They Call Me Small Ancestor

Chapter 9: Circumstances.

In the bustling city, there were vehicles rolling on the streets.

People ready to go to school, walking around with different dress styles and some beautiful figures are seen on the screen and on posters.

The horns of these vehicles, traffic lights, people walking with their lovebirds, some talking on the road with their phones, etc..

People from all walks of life are on the road, police patrolling on the street wearing unifirms, etc..

This is modern society.

On the side of the road, an old man with old dress, with two little ancestors, one with a pig tail, her hairs swinging from side to side, with bright eyes, on the other hand, the young boy, looking side ways with his neck twisting from side to side.

These two ancestors can help but be amazed.

The people looked at them and smiled looking a bit funny.

These group of three are Zhai Bai Bing, Wu Yinyue, Wu Yisheng.

On the side of the road there read a sign: ”Welcome to Anliang Town ”.

It seems that he came to Changqi village and entered Anliang town.

Now the old man is only worried about money. If he was alone, he would not care about these things.

But looking at these two ancestors, he is worried. Now he needs money.

He does not have an identity, nor bank account nor phone. He does not like this.

Even though he can see that this is not his hometown, it must not be far.

Now he needs a house, vehicle, money, and a bank card.

He can let these two ancestors wander on the street.

His eyebrows frowned thinking after this.

First of all now he needs is money.

Of course, he can say treat people or perform music on the street or become a chef under working someone. But he does not want this.

Who is willing to believe him? No one does.

He walked slowly, unable to think of an answer.

But for a cultivator, walking for long distance does not make them tired, its also a kind of practice.

Sometimes in order to find an answer we just walk or drive and we get an answer.


After full 5 hours of walk, these two ancestors were a bit sleepy. He just carried both of them. One on his back and other on his hand.

It was evening, when he saw that he was in opposite of Hunan University Hospital.

He was too tired to look at and he sat down in a corner of the street beside a tree stood still. He put down these two ancestors and lay back on the tree.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep.


Inside the hospital,

Deans face was not good. Even the attending doctor and nurses. Its been nearly one year.

The person inside the ICU has not woke up still.

Their families roared at the dean and at the attending doctors, if they can cure it by tomorrow, they can be sure whether they can live tomorrow or not. Even the hospital might not exists!

He is too tired. He can think of a solution, he lay on the chair lay back and fell asleep.

These days, he can hardly get enough sleep. All his worries, seem to have dissipated under sleep.


On the street, a young lady of 1.6 meters tall wearing official dress, with light lipstick, oval face, straight nose; giving out a cold look. Onlookers could not help but stare at her.

She seemed to not care about this but she was too frustrated at the hospital. Her grandfather was admitted to hospital nearly one year but no one seems to have any cure.

Frustrated, she dropped all her work, she has not slept for few days. Under eyes eyes, there big round black circles indicating a lack of sleep.

As she was walking, she suddenly kicked a leg of old man.

This old man is naturally Zhai Bai Bing, with two little ancestors sleeping on his shoulders.

”Sorry, for dis- ” She seemed to have awakened and looked at the old man and shocked then she screamed.

”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ”

Her scream awakened the old man and two ancestors, and the people who were walking on the street was frightened by her scream.

”Its …. its… y..o…u! Grandpa Guanzi, you are still alive, wooooo. ” she cried and threw herself into his arms.

How long has he forgotten himself and never cared about the world? In the village where he was born and whenever he sees a patient they all call him – ”Grandpa Guanzi ” because no one knows his name, its better to call with the village name and add Grandpa. He still forgets about this, he shook his head and saw the little girl crying in her arms.

”Okay, okay, you are? ” He asked.

”Ohh, grandpa its me TingTing. ” She replied.

”Big sister is so beautiful. ” The little loli commented with her bright eyes.

As for the boy, he followed her sisters words: ”Yes big sister is a big beauty. ”

She looked at both of them and at the old man. She was stunned. She heard that this old man never married how come there are children? If so, this old man really is hidden deep enough and fooled the entire village.

”Grandpa, these two are? ” TingTing asked.

He saw through her thoughts and was lazy to explain: ”Its a long story. Anyway, now whats the matter? You don seem to be keeping your body well? You lack a lot of sleep, also your- ”

”Big sister, your mensturation cycle is irregular, you are eating alot of unhygienic foods, right? ” In the mid way, The old man has not yet finished saying but these two ancestors together said in one go.

She looked at both of them and finally at the old man dumbfounded.

Is this what they call genius? Eventhough she was in her twenties, she is young but being pointed out by a kid, who is not even 10 years old made her ashamed.

”Grandpa, these two are your- ” TingTing asked but was stopped mid way.

”Ok, tell me your situation, at least I can cure. ” He said.

She was very happy.

Her worries seemed to have dissipated and a heavy rock seems to have lifted from her shoulders and her face was bright under sleepiness.

”Grandpa Guanzi, my grandfather was hospitalized for nearly one year and the hospital was unable to cure, so there are lots of quarrels going on. ” She said.

”Ohh, ok, lets go meet now, its not a probelm. ” Guanzi said without any hitch.

The reason why TingTing recognized him was that he made his body look old by body transformation skill.

This way, all unwanted flies are swatted away.

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