Unseverable Bond


In the world of ninjas, there were special ninjas who could manipulate the elements at will. They were known as elemental ninjas or shinobi. But this did not mean that ordinary ninjas were pushovers. They could also wield special abilities which may make them equal with elemental ninjas although that is usually not the case there are some instances where ordinary ninjas defeat elemental ninjas of the same rank.

Ninjas usually like to live where the elemental essence was plentiful. There are seven continents. They are named after the elemental essence which is most plentiful there. The elements are eight. There are fire, water, earth, lightning wind, light(light element), darkness and void elements. The seven continents are Phoenix/fire, Aqua/Water, Douja/Earth, Raijin/Lightning, Fuzon/Wind, Yin/Light and Yang/Darkness. The void element did not have a continent because it was too rare. They have only been 50 void elemental ninjas in the past 200000 years. The rarity scale was earth to wind to water to fire to lightning to light to darkness to void.

Ninjas are affined to elements which have been close to them the most for 7 years. If one person gets into contact with a lot of elemental essence of fire then he will grow to be affined to the fire element. Also based on ones conduct one could awaken certain elements with very little contact. Earth element is usually awakened by Brute people. Wind element is usually awakened by fickle people and usually cool-headed and cowardly people. Cool-headed people awaken water element, hot headed people awaken fire element. Quick thinkers and good headed people usually awaken lightning element. Light element for those who have a great sympathy ,warm heart and love for Peace and towards others and even the environment. Darkness element for cunning people and who hav

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