Vampires tale

Royal castle

I pulled it out from my mouth it was time for the real deal. His manhood throbbed harder as i grabbed it with my right hand. I bent down and sat on it that I could feel his groin at the tip of my sweet spot. But I didn let it go in I just used it to rub myself there and bent my head back.

He lifted his hand up and placed it on my hips I immediately opened my legs and he forced the whole length of his manhood in me. It was way too big for me to handle so easily and it was certainly painful and I screamed loudly.

I rosed my hips slightly and slammed it back down again and continue the process like I was riding him. He let out a slight moan of pleasure, he raised his hands up and cupped my breasts I looked down and smiled. He slipped his hand behind my hip and cupped my ass.

I felt his juices flow right into me as I moaned in pleasure.

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