Jealous of a Cat


The driver had started the car and the low-profile, luxurious black limousine glided smoothly forward.

Fu Xiao stretched out his hand. His hand felt warm, the sensation was very strange but not bad.

The driver has been with Fu Xiao for many years. Seeing that he was not in a bad mood now, he has the courage to ask: “Does Mr, Fu want to keep this kitten?”

Fu Xiao picked up the back of the kittens neck, and the kittens jewel-like pupils looked at him. Anyone cant help but say its adorable. 

But his heart was not touched, such a small, weak little thing looked very squeamish.

He doesnt like soft things.

He casually threw the kitten aside, Fu Xiao didnt care: “The villa is so big, just find a corner to keep it.” Then just ask someone to take care of it.

The kitten, who was resisting the urge to lick his front paw, opened his eyes wide.


Just throw him aside?

No, are you kidding me?

The kitten shook his fluffy body, and stood up, almost taking most of his most powerful and majestic side, then walked towards Fu Xiao. 

Take a quick look, this meow is so handsome, how can you let go of this meow and throw him aside.

But as soon as the little fluffy paw on the left was raised, the kitten froze in place, his blue mixed with brown almond eyes were full of embarrassment.

Which paw does he have to stretch after the left paw? Right front paw? Left hind paw?


The kitten tried to ignore the fact that he forgot to walk, and raised his head, then walked towards Fu Xiao proudly.

He doesnt care, he was the prettiest cat in the crowd.

Only, with a bang—

D*mn it, how did his hind paws stumbled together? 

The cat that fell flat on his face was definitely not him, definitely not him.

Fu Xiao watched the kitten raise his head and walk towards him with his hands and feet, then tripped over halfway, and the corner of his mouth couldnt help bending up.

Hearing this ridicule, the kitten turned his head in embarrassment, and accused Fu Xiao, meowing and meowing again.

What are you laughing at? Dont you see this meow is working hard? 

Finally, the kitten climbed onto Fu Xiaos lap.

The dark-haired man picked up the kitten without mercy. The cold man and the weak kitten looked at each other.

The driver sitting in front saw the situation behind him through the rearview mirror: “Mr. Fu, it seems that this cat likes you very much. Cats are very timid and wont easily approach strangers.”


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As for this cat?

Me Wljb rtbbx tlr tfjv: “Ugbyjyis j ilaaif raeqlv.”

If its not stupid, why cant it even walk? 

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Su Zenings body was stiff. In his previous life, because he was sick, it can be said that he had almost no close contact with anyone. Except for his parents, almost no one was willing to go through complicated and tedious whole body disinfection procedures just to hug him.

This was the first time he has had close contact with other people.

Unlike other cold things. 

With human body temperature, the slightly hot touch made him inexplicably nostalgic.

But soon Su Zening woke up.

He was a human, not a cat.

Where was his dignity if he let this person knead him like this? 

But Fu Xiaos fingers scratched the kittens small chin inadvertently.

Su Zening seemed to have been turned on by a switch, and his whole body was shaking like lightning. The cats instincts trampled the dignity of human beings with absolute superiority, and when Su Zening came back to his senses, he already had no image with his four paws facing the sky, revealing his white belly and hugging Fu Xiuaos hand to prevent him from leaving.

There was still a purring sound coming out of his mouth from being too comfortable.

D^mn, its really not his fault. 

Its all because Fu Xiaos hand has magic power.

It must be so.

Su Zening made excuses for himself.

Then there was a sudden ding-dong in his ear, a blue and a red progress bar appeared in front of him, the red progress bar rose imperceptibly a little, and the message left in his mind by the old white-bearded grandfather jumped out. 

The red progress bar was the intimacy value between him and Fu Xiao, and the intimacy value will be accumulated according to the interaction between him and Fu Xiao. The blue progress bar was the degree of change of Fu Xiaos fate. There were several marked scales on the blue progress bar, and different marked scales represent unlocking different skills.

As long as this skill was unlocked, he can consume the intimacy value he has accumulated with Fu Xiao to use these skills.

However, it should be noted that the blue progress bar will change because of what he does and changes in Fu Xiaos fate. It may increase or decrease. Once the blue progress bar returns to zero, he will die again.

At this point, the blue progress bar was one. 

And now the red progress bar was slowly growing, the blue progress bar has also changed from one to two, and his first skill has been unlocked — “You may not believe it, this cat is a bit strong.”

What kind of terrible skill is this?

Forget it, lets accumulate intimacy value first.

Su Zening slammed into Fu Xiaos hand, rubbed his furry little head on Fu Xiaos palm, and couldnt help but let out a sweet and greasy sound from his mouth. 

Hmph! He didnt like being scratched by Fu Xiao.

Its just for intimacy value!

In the car, Fu Xiao leaned on the black luxurious leather seat, and used the tablet in the car to handle some trivial affairs of the company, then he picked up the kitten from his lap at once.

He has to say, this kitten feels so good, soft and warm. 

After a while, there was a shallow breathing sound in Fu Xiaos arms.

He looked down and saw that the kitten had fallen asleep, which could almost be called a strangers hand. Its white belly rose and fell regularly, and occasionally rubbed against his palm.

Just like this, its most vulnerable abdomen was exposed, and the little thing was really defenseless.

