Ah Xiao wont refuse to return Little Sugar Cake to him, will he?


Secretary Zhang recently found out that Little Sugar Cake doesnt like him anymore.

In the past, although Little Sugar Cake would not treat him the same as Mr. Fu, if he took initiative to rub it, it wouldnt resist his touch.

But now——

Little Sugar Cake squatted on the table and ate its cat rice, and his fluffy broom-like tail clings to the table, and sweeps around happily. 

Every now and then its blue eyes gleamed with joy.

It makes people happy when looking at it.

Mr. Fu is in the study.

Secretary Zhang, who was waiting in the living room, pushed on his gold-rimmed glasses with a smile on his lips. He then casually walked to the table and put his hand on the smooth white back of Little Sugar Cake.

However, Little Sugar Cake nimbly dodged.

Secretary Zhangs hand touched an empty air.

The smile on the corner of his lips turned stiff, he looked down at Little Sugar Cake and found that the snow-white kitty turned its head to look at him, its sapphire eyes staring straight at him.

It was just his illusion, right? 

Why did he feel that Little Sugar Cake was avoiding him on purpose?

Secretary Zhang did not believe in evil and put his hand up again.

This time, it was not his illusion.

The white kitty nimbly got away from under his hand, then turned to look at him. A pair of blue eyes were full of the few words, dont bother me. 

Then it lowered its head, took its small pink bowl to the other side of the table, and pointed its butt to Secretary Zhang.

Secretary Zhang: …

He frowned slightly, and was puzzled. He hasnt done anything recently, so why has Little Sugar Cakes attitude towards him changed drastically?

When Fu Xiao went downstairs, he saw this scene, and he couldnt help but chuckled and shook his head. 

He doesnt know what happened to this little ancestor.

It has also been cold to him recently.

Secretary Zhang touched his nose awkwardly and said: “Little Sugar Cake used to like me quite a bit.”

Little Sugar Cake buried his head in the cat rice, and sneered in his heart. 

Heh, humans!

Although it was weekend, Secretary Zhang still handed the latest letter of intent of Lingtong Group to Mr, Fu for the first time. Secretary Zhang frowned and waited for Fu Xiao to read it.

After reading it, Fu Xiao looked a bit thoughtful, then he handed the letter of intent for cooperation to Secretary Zhang.

Secretary Zhang opened it and took a look. 

At their feet, a kitty was playing with a blue ball of yarn on the soft carpet.

The thread of the yarn ball toy had been loosen, and Little Sugar Cake carelessly patted the yarn ball with his pink meat pad. In fact, his pointed ears were eavesdropping on the conversation between Fu Xiao and Secretary Zhang.

Playing with the ball of yarn is just his disguise.

He is not interested in this kind of toy. 

However, Lingtong Group, ah!

Little Sugar Cake was biting the yarn ball absentmindedly as he held it. He always felt that this conglomerate was full of variables, ah.

His furry paws patted at will, and the blue yarn ball rolled away.

Yi, how did the yarn ball roll so far—— 

Dont go, ah!

Secretary Zhang has finished reading and closed the letter of intent, with a hint of doubt flashing in his eyes.

Fu Xiao rubbed the knuckles of his thumb and looked at Little Sugar Cake playing on the carpet. The ball of yarn kept rolling, and the white dumpling ran around the room, cashing the yarn ball, full of energy.

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Its kind of weird.

Fu Xiao lowered his head and pondered for a moment: “President Kong seems to be a native of the country?” 

Secretary Zhang was stunned. According to the data, President Kong has grown up in the country and then started his business abroad.

Fu Xiaos eyes were deep and he said: “Check it out.” He had contact with Kong Linghe several times, and Kong Linghe seemed to be hiding deeply.

Secretary Zhang nodded with a solemn look in his eyes, he moved his mouth, wanting to say something.

In fact, there was one more thing he wanted to say, and that was Yi Ning. 

Because he didnt find the monitoring of Yi Ning entering the elevator.

Fu Xiao is a person who pays great attention to privacy, and there is no camera monitoring in the top-floor office area of ​​Xingchen.

The only one that had monitoring was the entrance of the elevator. Because as long as you want to enter the top floor of Xingchen, you can only use the elevator, but he has not found anyone bringing Yi Ning up.

He suspects that the monitoring has been tampered with, and that some of the assistants are not clean. 

He was puzzled, what could the other party wanted to do?

All this fuss just to send the person up, but has done nothing.

Yes, he was sure the other party did nothing.

He told President Fu, and President Fu asked him to investigate the details of Yi Ning and his assistants. 

But Yi Ning has lived abroad since he was a child. Although the Yi family still has Xingchen shares in these years, their entire focus has shifted abroad. It is very difficult to investigate and it takes time.

Today, his subordinates told him that he has not found the whereabouts of Yi Ning in the country.

Its as if Yi Ning never returned to the country. There is no information about Yi Nings clothing, food, housing and transportation, and even the phone number left is wrong. They can only passively wait for Yi Ning to appear again.

At this moment, the butler walked in with an ugly look on his face and whispered softly beside Fu Xiao. 

