Tribalism the enemy of man.

Chapter 3. What it feels to be in love:

James is a very cute, hard-working gentle man in his 30s looking for a life partner. A Yoruba by tribe whos mother has given a serious warning over marrying one whos not from their tribe. He has a challenge of approaching ladies even when he sees the one he likes not until one day.

James made it a routine to always do a walk out every Saturday morning. As usual he went out this Saturday morning for walkout and on his way back he ran into a very pretty and charming lady.

James tried his best to keep focus and face what he was doing but he just couldn so he gathered all the momentum he has to go talk to her, he got to where she stood and said a calm hellooooooooo with shaky voice, my name is James and… and…. a….n…..d…, lacking what to say next he got ashamed of himself, turned to leave but was surprised when he heard a sweet voice that replied by saying my name is Dianna.

He turned to see if his ears are deceiving him but realized that he heard right. They both introduced themselves, exchanged contact and went their separate ways.

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