2 The davis

30 years later,

San Bosa District, 3012.

”Have a good date, Erin ”, said the doctor to one of the nurses. They just changed from surgical gowns to normal medical uniforms.

”Thanks, Doctor. Im really excited. Gotta go. ”

Saw Erin almost galloped away, the others put all their effort not to laugh.

Caleb shook his hand and thanked the team members before going back to their own office.

The operation was successful. The surgical team could bring the spoon out of the patients stomach even though it was still a mystery how he swallowed this object through the esophagus.

Caleb Davis was a forty-five-year-old surgeon working at San Bosa Hospital. It was a small hospital in a small town. San Bosa was a district in Idrina State, located in the southwestern region of the Federal Republic of New Hope. A peaceful little town where most people knew each other well. Like the latest patient, he was a restaurant owner in the heart of the city. His business had been run from generation to generation.

A case like this was not a regular one. What kept them busy was the patients who thought they were nearly dead but the truth was the reaper had not taken any glance. Caleb secretly admitted that once there was an emergency or serious case, it kindled the fire of eagerness and curiosity as a surgeon but it came with the guilt when the patient must be suffering.

On the wall behind the chair, Caleb had decorated many photos. One was the photo of Macario Delgado, Head of San Bosa District, who was cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony to celebrate the complete renovation of the hospital. It received the budget after three years of the request. The event was two years ago. In the photo, Caleb stood behind Delgado, fixing his eyes on something elsewhere (and he could not remember what he had been looking at). His bronze skin was a little bit glowing due to the sunlight reflecting on his hot sweat. Lean and tall body, Caleb was outstanding from the others. His daughters said that he was very handsome and giggled after. He knew they mocked him because Caleb in the photo did look like a fool.

Next was the photo of the President of the Federal, Georgina Lawrence, a woman with short pixie red hair. Every governmental office must have her photo as one of the main decorations. For the other photos, they were of his family.

”Farewell to the age of terror! My New Hope people, today, well celebrate the glory of our new freedom, our forever peace, our true equality! ”

New freedom…was a smart choice of words. What kind of
ew freedom she meant? Caleb questioned himself while recalling Miss Presidents propaganda speech. The news today reported how the world was facing many serious problems but people were attacked by unnecessary information and obsessed with them. Every day, Caleb would hear small news about terrorists in borderlands, crimes, robbery, and thieves, while the primary topic the media kept reporting was celebrities dating. Freedom was only a beautiful word to lure people when the options were limited.

He caught sight of someones shadow through the gap in the door and sighed when that person opened it without asking for permission. Because there was only one person who had this reckless habit.

The guest was a good-looking woman, wearing a clean white uniform that transmitted the combined scent of a fabric softener and the intense fragrance of her perfume. She had her shiny blonde in a low bun. With those jade green eyes, she used them to stare fixedly at him. She was one of the nurses here and a long-time friend…well, friend was the word Caleb used alone. Her reputation was quite unpleasant here. This woman loved flirting with co-workers. Once a man gave her his heart, she brutally tore it apart. Caleb was one of her unaccomplished missions even though he was married, she ignored the fact.

The way she looked at him intensely stirred an uncomfortable feeling. Therefore, Caleb shot her a reproachful look. He did not like this naughty childish game.

”What? Why
e you looking at me like that? I come here to talk about your daughter. Here, in this magazine, I see her. I want to know about the scholarship too. Does she win? ” Her voice revealed her real excitement.

The woman opened the magazine, Femme. Caleb saw many beautiful girls in Lexy jeans, a popular fashion brand among adolescents nowadays. His eyes caught the girl with light-brown medium-long hair, who owned a pair of illuminated blue sapphires in her eyes. With that kind of appearance, no one questioned why the staff at the child adoption center named her Angela before Caleb and Bianna took her to the warmth of their family. And she became their Alexis since then.

”Shes so beautiful, Caleb. The girl is prettier every time I see her. ”

”Yes, she is. ” Caleb could not hide his proudness though he was familiar with the positive words people complimented all of his children.

