”Okay so I will need fresh taro leaves, some palm oil, onions- ” I zoned out after that which Ill probably pay for in the next few minutes but whatever. Shes probably going to go on and on and on and ”-do you think we should use eggs or white seed melon? ” Okay thats a new. Mom never asks me for suggestions. ” Errr, I think the white seed melon will do. ” She smiled. ”Thats right. Okay so take this for the white seed melon instead of eggs- ” she placed 2.00 Ghanaian cedis into my palm, ”-and take this for the others I said before….you did get all of that right? ” I shifted from one foot to another subtly. ” Of course I did Mom ” She gave me a skeptical look and from how she was sitting on the half tarted couch she looked like my grandmother. ” Fine then. Repeat all that I said you should get ”. Damnit. I simply shrugged and began repeating. ” Fresh taro leaves, palm oil, onions, green pepper, charcoal, tuna, spices and white seed melon ” She smiled again. ”Just don forget. Now hurry up and get me the items so I can prepare the food before your father gets home. ” I doubt thats a problem. Hes never home early but whatever. ” Is that all Ma? ” She gave me an incredulous look. ”What do you mean by that, of course thats all!! ” You don have to scream! ”Are you sure you
e not forgetting something?? ” She looked pissed off now. ”Look, go and get the items for me now, Im the one preparing the food not you. ” That didn sit well with me. ”Oh so well be eating just palaver sauce today then? ” She was looking on her phone now as a sign of dismissal and replied with a ” Yeah sure ” without looking at me. I made a deadpan look. ”No rice? ” She froze. Then slowly gave a nervous totally-not-real laugh. ”Oh thats my girl! I was testing you to see if youd remember, and of course being the big girl you are now you totally did ” she took her half worn purse again and gave me 7.00 Ghs to buy a specific brand of rice. I quickly set off after that.

With my head low but my mind in Dreamland I made my way absent mindedly to the various shops I would get the food stuffs. Ive been going there everyday since I was 5. Thats 6 years now of making the same journey. I could probably go there safely even if I close my eyes and walk. Should I try….? No. Mom said she needs these items fast. I quickly made my way to what Ill call our communitys small market square and visited three shops in total to get all what I needed then started to make my way home. I skipped, ran and walked on my way all while still in Dreamland. Its way better there than in the real world where I have to endure the long weird and uncomfortable stares.

I made it home, gave the food stuffs to my mom and proceeded to go continue the nice cartoons I was watching. ”Hey hey hey

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