But inexplicably, there was some vague pleasure in Fu Xiaos heart. 

He raised his head to continue with corporate affairs, but he did not withdraw his other hand.

When Su Zening woke up, he was in an unfamiliar room.

The room was luxurious and low-key, and the complex and clear crystal lamps on the roof reflect the dazzling light.

And he was lying on the soft cushion. 

As soon as he moved, a ding-ding, ding-ding bell sounded in his ears.

He looked down and saw a bulingbuling necklace studded with diamonds and a bell hanging around his neck.

The kitten fiddled it with his paws twice. The sound of the bell was a bit harsh, and the kitten wrinkled his eyes.

He looked around, but there was no one here. The kitten turned his head, by the wall there was a solid wood cabinet and a meter-high cabinet, which in the eyes of the kitten was terribly high, like a small mountain, and looked very heavy. 

Huh? Its heavy.

The kitten fiddled with his paws thoughtfully, looking at the progress bar in front of him.

The intimacy value has accumulated a little, and the first skill “You may not believe it, this cat is a bit strong” has also been activated.

The kitten was a little moved, why dont he try this skill while no one was here? 

The white kittens almond looked in the direction of the door with a guilty conscience, then he activated the skill tentatively, and tapped the cabinet lightly.

The little pink claws gently rested on the brown-red solid wood cabinet and pushed it forward.

And then clunked.

The cabinet fell to the ground like it was made of paper. 

And the kitten that started it all, instead bounce back a few steps with all of his fur exploding.

“Whats wrong?” A girl with dull blue-green hair bounced off the sofa in the room, and looked around in confusion, then she stared at the fallen cabinet in shock.

Just now, the girl was asleep on the sofa, and because his line of sight was too low, Su Zening didnt see her.

At this time, the eyes of one person and one cat met, and they both saw shock in each others eyes. 

After an awkward silence.

Hearing the commotion, the butler finally arrived. He looked at the fallen cabinet on the ground with some surprise: “Miss Mingming, why did you knock down the cabinet? Are you injured?” Although this cabinet looks inconspicuous, and the weight was not light, a grown man may not be able to push down.

He looked at Fu Mingming, a thin young girl. You really can ’t judge people based on their appearance, just as the sea cannot be measured by a bucket.

Fu Mingming: “…”

She had just fallen asleep, but she could be sure that the incident had nothing to do with her.

And when she stood up, she clearly saw a white shadow jumping out from the cabinet. 

She looked down at the kitten that her cousin brought.

The kitten was far away from the cabinet, and was chasing after its tail as if nothing had happened. Seeing her looking over, it raised its head and looked at her with its innocent almond eyes, meowing sweetly.

As if to say, whats this have to do with this cat? Im just an innocent little kitty, ah.

The white kitten was adorable and cute, with mixed colored eyes, like two gems embedded in a cloud. It was squatting, as it looked up at herself, like a little angel. 

But Fu Mingming was lost in thought. People may not believe it if she said it, she felt that this cat had thrown the pot to her just now.

Its not that Su Zening wanted to throw the pot to her, but he has heard from a patient, who raised cats that pets must be soft and capable of being cute. Although he didnt know what soft and cute was, a pet that can push down a cabinet with one paw, was definitely not related to these two words.

Now that he has decided to stay by Fu Xiaos side to cheat intimacy value, he must work hard to become a soft and cute kitten, ah.

Up to now, his blue progress bar was still poor! 

Fu Mingming also did not think much about it, she thought that maybe the cabinet book was not stable enough, so it fell down.

The butler here had already asked the servants to clean up and came up with concern and asked: “Is Miss Mingming injured?”

Fu Mingming shook her head, not bothering about the cabinet anymore.

The butler breathed a sigh of relief. There are many descendants of the Fu family. Fu Mingming was Fu Xiaos cousin. Among the younger generations, she was the only one who was not afraid of Fu Xiao and often comes to her cousin Fu Xiao to come to play. 

Fu Xiaos villa was only a bit more lively when Fu Mingming comes.

The butler was very fond of Fu Mingming as a junior.

Originally, Fu Mingming came to find Fu Xiao for something, but Fu Xiao was dealing with company affairs. She didnt want to disturb her cousin, so when she heard that he had a new pet, she couldnt help but wonder what kind of pet her cold cousin would keep. As a result, when she went to the room, she only saw a sleeping kitten. She couldnt bear to disturbed it, and fell asleep while playing with her mobile phone next to it.

Who knew that when she woke up, she saw the scene just now. 

Fu Mingming was in a somewhat complicated mood, but the more complicated ones were yet to come.

Her sharp eyes saw a small and exquisite bell on the kittens neck. The bell was casually hung on the kittens neck with a diamond necklace. The sparkling diamonds loomed in the kittens white cat fur, and that exquisite cutting craftsmanship; she swears that it was definitely the one that her heart has been longing for a long time, but has not been able to grab at the international T brands one hundred year commemorative item.

One of her classmates managed to buy it because of family connections, and she showed it off in front of them for a long time.

But now this expensive limited-edition necklace was casually worn around the kittens neck like mainland Chinese products on the street, just as an ordinary chain of hanging bells. 

Fu Mingming:  …

So angry, oh.

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