Ultimate Kroton System

Chapter 3: And so it begins

Ezri explain the reason why they are cheap

[It is now cheap due to influx of new minerals also because they are in more abundant in that particular Universe] she explained

I see, make sense I think I should buy samples with a small amount of most which are affordable so I can further study them later on and try replicating them

After sometime I finally finished selecting the minerals which I found intriguing and fascinating, i spended around 265m in total for all that, Now time to prepere my body

First lets get a physique, I think I should get one which has some form of adaptation capability, it can help me become immune to what is usually deadly…

I started looking around the physique section, there were many interesting one but I concur and focused on my goal and finally after awhile I found it

[Physique: absolute calamity

Rank: mythical

Description: What doesn kill you instantly is only the nourishment to make your body stronger, as long as you can survive any deadly attack to your immune system for more than three seconds, you will only grow more resilient and immune to it]

Welp time to buy all the deadly poisons and viruses, three different of each level should do so my body at least has data on how lethal each level can be since its not that expensive to buy them

Next, I should buy traits as they will help me comprehend things easier and faster, I don need a language trait since I already have a heroic one which I got thanks to a quest and its good already since it lets me comprehend all languages easily

I will probably need a trait which has a good instinct towards most, although I have a rare one which helps me detect attacks but thats just towards humans and peak human individuals and what I got from the species description, there are many species who have a faster speed as base than humans have

so i began searching for an instinct trait looking from category of legendary and mythical,then I finally found one which was good for me…

[Trait: Angelic instinct

Rank: Mythical

Description: Angels are one of the most strongest beings with an innate instinct to most things, ranging from vaguely sensing others intentions towards themselves to instinctively dodging nearly all form of attacks which are avoidable…]

It also lets me control how much I can sense others intention, so I won be swarmed with sensing others intentions, I will mostly keep it at pointing towards malicious intents as they are what I should be worried about

I think I should also get a trait which lets me become a battle genius as that Aura thing worries me, it seemed more suited for close combat people, maybe this will even help me with war tactics

After looking for awhile I found a good trait for that

[ Trait: Battle junkie

Rank: Legendary

Description: Battling is a form of art with beauty, there are many ways to battle, what matters is how the users initiate them and to do that they need to be inspired and constantly master new ways to battle…]

Maybe I should do a combo trait and get something which lets me basically replicate others fighting styles and adapt them to suit my own style…

[Trait: Copy Cat

Rank: legendary

Description: The road to success is filled with inspiration from your peers,the more you battle them the more you will understand thier fighting style but they aren yours, that however doesn stop you from learning them to fit yourself…]

Next, I should get a healing Trait, a mythical one at that, so I can extract my blood and make super serums with it to further make myself more stronger…

[Trait: Rebirthing Breeze

Rank: Mythical

Description: injuries are temporary and fictional,even a hand can be regrown if given enough time, so what if you nearly died, as long as you survive long enough you will be reborn!…]

Lets see Whats next, hmmm I can really think of anything, Ezri did I forget something?

[Suggestion: Get a trait which protects your mind and soul from any sort of mind manipulation magic, although I have a firmware to protect your soul, better be cautious than not cautious ] said Ezri

True, and so I started looking for a good trait

And after a bit of browsing I found the perfect one…

[Trait: Soul World

Rank: mythical

Description: Protect your soul and mind from unwanted invaders, keep them at bay, create your own defenders, the only limit is your imagination and mind exhaustion…]

Neat! Thats about it for traits, I already have my own innate traits I was born with, come to think about it my innate Trait to comprehend and truly understand science always said its an unknown rank, I wonder what rank it is

[Trait: King of science

Rank: mythical

Description: Science is the key to future and those who understand it completely are the kings who rule over its concepts,as long as its part of science, no matter it be technical or medical, the king shall prevail above all…]

I am rather speechless… Am I the main character or something…

Moving on,Next are skills, I have many skills still I think I will buy more, best be prepared for any unnecessary trouble

