it was in the Venham Kingdom when Watkins the king decided to bann McGill cause he touched the ball of Oasis ,as a result he became evil and started killing people in the Venham Kingdom ,he became unstoppable and insatiable.

Every one was banned to touch the ball of Oasis because when you touch it you become a Gangoku ,it was kept in the box in the kings palace , because of greedy and envy McGill wanted to kill Watkins , one day McGill secretly entered where they kept the box of Oasis and touched it , upon that McGill became evil and lost his human form and became a Gangoku and went to vanish the king ” what have you done McGill did you touch the box of Oasis ? ” McGill replied ” yes I did touch it ,I wanted to become superior more than you , cause you used to treat me like a puppet , ”

Watkins was so furious and ordered the army general, the general army Reece tried to fight with it but to no avail he failed ” you know a m not to be dealt with now , I just can twitch my hands and you all vanish a m very disappointed with you Watkins , you thought you can use me for your own personal gain , ”

Watkins ” its not like you are just insatiable , power and greedy has made you a Gangoku , you knew in the first place that the power of the box of Oasis protect us the kingdom of Venham , ”

McGill replied ” what you are saying is nothing Making sense ,I hope you have learned a lesson that a m going to wipe you out including your family and entire Venham Kingdom , this is something I had planned a long time ago, ”

Watkins replied ” but you know a m your brother McGill you should reason carefully our father left this throne for me it was inherited ,I was the first born so I had to take my rights has a rightfully owner , the all Kingdom in the Venham Kingdom know that a m good and very caring king just you complaining about me a m very upset with you , ”

Watkins and McGill the Gangoku started fighting until the Gangoku felt down ” please don kill me Watkins a m your brother remember when we were Younger , our daddy the king Vandersa how he used to teach us to our always love your brother , ” when Watkins heard this he was touched and felt remorse for his brother though he became a Gangoku monster , and Watkins said ” you know McGill things now have changed back there then you were a good human being but right now you are a monster in short a Gangoku and if I let you live it will be catastrophe to the kingdom of Venham Kingdom , ” McGill replied ” remember but a m your brother ,if you want to kill me then do it, ” Reece shouted with a loud voice ” kill it my king or it will do the same to you , remember a Gangoku Never lesson much, cause your brothers spirit is taken the major controller of the body is a Gangoku , I prefer just kill it our priest Kamara is not in the kingdom for advise , ” when Reece was talking the Gangoku had the chance now to kill Watkins , because at that time and fastly the Gangoku striked a lightening super power on chest and Watkins felt down started bleeding ” you see now my brother I had told you that a m Superior , even though you were stronger than me during training , I suppose you now know we
e I stand , ” the Gangoku started laughing and Reece shouted ” you monster ! ” how can you do this to your own brother , ” the Gangoku laughed said ” you know I really don know what you are talking about cause the person bleeding here is not my brother but my former I supposed ” Reece was so furious the caliber of his powers grew in tunes ” a m going to deal with you monster , you are going to remember the day you were born Reece fought with the Gangoku he reliezed that the more he is beating it the more it is becoming strong his powers started to dwindle ” you see now human me a m a Gangoku will take over this Kingdom ,it will be under my care the threat is there sleeping and blood coming out soon he will die ”the Gangoku laughed loudly such that every one in the kingdom got scared it started speaking in a loud voice every one hearing it ” your king is now dead I suppose the kingdom will now be ruled by Gangokus , it will be a new erra people in the Kingdom bow down to me your new king , ” people got shocked what happened cause they never expected the kingdom will be taken over , Reece never gave up ,the soldiers of the kingdom tried to fight the Gangoku but to no avail it vanished them ,the soldiers in the kingdom depleted , ” when Watkins woke up he , found Reece fighting with the Gangoku blood was still coming out ,he couldn even stood up ,the palace was vandalized ” you are no match to me , you keep fighting me , you see let me tell you the powers you have will drain as a result you will be no more and a m surprised you just keep fighting me . where are you getting that confidence because you really know deep down your heart you have are no match to me . ” Reece said ” its my duty as a general to die for my kingdom than let you take over , I just can take it ” wow thats impressive but you know what sometimes you just have to give up there is no point in fighting with me ,if you don know a m just using fifty percent of my powers and you are here bragging about defeating me thats impeccable and I guess you should just give up ”, a Gangoku said ,it was disaster in the kingdom of Venham the future lies at the course of despair.

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