Unforgiving Side

Father Feuds

I felt someone tap my leg gently. ”Lady…. Lady….. come on Lady its morning wake up. ” Whos that? Argh doesn matter. I turned from the disturbing voice and prepared to make my way to Dreamland again when I felt the tapping again..Arghhhhh. ” Wake up Ladyyy or Ill call momm ” now its gotten whiney. Who ever they are, they better back off, Ive got to get back to my mansion where I have my own room. ”Thats it!! Mom!!!!!!! Lady is pretending to be asleep!!! ” what the- I couldn finish my mental sentence… or get back to my mansion, do you know why? its because someone decided to use my back as a damn drum!

I yelled in pain as I felt a heavy hand collide with my back. ” Wake up lazy girl!!! ” my moms voice roared with anger. I immediately got up from my tiny bed that I shared with my younger sister with tears in my eyes. ” Its 7:00 am on a Saturday and as a woman you
e still asleep, how can this be? Before I close and open my eyes I want to see u fully refreshed and ready to wash you and your sisters clothes, have I made myself clear?! ” I slowly nodded all while trying to hold back my tears. Big mistake.. I could practically see fire in her eyes. ” Did you just use your head to answer me? what, so you
e a lizard now?!? just get out of my sight before I do something Ill regret. ” I quickly moved past her and prepared to take my bath by taking my sponge which is so hard because Ive been using it for about two years now and fetching myself half a bucket of water then carrying it all the way to the bath house which is about half a mile away from my home. I quickly took my bath, dressed up and proceeded to wash the clothes mom had already placed in the soapy water for me. Lucy is already 6, why can she wash her own underwear? mom made me start to wash mine when I was 5! so why can she do it and I have to do that? I kept asking myself questions which received no answers and finally finished all my chores for the morning. I looked at the old clock on top of the half working old refrigerator, 1:26pm, time for lunch and it better be huge because I missed breakfast. I went into the living room where my mom was watching the midday news on television. I didn pay attention to the television just my rumbling stomach and what it needs. ” Ma please Im done with everything Im supposed to do- ”

”-did you wash the dishes? sweep the kitchen and the room? throw away the dirty water? wash the- ”

”-yes mom yes I did everything ” she didn look convinced but then seemed to let it go. ” Don cut off an adult when they
e speaking to you ” I mentally rolled my eyes. ” okay Mom. Mom Im hungry ” she looked at me with a puzzled look. ” what do you mean you
e hungry? didn you just eat breakfast about three hours ago? ” what? ” No Ma I didn I promise ” she still looked confused then turned to look at my younger sister who was sitting on the floor. ”Lucy did you tell Lady what I told you to tell her? about the food? ” Lucy looked up slowly ” Err…erm…. ”

”Lucy…. ” mom dragged out slowly, almost like how I could feel anger rising in my chest as realization slowly dawned on me. ” Im sorry Mom I totally forgot ” she said in her little voice. My mom closed her eyes as if to keep in her own anger. ”Im sorry Lady but until its 4:00pm and time to prepare supper I can lend out any more money ” she said without looking at me. I slowly went to sit at the corner of the room facing the television without making a sound. Im not gonna say anything too. Let her own conscience eat her up. I paid more attention to the news that was being casted.


” And today, shockingly, two men where caught red handed trying to **** a 13 year old

girl we now know they kidnapped. According to the hero, he saw the girl in the back seat of the culprits car, gagged and crying for help whiles the culprits where buying fuel at a filling station. ” I rolled my eyes. When will news casters cast something thats actually news? I know its rude for me to do that but really, is this anything new? about and average of 88 **** cases and 65 defilement cases are recorded daily and its not like theyll do anything about it but simply let the girl go home without even taking her to the hospital and then probably just fine the guys or something. And that so called hero? Ill bet he did it just for the fame but God bless him anyway, at least hes better than the one who was filling the tank of the culprits and probably saw the girl but didn say anything. Its what people do now, mind their own business. ” How cruel the world is now ” my mom said then turned to look at me. ” This is why Everytime you
e walking to school I tell you never to give mind to any stranger and be very careful. ”

” Okay Mom ”. what else was I supposed to say?. Mom left us to watch what we wanted after the news was over and before I knew it, it was 4pm. Time to get stuffed right? No. Ive got other plans. Its time to show mom the real meaning of the saying a hungry person is an angry person.

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