So I began my long browsing through the skill section, it took me around eight hours or so I think to pick what I need, I brought skills which helps me recover faster be it be stamina, mana or health, skills to hasten myself, skills to give me short term boosts when I need it and finally life saving skills,

I mostly picked skills which lets me use my kp and also my own energy like mana, stamina etc so I can use them a lot even if I run out of them physically just in case I ever need them in emergency, this is one of my tramp cards to survive…

Hmmm I still have around three billion kp left, maybe I should get some lifesaving or useful items, so I began browsing through the item section and to say the least it shocked me quite a bit

there were many magical items, Potions which is able to heal injuries which took years into within a month, artifacts which distorts space itseft, one-time items which casts high tier spells enough to level countries in my old universe, serums which extents ones inner potential to near instantly gaining formidable power never before seen

It reshaped my view of this universe, it was… Fascinating! and dangerous… Although I could scientifically invent said example given enough time it still would have taken me weeks or even months But still there were many items which defied the very laws of physics,things I previously thought was near impossible

I smriked as it only made me more excited for this universe, finally I will be able to explore what I only read on light novels due to boredom, possibilities which was limited before

But nonetheless its time to get all the items I need to prepere, specially the onces I gave examples of…

That took longer than I thought it would, I mean surely no one can blame me when there are so many limitless items to pick from, although it would have taken longer if I didn specify what I wanted beforehand its now safe to say I can at least survive many dangerous magical situation

After moving my hands a bit I said ”Gabriel, I am done picking what I need, whats the next step ”

”Great! ” He chirped and his face visually brightened

”But first, let me tell you something which I was waiting to tell you for years… HE is in hell… ”he told me with a cold hardened face

My expression first went from confusion to deep frown, then blinded rage, when I remembered HIM, I tried to calm down although I didn wanna, I know I should move on and I did in fact somewhat…

Finally I accepted the reality and with a deep sigh escaping from my mouth ”… Thank you ”

I said with profound gratitude, it can be explained with words…

”No need… As remember I said ,Our Lord is both merciful and fair anyways You will now receive a parting gift ”he said with a smile

[Ding! You have received a gift along with a message from @##@+]

I first checked the message as it reads

[Message: O Son of Adam, struggled you have dearly, seen I have always,care deeply for you I have, thus grant you my blessing…]

I visibly smiled when I read that, although the form of speech was a bit difficult to read, I knew who it was from… Always watching, always Caring…

Now lets check what I got…

[Skill: £¥•√`Π

Rank: Unknown

Description: You can now grant blessing and curses opon anyone and anything within reason, it will cost mana if temporary and Kroton points if permanent…]

As I read it, I went blank… Then came dread… Not excitement but pure dread… Many would find this to be ecstatic until they realized it will eventually become boring?

”Is something wrong? ” Gabrial asked with a confused look but I didn answer

….well shit [ding you los-]- now lets think about this logically, although this skill is overpowered and I don mind being overpowered, there is a limit and that limit is boredom…

there are obvious limits such as mana and Kroton points, I won have much or at all in the beginning,which limits me until due time,besides I will have many other things I will focus on, this needs more testing so I am inevitably overpowered but it doesn mean I will be bored until I only focus on this, although I won neglect this but I won be mainly focusing on this, phew…

And with that out of the way, ”Sorry was thinking about something ” I told Gabriel

”no worries, now time to get you reincarnated, follow me ” he said with me a and started walking towards the place where the portal was before,he snapped his fingers which casued a new different kind of portal with a strange hue coming out of it

”go right through it,you will be born in due time ” he said after facing me

”Alrigh- ” as I was trying to say, he suddenly hugged me tightly…

I smiled and hugged him back ”… No homo ”I mumbled, ”No homo indeed ” he said with a chuckle after awhile of hugging

”take care, we won be able to meet as each universe has a different version of me, although you can text me using ezri ” he said after letting me go

”It was nice meeting you ” I smiled and said with emotion, then i jumped into the portal only to barely hear ”Yeah… It was ” with similar emotion


(Third pov)

Location: ???, Time:???

