He wanted to hug that teenager


The morning sun poured down from the window.

The handsome black-haired man on the soft bed had his eyes closed tightly. When the sunlight shone over his face, his curled eyelashes trembled slightly, and he habitually touched the pillow beside him.

But the usual warm and soft feeling was not there.

Fu Xiao woke up with a jolt and opened his eyes. 

Where is Little Sugar Cake?

Fu Xiao got up and immediately looked around. The original snow-white sheets had two rows of plum blossom-shaped black cat paw prints. Starting from his pillow and continuing to the window sill, Fu Xiao could almost imagine the scene where his Little Sugar Cake ran from the window sill to his bed with mud on its feet, and then ran back to the window sill.

His heart suddenly cooled down.

There was no sign of Little Sugar Cake on the window sill.

He lives on the second floor.

He wasnt sure whether the height of the second floor was dangerous for Little Sugar Cake.

If—— in case, Little Sugar Cake mischievously fell off the windowsill——

Fu Xiaos heart fiercely seized up, with a blank mind, he ran to the window, turning his head to look around. 

He had never been so panicked.

Until he heard a familiar meow in the corner.

Only then did he let go of his heart.

On the corner of the pure white curtain on the window sill, the white cat is almost integrated with the curtain. Little Sugar Cake honestly hid most of its body behind the curtain, revealing only a furry head. 

Little Sugar Cakes blue eyes were full of pride. Little Sugar Cake half-stretched out its paw, and under its paw, a shivering yellow hamster crawled out. It was hiding its head under its body, forming its whole body into a ball.

And then his Little Sugar Cake meows impatiently, it patted its paw threateningly at the little hamster, and the yellow hamster trembled involuntarily. It poked its head out of its body tremblingly, and looked at Fu Xiao with its bean-like eyes full of pleading prayers.

Luckily its okay.

Fu Xiao hid the emotions in his eyes and looked at his own white little kitty. 

Little Sugar Cakes eyes were as bright as gems, and when it looked at himself, there was a dazzling brilliance in its eyes, and it raised its head and meowed proudly——

He looked at the hamster. He had heard that some cats would give gifts to their owners.

Is this Little Sugar Cakes gift?

Little Sugar Cake was actually a little nervous in his heart. 

In his previous life, he also lacked the necessary socialization and had little opportunity to give gifts to others. Now as a cat, it would be too strange if he gave any gifts that only humans can give.

So he inquired with Silly Bai Tian, and for cats, mice are the most precious gift.

And he wants Fu Xiao to know that even if he is a cat, he really likes Fu Xiao, and he deserves to be liked.

He likes Fu Xiao as much as he likes his brother. 

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Can Fu Xiao understand this?

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Little Sugar Cake raised its head and meowed.

Yes, ah!

“I like it very much.” Fu Xiaos eyes softened a little, and the frost around him seemed to melt a little.

Little Sugar Cake sighed in relief. 

However, in the next second, he was lifted by Fu Xiao. The feeling of being in the air made Little Sugar Cake feel bad. Thinking of his own situation, Little Sugar Cake desperately hooked the curtain with his claws, but it was too late.

The kittens snow white fur seemed to have rolled from the puddle of mud. It was dark, with its long fur tangled in mud and dirt, and there was even a pool of dirty water under the curtain where it squatted.

Little Sugar Cake lowered his head with a guilty conscience

He was just a little faster when catching the mouse, and a little slower on the brakes. 

He swore that it was just that. After all, it was so dark, how could he see the surrounding environment clearly?

He wont tell anyone that he was so happy to catch a mouse that both his front paws tripped and they fell together, falling flat on the floor.

Little Sugar Cake stretched out his muddy front paws, trying to grab Fu Xiaos hand to rub it, and sell meng——

Humans are always easy to deal with. 

However, Fu Xiao quickly retracted his hand.

Little Sugar Cake fluttered in the air, and looked at his paws in disbelief, and then looked at Fu Xiao——

Was he being disliked?

Was he no longer Fu Xiaos little cutie? 

Big smelly socks! If it wasnt for a gift, would he be so dirty?

After Fu Xiao subconsciously dodged his hand away, he looked at Little Sugar Cakes accusing eyes, and his dark eyes couldnt help but flash a hint of embarrassment.

Sensing that something was wrong, Fu Xiao tried to deceive himself that he wanted to touch Little Sugar Cake, saying that he didnt dislike it at all.

Little Sugar Cake proudly raised his head, and his muddy tail raised, throwing mud spots all over the place, and proudly dodging Fu Xiaos hand, then he jumped on the top of the cabinet, his blue almond eyes looking down at Fu Xiao. 

Hmph, too late!

In the bathroom.

With bare feet, the black-haired man tested the temperature of the water coming out of the shower, and then waved to the dirty white cat in the corner. 

The white cat meowed pitifully.

Fu Xiao raised his eyebrows: “Be good, come here.”

The white cat reluctantly went over.

The warm water flows down the white cats body, and it doesnt feel bad. Fu Xiaos slender fingers stroked the fur of Little Sugar Cake to clean the lumps of dirt on it, and strands of black water flowed down the white cats body. 

Feeling strange, Little Sugar Cake couldnt help but shake his wet fur.

A large flick of water droplets instantly appeared on Fu Xiaos pajamas.

Little Sugar Cake squatted on the ground and let out an innocent meow.

Its not intentional! 

The long fur on Little Sugar Cake is very thick and heavy. After being wet with the water, the fluffy fur is pathetically attached to the skin, and it looks very pitiful.

Fu Xiao frowned, and looked at his wet shirt. Fortunately, he stood up, he then unbuttoned the buttons one by one and took off his shirt.

