Watkins was on the ground bleeding he started crying and remembering how they grew with McGill during childhood ”you know my brother I love you so much Watkins be happy and some day how would like to see your family when you grow up , ” Watkins chuckled ” what you have said will happen , ”

Reece was still fighting with a Gangoku they fought until Reeces power depleted and he failed down , the Gangoku started laughing ” you know human its time you have to go now ,we had great funny together , ” Watkins screamed ”Reece ! ” no don and the Gangoku removed a sword and wanted to strike Reece and upon the Gangoku attempting to cut his head ,it was shocking that he was removed by Kamara from being killed ” oh you are back priest It was very obvious that I sensed you but I had that doubt in my mind ” the Gangoku said , Kamara was stunned what has happened to the kingdom of Venham , it was in deep chaos all over and Kamara looked at the Gangoku eye to eye and said ” what have you done McGill what lead you to do all this and why did you touch the ball of Oasis ,a m very disappointed with you ” the Gangoku started laughing ” you know priest the only thing that has made me to do all this is the Venham Kingdom ,I want to rule this Kingdom I hope perhaps you know that have already taken over this place no humans will be here only Gangokus, ” the Gangoku replied ,

Kamara was the priest of the Venham Kingdom who guided them what to do as a king ,he gave advise to the father of Watkins , so he was disturbed when he saw the kingdom being turning into dust, Kamara quickly disappeared to Watkins and healed the wounds he was inflected by a Gangoku ,the Gangoku was shocked that Kamara had healing powers which no one knew in the Kingdom ” how come you have those Powers to heal wounds a m very furious now you can fight you all together ,all I just want is to succeed you Watkins , ” the Gangoku screamed so loud, Watkins and Kamara the priest joined forces to destroy McGill the Gangoku ,they fought until the monster was beaten it started breathing heavily and smiled saying ” I hope you know that I have just used fifty percent of my powers and I just wanted to have some fun , ” when Watkins heard this he was stunned and asked the priest Kamara ” what should we do with this monster ? ” Kamara replied ” I really don know , I was not expecting this would happen but I suppose the more we are fighting it the more it is becoming much stronger , the monsters Power is crazy increasing , ”

The Gangoku screamed until it upgraded its Power ” you know that I have leveled up my power to sixty percent now , I m now unstoppable , I will be moving fast and disappear , this kingdom will be for Gangokus only humans will be wiped for sure they all world will know who really McGill , ” Watkins and Kamara started battling the Gangoku but to no avail it was fast , and disappearing , Watkins asked Kamara ” what do we have to destroy this monster ? ” I have realized that the more we are fighting it our powers are depleting this would cause us to be vulnerable when we continue fighting it ,we should think of a plan to just capture it or do something about it , Kamara replied ” you know I have been thinking of a plan to use your bracelet which gives light to the Kingdom ,I combined it with my powers to send this monster in the Zambezi punisher , Watkins asked ” whats the Zambezi punisher ? ” Kamara Chuckled ” this is the portal located in the other planet only your bracelet can bring it back , your father Vandersa one told me about it but I never thought this kind of day will once come to light ,I a m not sure if this can work but you father ensured me he used it before ”, Watkins got happy ” lets try this bracelet we have to do everything to save this Kingdom from the brick of despair ,we should not let this Gangoku take over this Kingdom , many have families here and every day waking up the know Watkins is there to help them as a king its my duty to save my Kingdom , ” he screamed the Gangoku looked at them together Kamara and Watkins ” you are tired of fighting me, I had already told you going tow to tow with me is like a human eating grass, when he really knows he can eat it ,I would perhaps congratulate you a bit this Kingdom will all be mine . ”

Watkins was devastated when he looked at the Gangoku laughing and he told Kamara ” a m giving you this necklace of Ven , you should destroy this Monster a m tired. ”

The Gangoku was furious ” it seems you guys are wasting my time , I will end you now , ” when Watkins saw this he quickly removed the necklace of Ven and gave it to Kamara ” you should strike this monster priest I know but for the sake of the kingdom and people living in it ,we should do everything to save our people, ”

The Gangoku disappeared when Watkins looked at the back he was hit by the this monster and fervently failed down , when Kamara intuitioned this he fastly combined his powers and the necklace of Ven and striked the Gangoku upon doing that the monster started screaming ” you have managed to kill me , you are unworthy of this freedom you pursue , ” Kamara replied ” Justice will always prevail, you know McGill it was share waste of time turning yourself into a Gangoku and destroy this beautiful kingdom of the East which units other kingdom and perimeters , you are unwise and disgrace to this land , you will be forever be remembered as a person who harmed Venham kingdom , ” Kamara called Watkins ” take the sword and kill this monster , ” Watkins quickly got the sword and stroke the Gangoku and threw the monster in the Zambezi punisher and the portal was closed , the kingdom was finally safe from the course of despair everyone In the kingdom was happy the necklace of Ven helped them with the power of Kamara , after few years passed Metsa was born in the Venham kingdom as a princess ,it was wonderful and people enjoyed the peace.

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