The weather was heavy, rainy cloud covering the sky everywhere anyone sees, thundering after awhile yet no sign of raining, it was abnormal… As if some sort of magical force was controlling it

And indeed that is the case, An event where the Universe takes all mana and finally releases back anew, rejuvenating everything and everyone, bringing new horizons to explore!

It takes place every One thousand year, yet with this blessing came its hardship… Mana overflow, in which due to mana being extremely abundant that it becomes poison or a drug which fuels beings with extremely low will or intelligent in a state that makes them lose control over themselves and be aggressive towards anything that moves or has life

Which leads to the scenerio where beasts and animals that has lost control to somehow hoard together and attack settlements made by different species… As its the place where abundant life is present

This very situation is taking place everywhere around the world, but lets focus on capital city of the glorious Alarie empire where our Protagonist shall be born

Everywhere eyes could be seen beasts of different species ravaging towards the city from all sides as thousands opon thousands soldiers put up a front to stop this futile struggle between men and beasts

Two solemn handsome man could be seen standing above the wall along the Front gate as the fight here is the most difficult which needs proper guidance

The man on the left is known as Luke Alarie, the Current emperor of Alarie empire, he has dark wavy hair with Purple eyes, his poster signifies Great discipline and Might

Next to him stands his most loyal best friend and Chief commander of the Alarie Royale Army with his iconic Green hair and Green emerald eyes, his name is Magnus

As they were busy looking over the battlefield, a shadowy figure could be seen moving towards thier location with Inhumane speed that could put modern speed cars to shame, landing right behind both of them while kneeling with one foot raised

”Speak ”Luke said without looking behind him

”Your Majesty, her highnesses are currently been moved to the hospital section of the castle due to imminent pregnancy issues and seeks your presence near them ” the shadowy hooded figure said with a feminine tone

”Damn both of them?, This is a bit… ” Luke replied with a troubled face not knowing what to do and hesitating between choosing his family or the emperors duties…

”Yawn~ Just go, you aren even doing anything, I can handle the troops just fine ” Magnus said with a bored expression

”Thanks! ” Luke said with a smile which Magnus just waved it off with his hand,before he could move a loud roar was heard in the sky

Luke narrowed his eyes towards it ” a wyvern… ” He muttered but ignored it

Luke casted opon himself for greater speed as he and the shadowy figure started moving towards the stairs with absurd speed as he heard Magnus shout before he was far away

! Which landed on the now Unconscious wyvern who was pushed back and landed in a horde of beast trampling thier advances for a little longer…

Inside a Hospital ward, many people can be seen, majority being Female Doctors and nurses who were going around in orderly fashion except two jaw dropping beautiful women who can be seen laying down on two comfortable beds

”ARRGH FUCK!! WHY THE FUCK IS THIS SO FUCKING PAINFULL?!? ” Rowdier of the women screamed, she had Deep purple hair with dark emerald pupils

”Sigh just let them give you the spell to lessen the pain, Adri… ” Said the other women, who had Light blue hair and golden eyes

”NAH! FUCK THAT!ELI!,OTHERWISE HOW WOULD I BRAG TO MY SON ABOUT WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH TO GIVE BIRTH TO HIM?!! ” Adriel Roared while resisting the bone breaking pain all over her


”Giggle~ you never change ” Elisa replied with a chuckle

”Did I arrive on time? ” Suddenly Luke barged in through the doors ignoring the glares from the doctors for startling them

” BLEAGH- YEAH! BARELY, I AM HALFWAY DONE I THINK! ” Adriel shouted as Luke came closer to them and held her hands which could have broken his arm if he wasn strong

”Yes Please push a bit more… ” A female doctor standing near the delivery area said

After awhile of this happening, a resounding babys cry could be heard all around, signifying the birth of the protagonist of this tale…


Word count: 2611

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