Little Sugar Cakes blue eyes quickly turned away.

What is Fu Xiao doing? 

Are you going to behave like a hooligan?

Su Zenings heartbeat suddenly became a little faster, and then he thought, they are both men, Fu Xiao and he is exactly the same, what cant be seen.

After giving himself a breath, Little Sugar Cake rationally raised his head slowly.

What he saw was black pajama pants—— 

Su Zening breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Fu Xiao was still wearing pants.

He raised his eyes reassuringly, then he froze——

Fu Xiaos strong waist was wrapped with tight muscles, but his muscles were covered with all kinds of scars, long, round, and all kinds of strange shapes, which were distributed in every corner of his skin.

There was hardly any intact place on his entire upper body except for the small piece outside the clothes. 

Su Zening thought of a sentence in the book——

No matter how hot it is in summer, Fu Xiao always wears a neat suit, and the button of his shirt is always buttoned to the top button.

Is this the reason?

It has been so many years, and there were still so many scars left, then Fu Xiao must have been in pain ah. 

Su Zening couldnt help thinking.

From a lonely and weak child to the master of the Fu family today, how many years did Fu Xiao walked this thorny road?

And how much suffering has he endured over the years?

Fu Xiao squeezed the fragrant pet shampoo with both hands, and rubbed a rich foam on Little Sugar Cakes fur. The little kitty in his hands suddenly became quiet, and Fu Xiao, who was concentrating on bathing the kitten, didnt notice it, until the kitty in his hand lay on his lap regardless of the foam all over its body. 

Fu Xiao looked helplessly at his foam-stained pajama pants.

Now he has to change his pants.

The next second, his Little Sugar Cake raised its head. Although the white kitten is only the most common lion cat, its appearance is really good, with a small pink nose, pointed ears, and two big almond cat eyes occupying almost half of its small head, especially the color of its eyes. The center of the cats pupil is pure blue like the ocean, while the edge has a trivial golden color, just like the ocean flowing under the sun, very beautiful, like an angel.

But now his little angel carefully pressed its pink meat pad on the largest scar on his chest, then softly kissed the scar, like a butterfly. 

It let out a soft, delicate voice, as if it was afraid that a little louder would make his scar hurt again.

“Its no longer painful.” His dark eyes looked far away, as if remembering those events many years ago, his hand unconsciously stroking the kitten, and he murmured in a low voice: “Besides, its not the same anymore, ah.”

Its funny, after all these years, only Little Sugar Cake has touched this scar——

At this moment, he even had an illusion that Little Sugar Cake really cared about him, and that this false illusion even made him feel for a moment that a ray of sunshine shone into his dark and cramped heart. 

Even if Little Sugar Cake is just a cat.

However, Little Sugar Cake is just a cat, ah.

Fu Xiaos eyes darkened, his slender fingers clenched slightly.


After taking a bath, Little Sugar Cake is a fragrant and beautiful little white cat again.

The rare revelation of Fu Xiaos emotion in the bathroom was only for a moment, and after a while, Fu Xaio went back to being the high and mighty master of the Fu Family, who holds the authority and control of the family.

Outside the door, the stray cats came to find their owners to have a meal.

Under Fu Xiaos instruction, the highly efficient butler has placed several automatic feeders in the yard. They are fed with the cat food accumulated in Little Sugar Cakes warehouse. As for the small dried fish, Little Sugar Cake will bring it to the next gathering. 

Little Sugar Cake squatted on the window sill and secretly did some calculation. Last time, Fu Mingming sent some cat food, plus his previous ones, if it was just cat food, his inventory could last for a long time.

Little Sugar Cake looked at the group of cats foraging with satisfaction——

Wait, how come fat Orange is not here?

Little Sugar Cake jumped down from the window sill, and asked Silly Bai Tian next to the runway: “Where is fat Orange? Nothing happened to it, right?” He heard Silly Bai Tian say that there were cats missing nearby, there was food but it didnt come, fat Orange is not taken away by the bad guys, right? 

Silly Bai Tian stopped eating and said: “Fat Orange is alright, la. You see, its right there.”

Little Sugar Cake looked at the direction that Silly Bai Tian pointed——

And he cant wait to laugh at the sky right away——

Fat Orange also has today. 

Outside the courtyard, the original wide iron fence was replaced with a thinner kind than before, and the orange cat, fat as a ball, was trying to squeeze in various ways, all of which ended in failure.

Now it was exhausted and collapsed on the ground.

The well-organized butler next to him instructed the workers who were doing the work: “There are several other places. Mr. Fu said that today all the railings will be replaced with thin ones, and then all the windows will be sealed. ”

The worker asked strangely: “Why does Mr. Fu suddenly want to change the railing?” 

The butler was also confused: “Mr. Fu said that he wasnt to help someone lose weight.”

But what does weight loss have to do with railings?

Sunnyshies: I changed Su Zenings eye color. Hahaha, the author mentioned Little Sugar Cakes eyes as blue in general, but in detailed, it was always blue eyes with light brown, or blue eyed with golden flecks. I thought the author will never mentioned the color positioning again, so I made the liberty to changed it for better picture. But now that the author described the golden ring was outside the blue color, I corrected the one in chapter 1 as well. I cant find a beautiful picture for the eyes again. Anyway, when Su Zening (in human form), his eyes are blue, except for the close ups, the detailed about the golden rings were usually omitted. Thats it!

Oh btw, recommended novel! Pastoral Daily Life-I read this because of the male yandere tag. But the couple is really sweet, and they have healthy relationship, btw. The plot is really good, and although its more than 170+ I wish the author would write more. And the author really advocate environmental awareness in this novel. Its really good, recommended!!

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