Claires P.O.V.

Later in the twenty-first year of life, ready to start twenty-second, some poeple would probably be studying hard to get good grades, and some people would probably be doing part time jobs to pay their bills, hanging out with friends, having parties like crazy, experiencing different types of love relations or if you
e rich, then throwing parties for your friends.

But these things were like a perk, perk which I never had. Graduating from college at 19 with two majors, business and art, because of being the daughter of the richest man in the city and officially taking over the business right after that, never made me experience those perks.

But maybe that was just an excuse to satisfy myself. Or was I really satisfied? Maybe I was lying to myself, maybe the real reason is that I never wanted that… because I always buried myself in one thing, which was revenge. Only one thing that I wanted. To find Markus, the person who killed my sister, Scarlet, in front of me and then killing him with my own hands.

But even after six years of trying, I still had no clue where he was. It seemed like he had been wiped out from the face of the earth. But I decided the opposite. I was not ready to accept the fact of him dying because no one other than me could kill him, not even he himself. I didn wait for this long to just find him dead.

And if we talk about business, our company is related to interior designing, something that I love and proud of. I put my every inch of strength in it. This was something I was proud of and enjoyed doing but right now my investor was making me doubt this thing because I hadn been able to convince him to not withdraw his money from the project we had been working on for five months just because he suddenly decided that working with his best friend was a better idea. And I was really about to lose my shit at him.

”Do you really think that this is some kind of joke? ” I said through gritted teeth.

”I am really sorry Claire but I am going back to Italy on tomorrows flight. ” Mr. Callan said, not really looking guilty over this matter at all.

”Do you think its simple? You can withdraw the money without giving any legal notice beforehand. ” I stated, barely holding any anger within me. He had been our investor for five years and was one of the most trusted people known by us but his sudden action left all of us shocked.

He stood up, his giant figure of 59 towering over me, too much tall for the person who was in his mid-fifties, –always wearing a suit with wrinkles prominent on his forehead and a true definition of sophistication, doing his cufflinks he said calmly;

”Thats why I am compensating your loss by giving you a half amount of money invested in this hotel project. ” He looked at his wristwatch. ”Its getting late. So now if youll excuse me, I hope you will do great as usual in maintaining your business. ”

”Maintaining my business? Huh? – ” I paused and chuckled humorously. ”You have got to be kidding me. I can freaking sue you for this as your bribing isn working on me. ” I added angrily.

He sighed loudly and said; ”You are a smart individual Claire. You know nothing will happen in legal ways when I am ready to compensate for the loss. You should know by now that this is how business works Claire, isn it? ” He paused as a corner of his mouth lifted upwards.

”You are one of the best of your age in business matters Claire, –or in everything. I have never seen someone even giving a presentation with the confidence you have and sometimes it is hard to believe that you are running this huge empire of interior designing. ” He said as the little specks of sincerity sparkled in his eyes.

I said nothing and after that I kept quiet. This was something he had said to me on my first presentation which I gave when he signed the contract with us. He said he can believe that I was going to be the new CEO. ”Well as I am getting late and have got a lot of packing to do. I should go now. Take care. ” He said, ready to leave.

”Hope to see you again. ” He said patting my shoulder lightly and got out of my office. I sat there, watching his retreating figure until it got smaller and smaller as he got farther and then faded behind the doors of the elevator.

I sighed deeply and closed my eyes for a bit, thinking about the possibilities to save my hard work from going downhill but nothing came to mind, and just like that two weeks had already passed in utter uselessness because I still couldn come to any decision. He owned 40 percent of the shares but even after the compensation, the loss was still there. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn realize Alana entering my office.

”Claire…are you okay? ” Alana shouted at me with her fingers snapping in front of me.

”What…? ” I asked, looking at her, dumbfounded.

”I have been calling your name for the last five minutes and you have been spaced out. Everythings okay? ” She asked with concern evident on her face. I took a deep breath.

”I don know Alana. The company is facing so many crises that I don know what to do in this situation. I can take a loan because it would be a long procedure after the project is finished but I also don want to take anyones job because I don know what is right to do in this situation. Its quite confusing and stressful. ” I said rubbing my temples lightly, trying to get rid of the headache.

”Well… you don have to worry because I guess I have a solution for your confusing state. ” She said, a smug smile plastered on her face. ”What do you mean? ” I asked, confused.

”Well,… you see, Ryan Hernandez. CEO of Hernandez Enterprises seems to be interested in your company. He said if its alright with us, we can come over to their office for a meeting. ” She said as she crossed her arms in front of her chest casually like having the sanest conversation. It took me a moment to digest the information she gave until the only word that could come out of my mouth was disbelief no.

I shook my head at her and only she could do was giggle. After a moment I asked suspiciously, ”I mean why would a billionaire like him, wants to invest in our company? ”

”Well, you see there are tabloids about him saying that he often invests in companies which go bankrupt because he loves challenging work and loves to work with different people in different areas. So, a few nights ago I happen to meet his assistant in a bar, who was awfully desperate to buy me a drink, and I told him about Callan and his deeds. He said he would talk to his boss so we exchanged numbers and last night he asked for my email address where I found a very formal letter with the vocabulary I didn know existed in English language. So here we are. Tell me when to go. ” Alana finished.

I was silent again, deep in thought so she spoke again, ”This will be good for the company Claire. You do know that any company would go to the fullest extent just to sign a contract with them. Even arranging a meeting with them is difficult. They freaking rank in the top 5. So I think you should definitely go for it, ” She said with genuine expressions on her face.

I took a deep breath. ”You are a business savior, Alana Williams. ”

She laughed and went out saying she would arrange the meeting according to her wish and that I should now focus on the presentation to get them to sign the contract. I laughed at her hastiness. Alana has always been like that, she was my childhood friend, the only one besides dad who truly knew me, who always supported me and helped me in every matter. She was the complete opposite version of me. More outgoing, a little rebellious, always cheery and on party mode but always organized. She was the same height as me with the same chocolate hair but with grey eyes.

I closed my eyes and sighed. If they agree to invest in our company, it would be a huge turning point for my company and my career but little did I know that it would be a turning point for my life.

Slipping out of my heels, I placed my bag on the counter and poured myself a glass of water. The house was dead silent and dark, just the way I always liked my surroundings and the only source of light was the bulb in the far corner.

”You seem… different. ” Dads voice echoed in the house from behind me. I turned around to face him, ”How so? ”

”You seem relaxed and easy. ”

”Well, there might be a solution to save your company after all because someone called us for a meeting, ” I said shrugging.

”And who that solution someone might be? ” He asked leaning against the doorway of the kitchen.

”Ryan Hernandez. Alana met his assistant a few days ago and explained everything to him and then the rest happened. ” I explained everything to him, leaving the part where she told everything in her drunk state. His face lit up and a smile graced his lips, making wrinkles around his eyes.

”I am so proud of you two. You both are amazing. ” He said. His expressions were genuine and happiness evident in his eyes. There was a little pause between us until I spoke.

”Thank you, — for everything, and also for always trusting me and supporting me. I am really, really thankful. Please know that. ” His eyes flickered with something unknown to me, a hint of gratefulness and guilt, which irked me. His lips were tight as he sighed.

”I know Claire. You tell me every day. ” He replied gently. ”Now why don you go and freshen up then help me with dinner, hm? ” He waved off the topic.

”Okay. I will be right back. ” I said and put the glass back on the island. I grabbed my purse and heels and trudged towards my room.


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