”Congratulations father of the year—no, of every year, I think. ” She gave a wink.

Caleb shook his head modestly, ”You overrate me. They are naturally good and smart. God gave them grace. Bianna and I are very lucky parents. We are the lucky parents. ”

She rolled her eyes when he mentioned the word God as if it irritated her ears. ”You raised them well, you and Bianna. I just heard that she got accepted to the Medical School yesterday. Amazing jobs, Caleb. They
e amazing and you too. All of your children are good and smart because of you. Don be humble. Tell me which one does the girl choose? Medical school or modeling job? ” She did not just speak but rubbed his feet with hers.

The doctor gently removed his feet from the dangerous trap. His heart beat eccentrically, not because of the sexual arousal or her seduction, but the fear of her quick move. Caleb had neither fallen into the trap nor was curious to study her charm. On the contrary, he was afraid if someone came and mistook the situation. The only ones he cared for were his wife and his children. They were the most precious treasure he would never let anything take away.

”Im married and I love her so much. How many times did I tell you not to do this? I don like your game. I despise it. Delete my name on your mens list. Please! ”

”Okay, relax. ” She gave a shrugged, no sign of understanding. ”So Which path did she choose? ”

Caleb held his breath, trying so hard to be patient. ”Alexis wants to do both but its hard to study and work at the same time because shes going to be a medical student, my daughter will focus on her study only. This work… ” He tapped his finger on the photo of the magazine, ”…just a part-time job. She earns good money but she knows what she has to do, ”

The woman chuckled. ”Sound like your answer, not hers. How about the scholarship? I heard she has more chance to win and that means a lot of money. And your family may have to relocate. ”

She talked about the government scholarships that, every year, it offered five students who had excellent grades and live in one of the fourteen states. It meant a big fortune for the winners. They would enroll in the private University of Futuristic Metropolis, the same title as the capital, where all the elites studied and the best education courses were available. After graduation, the scholars would be employed in governmental organizations, subjecting to their field. It was not only about money but also awaiting a bright future.

”The result will be announced next week. There are many hundred candidates from all over the country. Honestly, we wish shell win but the other kids are the crème too. Well, since Jesse and Bryce couldn , we tried not to have high expectations because we don want to pressure her. Just see their names as the candidates, we
e so proud. ”

”I see. ”

Caleb stood up and arranged his bags. It was eight oclock and his wife might finish her shift. Bianna might be waiting and chatting with her friends. He would not risk his life letting her find her husband with this woman in the office. Women had a superior sense to men, especially toward the other women. And Bianna was a woman. She was always aware of this nurses notorious reputation and his wife was not too positive to think they were just talking.

e on duty. Night shift? ” asked he.

”Yes, night shift. You don have to shorten our conversation, doctor. I know you love her but just talking to me for a few minutes will not hurt anyone. Can you just give me sometimes? ”

He exhaled tiredly. ”You think people don know you
e the real heartbreaker? Last month, Phil kept himself and spoke to none. Last year, you broke Nathans heart into pieces and he had to request for transfer. Oh, and there are many men out there. We
e getting old. Why don you stop playing and find someone like your sister did? I mean to find the right one. ” His tone sounded like a father in the church.

She almost opened her mouth to make the counter-argument but Caleb stopped it.

”Don , ” he said, glaring at her pretty face. ”Don argue. And don come into my office like this again. Next time, I report to Erin for sure, I certainly will. ”

Yes, that Erin, the nurse who just went on the first date of the forty-year lifetime and also the head of all nurses here. He hoped to see fear in those bright green eyes. Disappointed. He failed.

The woman stood up with an arrogant smile. ”Your words hurt me enough, Caleb, such a cold heart. ” She pinched her voice just to make fun of him.

However, before she walked out of the room, Caleb inhaled deeply and left the final message, intending to kill her stubbornness, and this time, he was colder than ever, ”Im serious, Mary, please have some senses. You
e not a child anymore. ”

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