Under the Mask

Prologue: Perplexity (1)

•~•~• Someones POV•~•~•

Where am I?

Why is it so dark?

Am I dead?

I gathered my strength and sat down, touching my head.

I feel nauseous, and my head hurts.

How did I get here?

Out of the blue, a light shone down on me from above.

Am I dead?

I looked up, shading my vision with my hand, then stood slowly.

I guess its my time already.

I smiled a bit, reminiscing the memories I could muster to remember.

But something doesn add up.

I survived a plane crash, a slice on my neck, a bullet near my heart, only to die by falling down the stairs?!

Im going to sue the Angel of Death for this.

Suddenly, a series of lights start to light up, forming a trail leading to a drawer.

Am I dreaming?

I decided to pinch my face then grimaced at how hard I did it.

Im still alive. Now, Im confused if I should be happy or not.

Deciding to follow the lighted trail, I took my time to walk in it and found out that it led not to a drawer but a

set of frames, three whole body-sized picture frames that had three people on each of them, wearing distinct clothes but somehow, having similar facial features.

Whats going on?

Why am I here with them?

Who… are they?

•~•~•Lisas POV•~•~•

”Lisa! ” Veronica exclaimed and crushed me into a bone-crushing hug as soon as I got out of the car.

”Can breathe. ” I barely spoke.

She let go of me with a pout, ”I missed you. ”

I chuc

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