanks ”

I mutter turning to leave his office.

Remembering I have no other place to go after I am done in Professor Zach class I turn back

”Uhm, I just remembered that I have absolutely no place to go after Professor Zachs is done with his class ”

”Uhm, you can go to the students lounge ”

”Ohkay thanks ”

Wow I never knew they had a lounge for students, wonder what it looks like

”And Kevin, be careful ”

Okay, he makes it sound like something is going to happen

”Okay, I will ”

Arriving in Professor Zach class I see that the students are not really much and I feel a little bit comfortable

”Excuse me, who are you and why are you standing in the way ? ”

Uh oh

”Uhm, I am Kevin Salvador, sorry Montgomery, Kevin Montgomery and I had to see the Dean to find out which class I belong to ”

”Why would you need to meet the Dean when you have a schedule for your classes ? ”

”Uhm, my gifts did not fit into any class so I got confused ”

”What are you ? ”

”Uhm, a seer ? ”

”Firstly you do not know your name and now you do not know your breed great. Are not you sure what you are ? ”

”I am but I do not know what I can do, yet ”

”So the Dean assigned you to this class ? ”

”Yes ”

”Well now that you are here how about you try to copy their current position ”

Oh yeah

********After 2 hours********

Well that was fun for two hours, I rush to see if Emma is done with her class. On the way I see Matt

”Yo Kev, what is up ? ”

”Hey Matt, I am good, which class are you coming from ? ”

”Professor Sam class, you ? ”

”Professor Zach, apparently that was the only suitable class for the type of gift I have ”

On the way we met Kat (short for Katherine) waving bye to some girls

”Hey guys ”

She greets waving with a smile

”Hey Kat ”

I respond

”Hey Katherine ”

Matt says

”So we were going to find Emma ”

”Seems I found you guys first ”

”Oh hey Emma ”

We all greet

”So what are you guys having next ”

I ask

”Well I am having serenity class ”

Kat says

”That is cool, so am I ”

Emma says

”Me too ”

Matt pipes in with avudity. Great, when I have serenity, they
e having other classes and when I have no class they have serenity, how wonderful

”What about you Kevin, what are you supposed to have ? ”

Kat asks

”Well I am free for now till the Dean tells me which other class is fitting for me apart from serenity ”

”Wow so you got to sit with the seniors in serenity, tell me how they were like, was there any cute person you can recommend ? ”

Matt asks

”Dude calm down, is that the only thing you could pick from what he has said ? ”

Kat says

”What else did he say then ? ”

Matt asks looking confused

”You know how he is Kat, so Kev what do you mean efitting for you, what are you ? ”

Emma asks

”Well I am a rare specie of breed, a seer ”

”Wow ”

Kat and Matt say in unison

”What is that? ”

Emma asks

”A seer is a person that sees the future, past, and other places in the present ”

I try to explain

”That was why you told Kat to be careful ”

Emma says

”Well I have got to run Kev, catch up with you later ? ”

Matt says

And the rest follow him, looks like it is just me. Well I better find the lounge quick

********After a few hours********

Let me go and see if the Dean has any news on his brothers arrival. When I get there I knock

”Come in ”

He shouts from inside. As I walk in I notice that Professor Kristean is not there but a girl who has a familiar looking back as odd as that sound on the seat facing the Dean

”Take your seat Kevin ”

”Thanks ”

I say sitting down I turn and see the girl next to me and I must say I never thought or dreamt that I would ever see this face anytime soon

”Beatrice? ”

I asked shocked, it can not be possible. I mean she was just in Atlanta and how did she get here and if she was enrolling why did I not see her during the party, I am completely confused

”Beatrice what are you doing here ”

”Well, seems you two know each other how about you give Beatrice here a tour of the Academy and you can catch up on the way, seems you have a lot to catch up on ”

Dean J says with the smile of a chesire cat

”That is not good, I do not even know anywhere, I mean I just got here too ” I say trying to get him to reason with me

”I know it is hard walking with someone you just broke up with and all but I need to work and the two of you are with a map so everything is going to be fine and even if they are not you can sense it coming before it happens am I right ? ”

Wait, how did he know we broke up?

”Do not give me that look,I did not reach my current age without going through a few relationships, and also, it is quite obvious I mean the shock on your faces when you saw each other and the way you tensed up when I brought up the matter and the way you want anything more than to give her a tour, and I must add the finest ruby will envy the color on your face ”

Okay I must say, hes not as dumb as he lets on but that us not the point now

”Well shall we go? ”

I ask Bea(short for Beatrice)

”Lets ”

She reply in that sweet angelic voice I have grown to love so much. But I still can not decipher how she got here, does that mean her parents are gifted?

”Uhm I can not help but wonder, how are you here and why did you choose to come to this school? ”

”The same reason you are here for I suppose ”

She replies looking at her feet, after a while during the tour we see students moving to the field and I thought an announcement was going on and so I dragged Bea along but when I got there it was not an announcement that dragged the students there, it was a man. I did not know if he knew he was causing a crowd to gather but as soon as I looked at his face he turned around and then I saw him clearly and I knew

”Hello there brother, I thought I asked you to deliver a message for me. Looks like you suck at doing so ”

He whispered but it spread to everyone around and sounded like he was right next to me

”Ah here they are, hello brothers ”

He says with a smile on his face.

”Justin is back ”

I whisper under my breath, not believing he was floating right before my eyes

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