”How is your mom? ” said Frank as everyone walked into the large room, where there were already countless dishes on the table. Melzy just kept quiet and watched the situation and situation first, she was afraid of mis-wording or misbehavior when she spoke.

”Thankfully, there has been a lot of development by Mom, Dad. Now sleeping in the room, I have brought a medical check-up just now. The doctor said, Mom is healthy and hopefully can get better quickly, can recover as before, ” the young man retorted.

”Gosh? Not a widower? His wife turned out to be sick, ” Melzy said in shock.

”Thank goodness then, wheres Adella? I didn see it. ” Frank turned his head to the right and left, looking for someones figure.

”Yes, she had time to cook first. Then asked me for a week off because she looked after her daughter, who she said was a few days away from giving birth. So, she wanted to prepare because of the first grandchild, ” Leandro retorted.

”Please sit down, Miss Melzy Branwein. It is an honor for us to have lunch and the arrival of special guests, in advance, thank you for helping my dad so much while out of town. ” Leandro developed his smile again to this beautiful woman. Melzy just smiled back at him. Because she was embarrassed, while the thanks to her were as well for what?

She should have expressed millions of words of apology to all members of this house because She had tarnished the happiness of this familys household. Even seeing the helpless wife of the master Frank weak, with the heart of herself playing and having fun with the husband, dad of others who looked warm and harmonious.

Then now what is she trying to be in their midst? Its better does not have to meet all at all and remains a hidden one, even though she must be forced to become the mistress of Frank Josephines master.

”Dad, souvenirs for me are there, right? ” the cute and cheerful girl was seen staring at Melzy several times.

”Yes, there is, Sweetheart. How is your school? ” asked Frank.

”Its fun, Dad, its all smooth. ” Not long after sitting down, the girl, who was still very young, did not forget Frank also introduced Melzy to her youngest daughter. They just stared at each other and threw smiles at each other, even though Melzys chest was beating hard because of nervous.

Melzy stared intently at the atmosphere leading up to the meal together. All closed their eyes and prayed. Whats wrong with this family? Everything looks fine, even they all respect their Dad like a good and responsible father.

Children who are growing up, they are very handsome and seem to have inherited the face of the mother. Is it because the sick wife makes their Dad like girls snacks? Melzys heart felt stirred watching this kind of situation. Its like being sliced into a slice of sad.

The young man is handsome and his face is clean, darker skin than his Father, green-eyed with straight hair and a pointed chin. Such a handsome son is also cute. Melzy didn let go of her gaze at the young man.

”Dad, Leandro brought food to Mom first, who knows if mama wants to. ” Leandro picked up a little food on the plate, then took it to mamas room.

”Oh, yes, Melzy. Introduce him my son—Leandro Josephine. He is good at working to help his father. ” Knew the father.

Melzy reached out and was greeted by the two of them in handshakes.

”There, deliver your mom some food, first! ” ordered Frank then.

Their mom may not be able to move or speak physically, but Melzy is sure that the woman has a heart and her feelings are still normal, must be talking inwardly feeling the incongruity of her husband. The warmth of the sons affection that has seemed to grow up is so beautiful and gentle.

Many adult men are arbitrary and don want to waste time taking care of parents who are already sick, let alone people who are sick, isn it just a matter of paying an assistant or nurse?

Or even worse, which is to hand over to a nursing home? Melzy felt even more sinful for taking part in hurting the womans heart, a Mothers heart. Even the two children in the face of his eyes who look so kind and perfect are like this.

It must have also been born from the womb of an extraordinary Mother, even though her Father was not clear, it didn feel like tears falling down Melzys cheeks, she wiped them herself and in fact the tears flowed more and more unstoppable. Even the young man looked so kind and loved the Mother so much.

Before long, Leandro came back and found Melzys face already sad.

”Miss, are you crying? ” Leandro first caught Melzy crying between them.

”Yes, its true, if she remembers her parents, she is crying easily, ” said their dad.

Melzy immediately rubbed her eyes, ”uh, yes. Im just moved, how lucky this family is to be intact, warm, and affectionate. Its lucky that your mom has children who love her so much, especially when she is sick. ” Melzy had already wiped away all the tears.

”Em, shes told dad, maybe shes moved and sad because Melzy has no one, so because of dads gratitude for her kindness, dad invited us to visit our house, all the way around for the next four days. ” Frank made up a story.

Melzy just smiled because everything was up to what her master said, and even if it was a lie, she still had to say yes.

”We apologize for your story. Oh, yes, she is seemingly very young, dad? ” Leandro added.

”Yes, shes only twenty years old, but shes been trying to work and is tireless. Dad saluted with her. Dad invited she here, maybe you can meet the criteria you are looking for while waiting for your new secretary later, four days, is it not bad for someone to help? ” said the Papa.

”Okay, dad. Tomorrow perhaps I will see her in our office, perhaps I can help my job temporarily, ” Leandro retorted.

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