Under the Mask

Chapter 1.2: Music Pendant

The poorly lit room suddenly lightened up to reveal its white walls which alarmed lost little miss thinking she triggered it to happen.

But it wasn her at all, it happened because the game has activated.

Faint finger taps on the wood echoed around the room gaining the attention of the young miss. Hesitant to turn around, she mentally prepared herself for the worst. She did turn around to her dismay, however, it wasn a wicked devil but an angel sent from heaven.

`Cringe as it may be, it is her choice of words.`

”Hello, I am Kira. And welcome to the space between. ” The angel humbly said.

As she spoke the last sentence, the room started to change its design and structure as it fills itself with decors, accessories, and appliances.

The plain white room has turned into a modern designed hotel lobby with each side consisting of an elevator. One leads to the worlds while the other is the exit. Where the young miss is currently standing is the spawning area of the players as they launch the game.

”The space between the worlds, as purgatory is found in between heaven and hell. ”

The young miss was astonished to see the transformation as if it were magic.

”Young soul, what is your name? ” Kira asked.

”Melody, ” The young miss replied, bewildered as to how the receptionist addressed her.

”Im not dead, right? ”

Kira chuckled, ”No, you
e in a game, Melody. ”

”Ehhhhh???? ” Melody yelled out.

I don remember being in front of my computer or putting my VR glasses on or even signing up for anything, she thought.

”So, that means you
e— ”

”Yes, Im an AI, ” Kira smiled as she snapped her fingers.

I was supposed to say the host but an AI host is better, she nodded to herself. Wait, what?

A chair appeared behind Melody bumping her forward, making her sit on it abruptly as it moves towards the reception table. All the while, Melody is still processing everything.

”I saw you look at those portraits earlier, ”

”Huh? ” Melody asked still in a daze. ”Uh, right. ”

Kira waved her hand then a bunch of holograms appear in front of her, showing different avatars with their names, ”There are more of them but those three are unique. ”

Melodys face lit up, ”Only they have the same avatars but have little to no distinctions. ”

”Thats right, ” Kira twirled Melodys chair around for her to face them, ”Not only that, but they are the only group whos in the lead to unraveling the most prominent case of this game. ”

In that instance, their progress is shown. Their percentage is shown higher than the rest of the groups of players.

”Can everyone else see this? ” Melody perched up, noticing that it will lead to trouble if they could.

Kira shook her head, ”No, only you and I can. ”

”Why me? ” Melody asked as Kira twirl her chair again and now they were facing each other, ”I mean, I get why it isn shown to everyone else but me, ”

Kira stares at her as if reading a book, ”Let me ask you something, then Ill answer your question. ”

Melody slowly nodded, a bit confused about her actions.

”Which do you think is worse?

(1) Not knowing what you
e good at;

(2) Knowing what you
e good at but not being able to use it; or

(3) Knowing what you
e good at but wasting it. ”

As Kira announced the options, she shows her fingers as if counting toward Melody.

Melodys gaze on Kira became dull as she replied, ”4. Experiencing all of them. ”

”That answers your question, ” Kira smirked, ”Because you are special. ”

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