The butler knew Fu Xiaos character, if there wasnt a very important matter, he would not come in to disturb Fu Xiao.

Sure enough, Fu Xiao was silent for a moment and said: “Let her in.”

Secretary Zhang winked at Fu Xiao and said: “Mr. Fu, Ill leave if theres nothing else.”

As for the matter of Yi Ning, he still needs to wait for more information and reports to Mr. Fu. 

After Secretary Zhang left, Fu Xiao sat on the sofa in a rare moment of contemplation.

His eyebrows were furrowed and his slightly dark eyes were looking out the window in a bit of a trance.

Little Sugar Cake finally rolled the yarn ball back under Fu Xiaos feet, while sweating profusely. One paw stepped on the yarn ball as he raised his sapphire eyes to look at Fu Xiao. Was it his illusion?

He felt that Fu Xiao now seemed unhappy. 

Was it because of theshe in the butlers mouth?

The white kitty walked to Fu Xiaos feet, and nimbly climbed up from Fu Xiaos feet and got into Fu Xiaos arms. He put his paw on Fu Xiaos shoulder, and his furry face leaned against Fu Xiaos face, meowing nonstop.

Little Sugar Cake can no longer be considered a kitten.

But its cry was still like a kittens milky voice, sweet and delicate with a bit of a whimper. 

Fu Xiao held Little Sugar Cake and rubbed his face on the cats face.

The mans voice was low with a hint of magnetism ringing in Little Sugar Cakes ear: “Are you worried about me?”

“Meow.” Little Sugar Cake replied arrogantly.

Not at all. 

“Ah Xiao.” An old female voice sounded from behind. The visitor finally arrived.

Little Sugar Cake looked in the direction of the voice.

A pale-haired woman in her 60s or 70s followed the butler and sat on the other end of the sofa.

The woman was dressed in luxurious clothes, but then she catches sight of the emerald necklace of Little Sugar Cake thats worth a lot, not to mention the other things, but it was unknown why, the old womans brows are certainly very sad. Her whole person is very dry and thin, as if there is only an empty shell left. 

The woman couldnt help coughing a few times while sitting on the sofa, as if she was not well.

Although the butler looked bad, he still politely asked: “Madam Song, what would you like to drink?”

The old woman answered the butler: “Black tea will do.”

She looked at the glass of ice water in front of Fu Xiao, her eyes darkened slightly, and her heart ached when she thought of what happened in the past. 

Madam Song?

There is only one person who can be called Madam Song.

Fu Xiaos grandmother.

Little Sugar Cake immediately remembered, and his cat pupils, as clear as sea water, looked at Fu Xiao worriedly. 

Is he okay?

Fu Xiao leaned on the sofa, and he couldnt tell his emotion from his slightly dark eyes, then he asked the old woman lightly: “Why did you come out of the nursing home?”

The old woman didnt seem to care about Fu Xiaos impoliteness at all, she smiled at Fu Xiao and said: “Im getting old and my body is not good enough. I dont know how many times I can see you. I came to see you while Im still awake.”

She knew that Ah Xiao was reluctant to see her, and she understood the reason. 

Although she tried her best to stop all that, it didnt work. And like her husband, she also felt guilty about her daughter she cherished since childhood. By the time things became more and more difficult to control, facing her crazy daughter and mad husband, the only thing she could do was to protect Ah Xiao as best as she could.

Later, her husband died.

Ah Xiaos grandpa then took Ah Xiao back to the Fu family. While she took care of her daughter in the Song family.

Since then, she has not seen Ah Xiao for more than ten years. 

When she saw Ah Xiao again, Ah Xiao was no longer a child she remembered, but an excellent and ambitious adult.

He annexed all the businesses under the Song family, and even bought the Song residence.

More than ten years later, the fragile child returned to the Song residence as the master.

Although she lived in the nursing home all these years, and Fu Xiao rarely sees her, but as long as she wants something in the nursing home, unless something its unexpected, he will appear in front of her in a few days. 

These were all done by Ah Xiao.

She knew that she would not live long, but she still had one thing on her mind.

Madam Song tremblingly pulled out a yellowed medical record from her carry-on bag, then handed it to Fu Xiao, and said: “I know you hate her, but I want you to see that soon after divorcing Fu Yunxi, Song Qin, she has fallen ill.”

Little Sugar Cake crawled along Fu Xiaos knee, and looked at the medical record curiously. The medical record was very old, but the handwriting was still clear even after a long time. It reads that the patient Song Qin has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. 

Little Sugar Cake looked at Fu Xiao hesitantly.

Was Fu Xiaos mother doing all those because she suffers from schizophrenia?

Fu Xiao didnt even raise his head, and said indifferently: “Thats it?”

Madam Song was taken aback, she did not expect Fu Xiaos reaction at all. 

As if he does not care at all.

Fu Xiao held Little Sugar Cake back on his knees and said indifferently: “These have nothing to do with me.”

Madam Songs weak face couldnt help but become excited: “Ah Qing is your mother. She only treats you like that when shes sick. She cant control herself, shes just sick.”

Fu Xiao seemed to have lost his patience. He picked up Little Sugar Cake and said to the butler: “Madam Song is not well, so send her back to the nursing home.” 

