Sunnyshies: Putting the face slapping aside, although this is a fluffy novel, theres many brutal scenes here. Setting aside Fu Xiaos past, theres a bit of animal abuse scene in this chapter! So beware!

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Joining the V trio 

Fu Xiao glanced at her coldly, his dark eyes pierced with chills.

Feng Jiaming couldnt help but take a few steps back, only to feel a chill in her heart. 

But what made her even more unacceptable was that Fu Xiao had never looked at her like this before, there has never been.

She smiled stiffly at the corners of her mouth, barely able to keep from losing her composure, and she extended her hand towards Fu Xiao.

But Fu Xiao walked past her indifferently, without even looking at her.

Feng Jiaming put down her half-stretched hand, her face flushed red, and she dared not look around. The whispers around her seemed to be mocking her.

She couldnt help feeling a sense of grievance in her heart.

Why did Fu Xiao treat her like this?

Fu Xiao went straight to Director Angus and said, “Angus, you probably misunderstood. I fully support your idea of ​​this movie, and I will fully support you no matter what you decide.”

Feng Jiaming felt a chill in her heart. Fu Xiao said this without giving her any face at all. 

Angus was taken aback.

President Fu meant that it was all up to him, but Feng Jiaming just said——

Although he has just returned to China, he has also heard gossip from his team. Feng Jiaming and Fu Xiao have a special relationship. For so many years, Fu Xiao has only Feng Jiaming by his side. She can almost be regarded as the future boss of Xingcheng, thats why he believed Feng Jiamings words.

But the meaning of Fu Xiaos words is completely different from that of Feng Jiaming? 

As if seeing Angus doubts, Fu Xiao emphasized: “Since I promised that this movie will go on exactly as you want, then I will do it. My wishes have never changed.”

Angus eyes fell on Feng Jiaming, thoughtfully, as if he had an insight into everything. Although those eyes did not contain negative emotions, they saw that Feng Jiamings face was hot and painful.

But Feng Jiaming felt that she did nothing wrong.

Instead of spending an unknown amount of money waiting for that inexplicable voice, its better to choose her. 

She has absolute confidence in her own strength. In todays music world, she is definitely the number one in the younger generation.

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This greatly improved Director Angus perception of Fu Xiao.

He was moved by Fu Xiaos sincerity before and was willing to work with him for the first time on a trial basis.

And this time, he felt that Fu Xiao, as a partner, was worthy of long-term cooperation. 

As a matter of fact, he also thought about the issue of this voice, but seeing Fu Xiao showing such great sincerity, Director Angus said with kindness: “I seriously thought about it, since our actors are almost in place in the post-production stage, we can start shooting first. During the shooting process, my friend, Wesson, the music film director of this film, will continue to be responsible for finding the voice that was kissed by the angle, so as not to delay the progress.”

If he couldnt find him, he wouldnt wait unreasonably.

However, he would never use Feng Jiaming to sing his theme song again. How could the holy and perfect song in his heart be sung by such a person?

Feng Jiaming suddenly widened her eyes and clenched her palms tightly. Sure enough, this time the music director is Wesson. 

The legendary songwriter she dreams of collaborating with, Chairman of the jury of the Amanda Award, Wesson.

But the way Director Angus looked at her just now, she knew that Director Angus would never choose her to sing the theme song this time. She was in a trance thinking that she had lost the chance she dreamed of. She was one step away from the trophy she thought about day and night.

She left the two who were talking, and Fu Xiao didnt even give her a look.

Lying next to Fu Xiao, Little Sugar Cake, who was completely unaware of the whole turmoil he had caused, shook his fluffy tail, stretching and thinking, what are they talking about, ah? Who are they looking for, ah? 

After solving the big trouble in his heart, Director Angus was also in a better mood. He looked at the cat in Fu Xiaos arms, with snow-white fur and smart eyes, and couldnt help but feel a little itchy, and asked: “President Fu, is this your cat?”

Fu Xiao scratched Little Sugar Cakes chin. Little Sugar Cake, who just got a mountain of small dried fish, has a good temper, showing his white belly, and letting him touch it, while making a meowing sound in his mouth because he was in a happy mood.

Director Angus saw the white cat had a soft temper and said with a smile in his eyes: “This cat is very cute.”

Little Sugar Cake perked his ears, and after hearing what Director Angus had said, he immediately stood up from Fu Xiaos arms, squatted on Fu Xiaos shoulders, he then raised his head proudly, and swung his little tail. 

Fu Xiaos eyes were gentle: “Cute is cute, but being naughty also gives people a headache.”

Director Angus saw Little Sugar Cakes lively blue almond cat pupils that resemble a precious stone. He really liked it and said: “The movie needs a pet cat as the protagonists pet. I think its quite suitable. Why dont you take it to audition?”

This kitten just came out of his fantasy, and the more he looked at it, the more he liked it.

