~What happens if a Father and his son love one woman?~

Melzy Branwein is currently driving alone with a forty-five-years-old good-looking man, as usual, her BOS just wants them both.

There is a driver, but her BOS prefers to drive by himself because he wants to be more private with this beautiful young woman—Melzy Branwein. According to Melzy Branwein, over time she felt that there was a big question because, is there any other intention of this man? Or is there some other interest approximately? During the trip, Mr. Frank Josephine—the good-looking master, told a lot and Melzy only answered briefly and as necessary.

Even after what happened between them, Melzy was still awkward and felt she needs for some distance from the man. Melzy didn expect to be invited to breakfast to a place that was quite crowded and looked elegant, just two of them, anyway. Melzy said truthfully that she had not previously understood the manner and ethics of eating in a fancy place, she was self-aware and felt ashamed if her behavior embarrassed her current master. It turned out that Mr. Franks response was just a smile, and didn mind that.

”You should change into a neater and more decent dress later, don be like this, later my son will be fascinated looking at you. I can be jealous, ha ha! ” the man chirped.

”It could have been you, Mr. Frank. Im not that pretty. Will your son meet me later? ” asked Melzy.

”I told you Id take you home. Of course, you will meet my children and the whole house. ” Melzy became more curious about that answer.

”You don mind me coming to your house, sir? Can you tell me, what should I do and how will it be there? ” Melzy feel afraid of hooking up with her masters family because who she is, and what is the condition of herself as she is today? Of course, it will not be easy for others to accept.

”You don have to call me sir now, just call me Frank, please don be so formal, I have handled plenty of formal situations at work, I want to enjoy it now casually, ” Frank ordered.

”Uhm, no, Mr. Frank! You are my master. ” Melzy was still awkward.

”Take it easy, Ill explain what you should say and do at my house later, ” the man said, then asked Melzy to choose the clothes Melzy liked to make a new, more decent look. She is invited into a womens clothing boutique and Frank asks Melzy to select her own, plus Frank participated in selecting some clothes.

Because Melzy had already decided a few clothes, and she decided a few as well for a few days at her masters house. She was pleased because she turned out to be bought decent clothes, so she was relieved that she was invited to a private house, certainly with a purpose that was not strange.

Dressed modestly and normally, unlike her current outfit—sexy, then she will inevitably face normal occasions and not events full of ugliness like the shadow of her profession today

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