The butler nodded and walked to Madam Songs side, with a gentle tone but with a hint of no refusal, he said: “Madam Song come with me.”

Madam Song stood up trembling, she sighed helplessly and finally left with only these words: “Go and see her. She has been in a mental hospital for many years, and her condition has improved a lot.”

“Didnt you ask me when you were a child why she didnt like you?”

“You can ask her yourself now.” 

“Ah Xiao, dont make yourself regret it.”

In the study.

Little Sugar Cake went in through the door below. Then he shook his head. The heavy curtains in the study were drawn, but the lights were not turned on.

In the dark, which was filled with smoke, Fu Xiao was sitting at the desk, holding a cigarette in his hand. The dotted red firelight illuminated half of his face. The expression on his handsome profile could not be seen clearly, and then Little Sugar Cake sneezed sensitively. 

His blue eyes stared at Fu Xiao, and he tilted his head to look up at Fu Xiao, then a delicate and tender cat meow came out of his mouth.

Fu Xiao stood up and put out the cigarette in the ashtray. The crystal ashtray was full of cigarette butts. He pulled the curtains open and opened the windows for ventilation.

Little Sugar Cake trotted at Fu Xiaos feet, and nimbly and skillfully climbed along Fu Xiaos long thighs.

Fu Xiao was a little lazy. In the past, he would still hold Little Sugar Cake, but today, for some reason, he wanted to see what would happen to Little Sugar Cake if he didnt do that. 

It was as if it knew that Fu Xiao was in a bad mood.

Little Sugar Cake climbed down from Fu Xiao, it changed course again and climbed up to the window sill. It stuck out its head and its big blue almond cat pupils were motionless, staring straight at him.

One person and one cat stared at each other.

Fu Xiao felt that he saw concern and worry in the cats eyes. 

Then Little Sugar Cake jumped on him. The white kitty hooked his clothes with its claws, and lay on his shoulders, then it kept patting and rubbing Fu Xiao with its paws.

Anyway, like a large glutinous rice dumpling, it was stuck to Fu Xiao, not coming down.

Still have some conscience.

In the dark, Fu Xiao, who was rubbed and patted again and again, couldnt help but snorted with a smile. 

Immediately, Fu Xiao himself was a little stunned.

He could also feel the joy in that soft hum, as if the empty corner of his heart had been filled.

He held Little Sugar Cake that kept rubbing against him in his arms.

Fu Xiao stroked Little Sugar Cakes fur and hugged him a little bit. There was a scorching warmth in his arms, and Little Sugar Cake in his arms let out a dissatisfied meow. 

Such warmth belongs to him, ah.

In the evening, Old Master Fu sent another communication.

In Fu Xiaos arms, Little Sugar Cake was brought in front of the camera. On the screen, only his big cat face could be seen. 

Old Master Fu said with a smile: “Has Lingtongs cooperation been negotiated?”

Fu Xiao took Little Sugar Cake back for a while, and then answered: “Were still talking.”

Old Master Fu was wearing a hospital gown, but he spoke with a lot of energy: “Fu Wei also participated in this cooperation, and I heard that his performance was not bad.”

Fu Xiao hummed lazily, while Little Sugar Cake in his arms made a lot of noise, and kept trying to climb up to the table. 

Spanning half of the Pacific Ocean, Old Master Fu looked at the lively Little Sugar Cake, and his eyes were full of love. Seeing that Little Sugar Cake had grown and its body was so smooth and shiny, his heart was moved: “Little Sugar Cake, do you miss grandpa? Grandpa misses you too. How about grandpa picking you up?”

Immediately, his eyes lit up and he said to Fu Xiao: “Ah Xiao, can you make arrangements to see if you can get Little Sugar Cake over here?”

On the other end of the communication line, his handsome, smart, and calm grandsons deep voice came: “Ah, the signal is a little bad.”

“I didnt hear what you said.” 

“Okay, I have something to do here, lets talk next time.”

Then he hung up the communication.

Old Master Fu looked at the tablet suspiciously. Is the signal really bad?

Hes pretty good here, ah. 

However, he saw that Ah Xiao and Little Sugar Cake got along very well.

When he returns, Ah Xiao wont refuse to return Little Sugar Cake to him, will he?


Probably not. 

Ah Xiao is not that kind of person.

Old Master Fu smiled confidently, feeling that he was really old. How could he think about these impossible things all day long?

Sunnyshies: Having mental illness cant justified hurting others. Actually, what the Song family did to Fu Xiaos mother was also hurting her. In case she really didnt want to hurt Little Fu Xiao and just couldnt control herself, then thats worst. Actually, hurting others is a big no, no, even if theres a reasonable excuse, well, except for self defense.

Anyway, heres a tip I learned from basic Clinical Psychology in class. We have 4Ds; deviance (violation of social norms), distress (to oneself), dysfunction (to everyday life), and danger (to one self or others). This is four criteria to identify abnormal behavior, if you violented two or more of these, then you need help bro. Well, Fu Xiaos mother have four checks– which is very sad…and the Song Family just let her be. 

Mental Health Awareness~ ♡

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