Little Sugar Cake was in a state of laziness, and he was not interested in auditioning. He might as well play games and watch TV at home with the air conditioner. 

“Of course there will be a performance fee.”

Performance fee?

Little Sugar Cakes eyes brightened, and he stood up.

He still hadnt forgotten the more than 20 kitties crying piteously for food behind him! 

Director Angus continued: “Although it is not much, it is also very memorable, and the appearance of the kitten can also be recorded in the movie.”

Fu Xiao was also a little moved in his heart. It would leave the image of Little Sugar Cake, and Little Sugar Cake is very smart, acting in the movie is not a difficult thing for it.

Little Sugar Cake couldnt hold back anymore and jumped to Director Angus feet. His fluffy tail kept rubbing against Director Angus, and his blue eyes looked up at him, while meowing softly.

Choose me now! 

Fu Xiao shook his head helplessly——

Angus heart was about to melt, he squatted down and hugged Little Sugar Cake in his arms. Little Sugar Cake was very scheming, he lies on Director Angus shoulder with his front paws, and meows in his ear.

Little Sugar Cakes voice is naturally very squeamish, when it meows, its like whispering coquettishly in the ear. The white dumpling was also rubbing madly, it was lovely and soft, and even swept away Director Anguss days of exhaustion.

Director Angus was coaxed to sign a contract with Fu Xiao on the spot. 

Fortunately, Fu Xiao still said rationally: “Little Sugar Cake may not adapt to the environment on the set, so on the day of the casting, Ill let Little Sugar Cake see it, and you can make the decision.” Although this little thing had such a charming personality, what if it doesnt adapt to the environment on the set?

Director Angus reluctantly agreed.

Little Sugar Cake jumped back into Fu Xiaos arms contentedly.

Throughout the dinner party, Little Sugar Cake tried his best to coax the internationally renowned Chinese director to be very happy. 

At the end of the dinner party, Director Angus even began to suspect that Fu Xiao didnt really want to send that cat there, but just wanted to confuse the matter: “Youre not lying to me when you say youll send Little Sugar Cake over when the casting is done, are you? Forget it, Ill have someone pick it up when the time comes.”

Fu Xiao:  …

Little Sugar Cake squatted on Fu Xiao and reluctantly turned his head and said goodbye to the Big Fat Fish Angus: “Meow~”

Remember our agreement! 

Be sure to come pick me up.

Back in the limousine, there were only Fu Xiao and Little Sugar Cake.

They were the last to go back, and the banquet was almost over when they left.

It was a little chilly late at night. 

Fu Xiao raised the glass window.

His cats instinct made Little Sugar Cake couldnt help squatting beside the car glass, and his blue eyes followed the car window glass up and down. Cats have a very good night vision. For humans, it was dark outside, but it was no different from the daytime for cats.

A black car next to them slowly drove past their car. Through the glass window, Little Sugar Cake saw that the owner of the black car was Deng Hui at todays dinner party.

The black car slowly turned left into a garage nowadays. 

Little Sugar Cake frowned, does Deng Hui also live in this villa area?

Then he remembered the bloody smell of the same kind he smelled on Deng Hui——

Did he think too much?

He always felt that Deng Hui gave him a strange feeling. 

And silly Bai Tian always said that there was a missing cats nearby. Could it have something to do with this Deng Hui?

Little Sugar Cakes heart twitched.

After hanging out with Silly Bai Tian and Xiao Hei, he realized that the life of stray cats is really difficult. Their cat group is relatively good. The food in this villa area is still rich, but other cat groups tend to disappear after a winter.

Therefore, Little Sugar Cake also hopes he can earn lots of lots of cat food and take care of some cats as much as possible. 

He made a decision in his heart, tonight at the kitty gathering, he will have to inform everyone to be careful recently.

He also has to go to that Deng Huis house as soon as possible to inquire about the situation.

Deng Hui walked into the house with a face full of anger, and kicked the door heavily. All night, he felt all kinds of fear towards his boss flatter, pretending to be his grandson just to please those group of waste material, but——

Deng Huis eyes turned cold. Lu Mingqing didnt even know how lucky he was to get President Fus investment. He doesnt know if Lu Mingqing had given President Fu a small report on himself, but he knows that Lu Mingqing has always despised himself. 

Why does Lu Mingqing look down on himself? And that little girl dared to refuse him, his heart was inexplicably irritable. Deng Hui only felt that there was an unbearable depression in his heart. In a corner of the living room, a chained and bruised kitten let out a thin, tender cry of fear.

Deng Hui was even more irritable. He kicked the kitten and scolded: “I give you food, I gave you drinks, but you still make a lot of noise.” He didnt care about the kittens injury at all. There were many wild cats nearby, and he could easily trick the kitten into the house with food.

The kitten cowered and shook a little. Fortunately, Deng Hui was already a little tired today, and didnt do anything. He cursed into the room to rest. But fear still appeared in the kittens eyes, and it desperately broke free from the rope.

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