The sweet scent of the very delicious looking Palm nut soup on the hot coal-pot kept distracting me from my initial mission. Firstly, the mission was to refuse to eat and go on a hunger strike all while acting super sour towards mom but my I changed my mind, instead, Ill simply pretend to refuse to eat then Ill give in and eat after she tries to persuade me. What? you can blame me, the soup looks super delicious and it has three different fish in it and that doesn happen every day trust me. Fish is so expensive these days that mom hardly makes soup anymore and if she does? its only half a fish cut into pieces inside the soup. That too the kinda cheap fish which is mostly tuna, but today weve got not only tuna but hearings shrimp and I think salmon. I can just let all of that fish go now can I?

” Whats wrong with your face? you look like you
e in heaven ” my mom said in a mocking tone. She knows what palm nut soup does to me. Damn Im failing in my quest! no, I shall not fail! in fact, Ill stick to my first plan, I will stand strong and firm and will refuse to eat any food she gives to m-

” Wheres your plat- ”

”-here it is ” I hurriedly shoved my plate into her hand and looked at her impatiently as she filled it. I finished eating with Mom and my little sister then left to go back to the kitchen to clean up so I can take my evening bath and go to bed. I took the old standing broom from beside the refrigerator and started sweeping.

okay so Operation I shall not eat was a big flop…but still, no worries, therell be other days to do better strikes. I placed the broom back after sweeping and started to wipe the table.

As I was still thinking about what Ill be going on strike for next and wiping the table half consciously at the same time, I didn see the – BAM!!!


the plate filled to the brim with palm nut soup and lots fish which is now scattered all over the floor. Im dead.

”What was that?!? ” my mom run into the kitchen with my little sister tailing behind her but then she froze when she saw the mess.

”Mom Im so sorry I didn mean to I was so lost in thought I didn see the- ”

”Quiet ” my mom said in a very low voice with her eyes still looking at the mess. Then she slowly looked up at me.

” Save the explanation for when your dad gets home in about an hour ” Then she opened the door and went out leaving my sister and I alone in the kitchen.

” Dads coming home early today?? Yayyy!!!!!! ”

my little sisters voice rang throughout the tiny kitchen as she ran back into the living room. My dad who works so hard he leaves home super early and comes home so late to the extent that Ive not seen him in about a week is coming home early for once hurray right? No. Big- huger- than- an -elephant No. My father and I don get along. No he doesn hate me and vice versa but we just don get along. Hes the every girl should be silent and keep her head down kind of man and Im the I speak for myself and will even speak for you if you can kind of girl. So you see? polar opposites. We practically avoid each other to avoid a catastrophe but now… hes coming home early and not just that, I think I just destroyed his meal that hes probably looking forward to. So thats why there were so many fish in the soup. I smacked myself. Stop thinking about the soup Lady! You
e about to become the fried fish in your dads soup. No. I can let this happen. The guy has got serious anger issues and Ive gotten a feel of them before. I have absolutely no intention of feeling his wrath again. But hell be home in less than an hour what do I do??? A very bright idea popped into my head.

I immediately went into my living room which is actually also my bedroom in the night, laid my bed and pretended to be asleep for so long that I actually fell asleep.


” Where is she?!? ” I was hearing voices in my sleep again. Why does this happen everytime I try to have fun in my mansion with living dolls and utensils? Whos voice is that anyway? it sounds nothing like the other one this morning..

”I said where is she?! Ill skin her tonight!! does she know how much it costs to get food on the table each day!!! ”

wait a second…. thats not no stranger.. thats-

I heard a sound like a belt being buckled then next thing I knew, the belt was dancing on my body. I screamed in agony and pain as my father rained all his anger on me with his belt and my mother tried to beg him to stop. He finally listened and they both left me and continued into the only actual bedroom which is theirs. I laid on my back and cried whiles looking at the ceiling, thinking about how much I hated my mom for telling my dad and my dad for being so ruthless. I was too young to understand that my father didn just whip me because he couldn get over simple food and he hated me like I thought, instead it was because of the life we lived, how cruel it was to us and how it takes everything away the moment you loose your grip for just a second. He wanted to teach me that in our world, everything is precious, even food. I cried myself to sleep after a few hours…or maybe it was just the pain making minutes seem like hours.

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